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  1. Congratulations to Eliot Soto, but why not Tim Beckham?
  2. Waiting for Godoy: Derek Vladimir Falvey and Thad Estragon Levine discuss further moves and Twins upcoming season. We'll see how it plays out.
  3. By shedding catchers, I believe the FO's vision is to give Hank Conger every opportunity to be the opening day starting catcher.
  4. Has it been reported anywhere how many Twins players and staff chose not to get vaccinated? This statement says majority, but on the telecast last week, it was mentioned that it was less than 85% of the team required to change/ease some of the restrictions.
  5. Re: Kirilloff's arm, again anecdotal, but I did see him one hop a throw to 3rd to throw out a player trying to tag up from second on a fly to moderately deep right field on 6/10/18. The runner was the opposing team's catcher, but it was a nice throw, and the scout seating next to me was impressed. So that throw looked average.
  6. Joe Niekro I was at the nail file game in Anaheim
  7. Nice article in today's LA Times with Cameron Maybin discussing hitting, and brings up his early career struggles to Byron Buxton's current growing pains http://www.latimes.com/sports/angels/la-sp-angels-cameron-maybin-20170712-story.html
  8. Mexico-Italy game was very entertaining. Italy with 5 runs bottom of the ninth (off Roberto Osuna and Oliver Perez) to win it 10-9. Nick Punto is the 3rd base coach for Italy, and Sal Butera also a coach. Drew Butter and Chris Colabello play for Italy. Tough loss for Australia, eliminated by Cuba 4-3. Twins minor leaguer Lachlan Wells gave up grand slam to Despaigne, but very poor managing by Australia's manager to leave him in. Wells had struck out first two batters in the inning then two singles and a walk, before the 20 year old left handed Wells gave up GS to the veteran right hand hitting Cuban star. Lots of former and current (many minor league) Twins on Australian team.
  9. Other Spring training news: Former almost Twin Jose De Leon lasted two thirds of an inning giving up 4 runs on two hits, two walks and striking out one. What the Hector news: Alex Meyer pitched two scoreless innings walking two with one K, and Ricky Nolasco pitched two scoreless innings yesterday with 3 K's
  10. Thanks, my post was mainly in jest pointing out for all the hype of the new regime and the hope of sweeping changes not much has changed. That's all.
  11. Retaining Paul Molitor and Neil Allen, hiring Toby Gardenhire, inability to trade Dozier when he is at peak value, pursuing a declining DH type in Jose Bautista, the big off season moves-a Rule 5 draft pick and signing suspect pitch to contact players like Vogelsong and Tepesch, instead of Falvine as a nickname, shouldn't Falvey and Levine be called Terry and Ryan.
  12. Andy Mccullough, LA TImes Dodger beat writer on Dodger Talk tonight, thinks Dodger/ Twins match up well, talks on going, but Dodgers reluctant to give up their prospects. He thinks it will happen, but doesn't give timeline. He likes Dozier more than Forsythe, and doesn't see Kinsler as a possibility.
  13. I'm listening to Dodger Talk right now, nothing new, saying Twins holding up possible deal. Focus of show is if Dodgers can only resign Kenley Jansen or Justin Turner who would you sign-can call 866 987-2570 with you're vote. Side note Jansen getting married this weekend in Caracao, and Justin Turner in attendance.
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