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Sounds Like Twins Are Out On Ryu

Dave Overlund



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Ken Rosenthal said on Twitter this morning (I can't figure out how to embed on here):


"Expectation within the industry is Ryu will exceed Bumgarner's $17m aav in deal of at least four years. Two industry people with knowledge of starting pitching market predict minimum 4 years/$80 million. Teams still in need of starter include Blue Jays, Angels, Twins."


Darren Wolfson via Twitter:


"Hear that the MNTwins aren't sure yet if 4-year offer makes sense. His injury history and age suggest it doesn't. But, realistically, the only chance you have to make him think about coming to Minnesota is to go there. Personally, I'd keep exploring the trade market."





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It is. Ryu’s last shot at a big contract. All it takes is one team to bite on the 4th year. The Angel might be that team. Pujohls and Upton will be off the roster by then.

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You know, this is the typical story. Yes, you're overpaying. Yes, you may not even get a year 4 out of the guy, maybe not even a year 3. But, you're not overpaying a guy like Ryu because you need him 4 years down the line. You're doing that overpaying because you need him NOW. THIS year.


When does this team ever just bite the effing bullet? You know, the way a real contender does.



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Hyun-Jin Ryu is very arguably the top starter remaining on the free-agent market, though his injury history is a clear red flag despite the southpaw’s dominant showing over the past couple of seasons. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported earlier this week that Ryu was “expected” to top four years and $80MM on his next contract, but on this morning’s appearance on MLB Network’s Hot Stove show (video link), Rosenthal indicated that multiple teams have since told him they were immediately skeptical of that price point: “I heard from a couple of clubs yesterday that said ’That’s not going to happen — not with that medical history.'”



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If 4 years at $20M per doesn't make sense, how does 4 years at $25/$25/$15/$15 or $25/$25/$25/$5 make sense?

hee hee....how about 4 years at $77/$1/$1/$1


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It’s actually pretty simple. If the Twins have a hypothetical budget of $135 million per season, and this year they are $35 million under budget, they can fit Ryu in for $25 million. In years three and four they will have presumably extended some guys and increased the payroll, so having Ryu at a reduced rate would help them with meeting their budget.


Am I missing something?

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I always don't understand that extra year. Would you rather have three years at, say $25 million or 4 years at $20 million each. Okay, extra five million. Have a buyout option, or a performance option. Who says you really want to pitch four more years at age 32?


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I would suggest that this story is getting real old and while we are not in on the A level, or the B level the C level is pretty well picked over and the D level looks like a group we should just pass on and move to the prospects. 

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