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  1. Sorry but this doesn't pass the smell test. Shoe was DFA'd, he was effectively a free agent, and he made the decision to stay with the Twins rather than go sign a minor league deal elsewhere. If you think your team and its coaching is a significant factor for your poor performance, then why on earth would you accept an option assignment to the minors with that same team?
  2. The other interesting thing with Pujols is that he's all but admitted he's actually 2 years older than his official listed age, and last year he was probably his age 42 season. Not that it really changes the comparison with Cruz, as even by Pujols "age 38" season, he'd fallen off significantly, just another wrinkle in the challenge of trying to make age based comparisons.
  3. Yes, this has been expected, and I've noted it a few times in other threads. The question really seems to be will it be 3 leagues, or will it be a 20 teams IL and a 10 team PCL. Sounds like a 20 Team IL is more likely, so there probably will be some interdivision games, where we could see, for example, St. Paul play Rochester. BTW, Gwinnett really isn't even really an outlier. It's only 4 hours by bus to Nashville. Easy to forget that Atlanta is actually West of Detroit Wichita in the Texas League makes perfect sense - they were a Texas League city until their team moved to Northwest Arkansas a decade ago. I'm sure they'll be in a division with Springfield MO, NW Ark, and Little Rock, so there's no huge bus rides there. Obviously, getting to Corpus or Midland is a haul, but that's always been an issue in Texas. The team that looks like it is in store for some nightmare travel is Bowling Green. It looks like they're going to get booted from the Midwest League (where they were a bit of an outlier) and could get stuck in the new Mid-Atlantic League where their closest division rival will be in Maryland, more than 700 miles away!
  4. I don't think there is any doubt that Wichita will be in the TX league - the southern league is 1,000 miles away, in fact I think Double-A is the only place where the leagues are pretty much set. AAA will be interesting to see if they do split off the Central teams into the IL, into their own League, or keep places like Nashville, Des Moines, and probably St. Paul in the Pacific Coast League. High-A has its own geography problem. The Midwest League now has an odd number, with Clinton, Burlington, and Kane County eliminated. Meanwhile the new Midatlantic League has 5 teams all close to each other between Maryland and NYC, but no 6th team nearby. Presumably, Bowling Green or Lake County will be spun off from the Midwest into one of the eastern leagues, but that doesn't really fit well either. Low-A is pretty much set, except for Fresno, who is still having a tantrum about being demoted from AAA and hasn't said if they'll take the spot in the California League. I get not being happy about the demotion, but when 20 cities have completely lost baseball, bitching about having to be in the same league as places like San Jose, Stockton, and Modesto just rings hollow to me.
  5. Out of curiosity, which ones do make the top 10? You clearly love Dodger Stadium, and mentioned KC and Pittsburgh as ones you like but most of your comments seems to be about why you didn't like certain parks. I've been to about 25 MLB parks, and another 35 or 40 Minor League, Spring Training, and Winter ball parks. Target Field would probably sit in the bottom of the top 10 for MLB for me. I put it in a similar tier as Petco in San Diego and TMobile in Seattle. I actually like both St Louis and Cincinnati as being underrated parks. I liked Fenway and used to love Wrigley - sitting in the front of the upper deck was really a perfect experience - but video boards are so big and completely take away from the beauty of the park. For the minors, I'd have to put Fort Wayne at the top of my list. I love how it fits right into the middle of the city. Not sure where that's coming from, but Nashville is probably the frontrunner for any city - other than perhaps Montreal - to be the next MLB city. There actually is an effort to get an MLB team and build a new ballpark - possibly next to the Titans stadium - in Nashville, although that's still a long way from being reality. I've never seen even any serious talk for anything like that for Indianapolis.
  6. In theory, I love the idea. I do like having the minor league team a little farther removed than St. Paul, almost as a level of community outreach beyond the MSP Metro. If nothing else, I'd end up getting to Junkyard far more often! But as others have already pointed out, it doesn't really work from a logistics standpoint. Fargo as a city would be the smallest city in AAA and A 4,500 seat ballpark just isn't big enough for AAA. 10,000 seats is the minimum recommended size for AAA, and other than Tacoma which was grandfathered in with 6800 seats, there's no park at AAA with less than 9,000 seats. St. Paul is getting around those rules because they have an average attendance of 8,000 people. Fargo only has an average attendance of 3,500 people, and while being an affiliated team might give them a slight bump, we're talking a few hundred fans a game not a few thousand. With those kinds of numbers, it's just not realistic to think that anyone in Fargo is going to put up the $20M needed for a AAA franchise. And has been mentioned, neither Fargo, nor Duluth, nor Rochester, nor any other city around Minnesota will ever be a Double-A city, because there are no Double-A Leagues in the upper midwest. The closest AA city is Springfield Missouri - and I don't think many MLB teams want to put their prospects on a 12 hour bus ride for their shortest roadtrip.
