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  1. What I dont understand is why is Berrios our bar to set? He was never "Amazing" at his best he was good, not great. He was never an Ace, and he never will be on a winning team. We need to set our sights higher when it comes to Aces and great pitching.
  2. Berrios is a 2nd or 3rd starter on most competitive pitching rosters. Not really a high bar. He could easily put up Berrios numbers.
  3. Yelling at clouds much? Let the players have their style. Twins need more of that.
  4. What are you having trouble with? Did you not watch that game? Or read the press conference after?
  5. The Twins have missed something with a lot of players for the past 20 years. Its a theme. I also find it no coincidence that many players from our system in the past 4 years have gone on to become vastly improved players on other teams. This whole teams culture right now, at least at the Major League level is not conducive for making a WS run. Rocco is too soft, not even keeled, soft. These are grown men you are working with Rocco, stop coddling them. Dont have a pitcher go out there and let 15 men get on base and give up 7 runs (Yankees game) and say, "oh, he goes out there and just wants to do everything for the team to win." So does the bat boy. No, he sucked, he's not good enough, and he and everyone else here is going to have to step it up if they want to make this roster next season, let alone play WS caliber baseball. Period. Im so sick of this MN nice mentality, its not a winners mentality.
  6. The As have had more success than the Twins since Target field has opened. Not a good comparison. Berrios is a number 3 on a real competing team. We need an actual Ace. Calm down.
  7. No HRs = no runs for this team. Hopefully their homer happy approach is worked on over the off season.
  8. He more than likely is not worth the $$$ him and his agent wanted. Which is why the Twins pulled the trigger on the trade.
  9. The bar for "Good Pitching" in Twins territory has been pretty low for about 30 years. Lets be honest. There are some fans that still think Berrios was/is an "Ace".
  10. Bunts dont improve launch angles on HRs, sorry. Thats not the Twins way.
  11. Iv switched over to Football mode. Watching training camp highlights. Thats more entertaining than watching the Twins at this point.
  12. Dont. You KNOW he will turn into Big Papi 2.0 there. Its the way of the universe.
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