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  1. This isnt always true.....PLENTY of times this season alone I have tried to listen to the twins games on the Audacy app for WCCO 830 AM and im greeted with a repeating female voice saying that "Becasue im out of the broadcast area I need to tune into my local outlets to enjoy the game".....Mind you, I live just south of Mankato, MN.......... The hoops MLB fans need to jump through just to consume the product is mind numbing...It really is no suprise plenty have already declared FCK IT IM OUT and jsut stopped paying attention. Is that what you wanted, MLB? Cuz thats what your getting.
  2. Author lost all credibility when they suggested CC as a trade candidate
  3. Yeah, I wouldnt deem this a "big mistake".....he was blocked in our organizational pecking order. Only time will tell if this was actually a mistake or not.....One HR in one AB is definitely not a sufficient sample size to base any judgements off of.
  4. I guess it always seemed really silly to me to be handing out megadeals to these players who had put up huge numbers but were also hitting 30+ years old..... So im in favor of what front offices are doing. Players are still getting paid plenty handsomely and teams arent hamstrung with noose-type contracts on failing aging pieces.
  5. Not 22 Million good though. Especially not 22 million good for age 31, 32, 33 and 34 seasons....
  6. Just reviewed it. Am I supposed to be impressed?
  7. Phillies were idiots to ever pay him that kinda money, now they are crying poor? Sorry suckers. You made your bed. Have fun sleeping in it for the next 4 years.
  8. Why California and Texas, 2 of the biggest Covid hotbeds? Why not a site in middle america? Seems way more neutral than shoving everyone west. I have a feeling the coastal teams (Dodgers, Pads, Stro's) will end up dominating in the post season if for no other reason than the comfort factor. Doesnt even bring up the potential for any player who has to travel west now who may contract the virus....Not that this wasnt a risk before but its also been pretty contained (west playing west, east playing eastm central playing central) and now we are throwing everyone together in a "safety bubble"....im just gonna be awful disappointed if we lose critical pieces to covid at *essentially* the only time this year that it matters.
  9. I dont understand why this is even a question considering (and we have all witnessed it firsthand many, many times) how infrequently prospects, even top ones actually pan out. GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!
  10. Bremer is a treasure....but Blyleven and morris never need to enter the booth again as far as im concerned. No one wants to hear yall incessantly whine about how different the game is now...Adapt or die.
  11. Im confused...I dont know why we would ever give them anything if we are the ones taking on the bad contract and they indeed want to get away from the luxury tax threshold.... So my trade would be taking on Price and Betts salaries and that is all. Redsox get payroll relief. No way they are getting anything of substance back. No way in hell.
  12. Contract Revoked? Y'all know we cant have nuthin' nice round here....
  13. Why do people keep saying the Indians are still our biggest threat? To me this doesnt really make much sense....They are definitely weaker now than they were at this time last year.
  14. 110% this. I think we all need to shed the attitude now of the team being cheap. That narrative no longer holds a drop of water. We've crossed the threshold. Let us now rejoice that we have a deadly lineup. Let us believe we now have a chance against the freaking Yankees in the playoffs. NEGATIVITY BREEDS NEGATIVITY FOLKS. Im done with the MN perpetual pessimism....GO TWINS!
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