  7. Ahh, that "AA" - makes more sense. It will be interesting to see how indy ball shakes out with all of this, on one hand 40 fewer milb cities with existing facilities and 1,000 fewer roster milb roster spots puts the potential there for growth, but the financials are always shaky. I'm also curious how the college wood-bat leagues are going to get through all of this. Obviously the Northwoods league has been growing like crazy, and you've got midwest league teams like Clinton and Burlington likely to be contracted that will be looking for a home. But if the Appy league also does become another college summer league, and you've got the NY-Penn league looking at it too, at what point does the pool of available amateur players become unsustainable.
  8. BTW, It is official, per the @RocRedWings twitter announcement, Rochester will become the National's new AAA affiliate.
  9. Wichita already has an MILB franchise and a brand new stadium. It's also larger than any city you've listed except Austin, which already has a AAA Team, the Round Rock Express. Would any of those places fit into the Texas League footprint, sure, but fitting into the footprint isn't the only factor. I really have no idea what you mean by "AA begins to have issues of collapsing." but Lincoln is not in the footprint of the Texas League and doesn't really work from the perspective of geography. Wichita was previously a Texas League city and would be in a division with Tulsa, Springfield MO, Springdale AR, and Little Rock. That's a range from 180 miles to 450 miles for its longest trip. Lincoln on the other hand would be almost 400 miles to its closest division rival and more than 600 miles for its longest trip, and that's just in the division. I suppose it's not impossible, but it's a major strike against it.
  10. The Yankees have already announced they are staying in Scranton/WB. I think the Yankees own a piece of that team, and they did a major rebuild of the ballpark a couple years ago. The Mets own the AAA team in Syracuse outright - they bought it after having their team stuck out in Vegas for a number of years. I'd put my money on the Nationals ending up in Rochester. They're the one east coast team that doesn't have a fairly natural fit already in place at AAA. Otherwise, maybe I could see Pittsburgh, and some kind of swap where the Nationals end up in Nashville, and the Brewers end up in Indianapolis, but that seems like more of a long shot.
  11. Here's what you have to remember though, Geography is relative. Atlanta is the closest city for almost every city in the Southern League, and obviously not every team can be a Braves affiliate. With the 3 AA Leagues being the Eastern, Southern, and Texas League, there's no close team for a lot of teams - including almost any team on the west coast. Pensacola probably is the closest or at least just about the closest AA team to Miami. But there's also reducing geography between levels. For both the Twins and Marlins, they previously had low A in Iowa, High A and Double A back down in Florida, and then AAA hundreds of miles away (In Rochester and Wichita respectively). The Marlins will probably now have teams going from Jupiter, to somewhere in the Carolinas, to Pensacola, to Jacksonville. Teams like the White Sox and Dodgers had already been doing that. The White Sox have all their Minor League teams in the Southeast, it's not close to Chicago, but its not expected to change. The Dodgers have had their AA and AAA teams both in Oklahoma, it's not close to California but also not expected to change.
  12. Wichita's joining the Texas League would be alongside San Antonio also being demoted from AAA, growing the Texas League by 2 teams. The two AA teams being eliminated would both seem to come from the Southern League - with Jacksonville being promoted to AAA and then another team being contracted. Chattanooga was on the original contraction list, so that would be my guess. Wichita used to be in the Texas League, prior to it's franchise moving to NW Arkansas, so it's a pretty comfortable fit. Lincoln is a non-starter from a Geography perspective, but it has nothing to do with Omaha having a team. It's just too much of an outlier to be anything other than a AAA team, because AA and below travel by bus. It's the same problem that keeps Duluth, Rochester (MN), Fargo or any other Minnesota city from joining affiliated minor league ball.
  13. Sugarland had reached a deal to become the AAA team of the Astros (Sugarland Cheaters has already been suggested as their updated nickname). Houston will have part ownership, so that might be a blueprint for what could happen with the Saints, and it's more likely that Wichita is heading to AA.
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