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  1. Does it matter? Teams cooked. Him and any other good players we plan on keeping past this year should sit out and rest up. Would rather watch rookies lose.
  2. I stopped watching in early May, knew it was over then already. Now I just randomly check the score when I remember they are playing, if they are winning I might turn it on to finish the game, if they are losing I laugh and move on. Usually check the score in the morning when I get up and if they win I watch some high lights. Other than that, I have enough disfunction in my life, dont need the Twins to add to it.
  3. I turned it off when we walked in the first run. I knew it was going to start going south from there. Showered, went to bed, woke up, checked the score. Acknowledged I made the right decision.
  4. Rocco clearly needs to give them more nap time and less time taking BP and fielding practice.
  5. And you never do see Duffey and TBD in the same room together...hmmmmm
  6. Darn! haha. Im saying TBD has some brothers that are also in the minors ready to make their shot! All have huge up side!
  7. Well, TBD has 3 other brothers in the minors right now so...maybe thats our soon to be TBD?
  8. You haven't heard?! TBD is Rocco's new favorite man! He's been hyping this call up for a while, says' he's the best pitcher he has seen since Nick Blackburn. Gonna turn the season around!
  9. Stop bringing up the Division titles as an excuse! 2020 is tossed out the windows when it was not even close to a normal year and they played 75% of their games against the crappy AL Central. 2019 was juiced ball / career year. Both exceptions to the rules, not the rules them selves. This team was never going to be as good as 2019. The weaknesses this team had were exposed in the 2019 play off series. That was the real form of this team against good teams when it comes down to win and in. You need to get those "titles" out of your head. 18 play off loses in a row. Thats what should be bouncing
  10. Fine. Throw it out. Even though it was basically a duplication of the 2019 series. The same issues raised their ugly heads, so toss it out. My point still stands.
  11. Throw 2020 out the window. Not a realistic comparison to an ACTUAL MLB season. So they have won 1 Division title, riding the back of a juiced baseball and an entire roster having their career years at once. Thats not repeatable, or sustainable long term. Nothing in the past indicated that 2019 was the new norm for this team. The two play off series against actual play off caliber teams was what you should be focusing on. Thats this team. That is what this team is. Its not enough.
  12. Sorry to hear about that. I wont ask you to go into detail.
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