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  1. I feel like this small sleeve patch would have been a an amazing hat logo, if they made the flags white and lettering navy blue.
  2. I don't know. I like them. I think the M hat would be better without the star, but overall I have no problems.
  3. Whatever happens the Twins should give him a deadline to do a deal. Every team knows what Correa is and a reasonable idea of what it will take to get him. The one thing the Twins cannot do is wait around until late December while Correa makes his decision and pits teams against each other. I know fans won't like it but I think the team should give him a December 1 deadline, if he doesn't sign go put in the work to get Swanson, Turner or Boegarts. Waiting around will hurt the team, especially if he they wait and he signs with the Cubs on Christmas and all other options are gone and the team is then stuck holding $90M in unused payroll which will then be used to overpay for lesser guys (assuming most big names have signed) exacerbating the loss of Correa.
  4. Based on what I have read the Twins want to know if they are signing Correa or not soon so they aren't playing catch up in a diluted talent pool later in the year. So hopefully by Thanksgiving weekend we have a Correa answer because everything they do hinges on that one way or the other. That being said they do need to get one of the top 4 SS's in my opinion.
  5. Time value of money in this case is a benefit to Correa and detriment to the Twins. All things considered equal if the Twins and another team offered the same years and money, but Twins front loaded, the Twins would win that bidding war due to the fact "a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow". But in a sense if the Twins have money to burn in the first few years where they don't need to spend that on other contracts it helps the Twins in that way to have more on hand available later. It's a good way to manage cash flow, but lose out from an investment standpoint. It all depends on circumstances.
  6. It would be great to re-sign Correa. But I don't want the Twins to "Win" the offseason. They don't need the best players at each position to be successful. Personally, I think Dansby Swanson would be a nice fit here. I don't think we've seen his peak yet and is already very good. Sign him to a 6-7 year deal probably around $150M. He will be 29 to start 2023, and a 7 year contract brings him through his age 35 season. At some point he could be moved to another position of it needs to happen in his mid 30's. I'd love to see homegrown talent at SS, but Lewis can't stay healthy, Martin is a question mark and Lee hasn't seen a full pro season yet. And there is no guarantee any or all of them stay Shortstops. Signing Swanson and creating a SS log jam would be a good situation.
  7. I was wondering this same thing recently. I'm also wondering if this season doesn't work out well maybe they let one of them go. Falvey was the guy they brought in to essentially change the culture, thought process and develop a pitching pipeline in the organization and it worked early on. They are now using analytics and changed the structure of the org. Lavine seems to be the business/baseball guy. I would like to see how things worked out if Lavine was the THE guy at some point to see if he goes in and doesn't try to outsmart himself while still using the tools they have now.
  8. It's not 1992 anymore. Medical advancement's have come a long way since. There are NFL running backs who come back from multiple ACL tears and still play very well and have long successful careers. I think a shortstop in baseball can do it as well. Kiriloff is different, he had a surgery that basically cut out a section of bone in his arm. Maybe there have been people who have come back from that but I am not familiar with them or anyone who has had the surgery. The concern with Lewis is he has basically played a part of 1 season in the last 4 years. He has the skills and I personally don't think multiple ACL surgeries will be his downfall. He will either be a Major League shortstop or a major league outfielder. How great he becomes will not be decided by his injury. Again back to Kiriloff, his surgery could impact his career. It might effect his hitting and if Kiriloff can't hit he isn't anything special. His career is completely dependent on his ability to hit. A run of the mill ACL surgery isn't going to effect Lewis ability to hit a baseball the same way a bone reduction surgery will effect Kiriloff.
  9. Or, use the money they had for Correa and use it to sign a shortstop. I know they knew Correa was going to opt out, but there was a chance, a small one, that he stayed. If Correa got injured significantly he likely wouldn’t have opted out and the Twins would have been on the hook for the rest of his deal. So just use that cash and sign a top tier SS.
  10. Yeah, I was short-sighted on my comment. Arraez hitting along with satisfactory defense at 2nd base is likely All-Star level for years to come.
  11. I'm not high on moving him to the outfield. I would like an outfielder, even a 4th outfielder to have more power. I would be interested in what type of player he could be as a 2nd baseman. Polanco has been breaking down and may be time to move from him in the near future. They lose some power but if he figures out the OBP and Average piece of hitting in the next 9 months it would be nice to have a right side of the infield (assuming Arraez sticks as primary 1st baseman) hitting .300+ with a .350-.375 OBP with lots of Extra base hits.
  12. Before the Yankees series I would say he likely gets another year due to a lot the injuries that happened. However, the urgency the team had for the 7 most important games of the year is disheartening. Rocco doesn't have the intensity needed in this type of scenario to get a team to fight for their playoff lives. All that being said, who do they find to replace him and how much of this is on the front office?
  13. He is a solid pitcher who likely won't be out there throwing complete game shutouts every other start. However, if he can stay healthy and consistently give them 6+ innings while giving up 3 runs or so I call that a very good reliable pitcher. Many teams have built pitching staffs around guys with high 3 low 4 ERAs who stabilize the rotation. They can then be supplemented by bringing in the occasional Stud Ace to have around for a few years.
  14. At this rate we may see the fastest Yankees game in the modern era. Louie doesn't mess around out there. He must have dinner plans somewhere nice. I hope someone told him there is another game after this one...
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