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  1. Hopefully this inning end with that famous Joe Nathan quote: "Gotcha with the slider!"
  2. Games from FL were still FSN. This is new with the Bally Sports brand change.
  3. Does anyone else find it weird that the indicator for outs in the inning on TV fills from right to left rather than left to right???
  4. Seperated at birth...Jake Cave and Nick Offermanhttp://img.wennermedia.com/social/mj-618_348_nick-offerman-goes-full-bush.jpg
  5. I am REALLY pulling for Nick Gordon to stay healthy and show that he can be a contributor at the MLB level, be it with the Twins or someone else. Seems he has been plagued by horrible luck and timing for the last few years - just hoping he can finally show what he can do and get an opportunity
  6. From a purely selfish standpoint, would prefer to see the AA affilitate be in St. Paul and the AAA in Wichita. The really hot prospects are not infrequently called up from AA while AAA is where the veterans/emergency callups are stationed. MIght not make sense geographically though...
  7. Left hander, right hander, doesn't matter... Polanco (s) Donaldson ® Cruz ® Kepler (l) Sano ® Garver ® Rosario (l) Buxton ® Arraez (l)
  8. Maybe New Prague then. The main drag through town is unimaginatively called Main Street. Seems ripe for a change...
  9. There is also an O street on Coronado Island in San Diego. Appears to be a bit less prominent, perfect for a back-up catcher.
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