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  1. Yeah okay Nick, you like Rocco, we get it. Its okay if others don't. This screams brainwashed homer calling people "Doomers" for not liking everything about the current team. If I wanted that I would sit on the cult site that is the Twins subreddit.
  2. Every team has injuries. I will never let that be an excuse in any pro sport. Even though the are down big names.
  3. I hope the Twins actually score some runs not only today..but this week some time would be nice.
  4. Know whats even better? Getting to a WS or maybe even..hey..winning another one? That should be the goal, not just squeaking into the play offs and getting smacked around. Thats what the Vikings do, I dont need two teams doing that to me year in and year out. .500 is and always will be mediocre, and not along term goal.
  5. Is Duran hurt?? Hasn't thrown in 4 days? Not that we didnt need him today but would like to at least warm up the arm a bit.
  6. Im still holding my breath and waiting until its sunny and 75+ on a consistent basis at the ball park before I feel comfortable with anyone in the starting rotation other than Ryan.
  7. Shout it from the Mountain Tops! All of this. Dudes a liability wherever he stands on the field. The leash they give him should be chocking him by this point.
  8. LOL - Had to text my Dad and ask him what I just witnessed after that ending. This mornings headline should read "Sano goes Full R-Word, leads Twins to 5th Straight Win". Im glad they won in an especially stupid way but Sano is still a liability where ever he stands on the field. Yikes.
  9. Correct. Lets say Buxton was still nursing his in jury this weekend. We for sure lose yesterday and maybe on Saturday as well. Buxton is saving Roccos job single handedly.
  10. While this weekend was fun, and shined a ray of hope. Its still concerning the Buxton is literally the only player on the team performing at or above expectations. I expect the pitching to regress to the mean but I am not sure if I expect the offense to as well. Its fun watching Buxton win games single handedly but its not sustainable, others are going to have to step up if this team wants to be in a WC race come September. Otherwise we might be done by the break, again.
  11. And where did that get the organization? More play off losses and crapping the bad where it matters most? At what point are MN sports fans going to stop being OK with mediocrity and stop doing things when they are not getting us to the goal? Whats that goal? Championships. Thats it, anything less is not good enough. Just being happy there is baseball is fine for 10 year old me, its not okay with almost 30 year old me, I expect results. If you are happy with how the team has been managed under Rocco, and think they are managing the team properly and that these are the results you want to see, fine, thats on you. I expect more. Also comparing the average persons day to day job to that of a professional athlete on a professional team making millions is not comparable. At all. Pay me $10 Million and I will travel with Kim Jon and Hitlers ghost around North Korea for 200 days a year.
  12. Agreed! Rocco and his nap squad need to take a hike. I could care less about club house chemistry and players liking the HC. I want W's. Ws make any locker room click regardless if the players like each other or not. I wonder how much chemistry and happiness is in the current locker room with the terrible record? Probably not a lot.
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