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  1. How does this compare to other front offices? Are they usually performing in B-A range? Or are the Twins hitting on a better rate than their peers?
  2. I like this model in theory. My concern with this is there are a lot of top of 1st round players who two sport athletes and would the lower bonuses drive them away from entering the MLB draft and go to play the other sport or decide to go play baseball and the other sport (usually football) in college? Going to college and getting an education is a good thing, but I think a lot players, even top 10 guys know their chances of being a star in the Majors is not great. Tons flame out. But it's nice to know if you flame out after after 5 years in the Minors with and a few years of being a fringe MLB player that you still have that $5M bonus sitting in your bank account while you decide to do with the rest of your life. That same guy may still be a top 10 guy after going to college and decide to enter the draft but they may decide they have a more lucrative career as an NFL QB.
  3. I agree with lots of the comments. What I would do is work out the framework of a deal to get Montas. Then work with his agents to get him an extension he agrees before the trade consumates. It’s the Twins way, I’m not sure what that deal would look like, but get buy out his remaining two years and add 2-3 more years. He doesn’t have the history to demand huge contract yet, but one more year might get him past the Berrios deal. Trade/sign for 4 years wiping our 22-23, for a 4 year $10M in 2022, $12M in 23, then offer $15M for each year of 24 and 25. He gets a shot at free agency at 32. So he gets $52M guaranteed before he hits free agency.
  4. The Twins are diluting his value. On one hand they are saying $80MM is a stretch. But when they turn around and try to trade him any team looking to acquire him will point to that saying he is worth the equivalent of just less than Dexter Fowler if they are going by salary. Just offer him his worth and if he doesn’t live up to the salary oh well, It happens, you can’t hit on a big time signing every time. Sometimes you do other times they get hurt, or just don’t play well enough.. in this case most reasonable fans would be ok as long as they paid him and he got hurt or his play slipped. Letting him go will not be ok with most reasonable fans.
  5. 1993 and 2011 main because those were teams that had some expectation to be playoff contenders. Then not only weren't they, it was a precursor to many seasons of losing. Essentially those were abrupt windows being slammed shut.
  6. I didn't follow the minors back then, but I knew of Morneau. I think everyone who followed the Twins knew of him, The Twins had lacked a legitimate power hitter for decades and Morneau was looking like he could be that guy, and was. One Major League moment I remember most was in 2006, the Twins were like 10 games back and and a few games under .500. Morneau hit a game winning Home Run in extra innings against I think Baltimore. From that point on the Twins and Morneau took off. The Twins went 72-36 from that point on and Morneau who was hitting .240 with 11 HR ended the season hitting .321 with 34 HR - and won the AL MVP.
  7. Remember when the Twins drafted Tyler Jay 6th and Walker Buehler when 24th in 2015? Not really related to this thread but thought I would bring it up so we can stop arguing about where a prospect is ranked and complain about that. I hope Ryan and SWR end up be a sweet 1-2 starting combination in a few years. And realistically their prospect ranking will hav no bearing on that. That being said I am with Brock on this, Ryan is more MLB ready, but SWR probably has more upside due to age, etc and that is why he is ranked ahead.
  8. I think his fastball today would be around 140KPH. . .. So that that does indeed look faster.
  9. Michael Nakamura and forever minor leaguer James Beresford
  10. This is great they are developing lower round draft picks into MLB quality pitchers. The next step I want to see if they can develop the high draft picks into top of rotation starters. We will see soon if that happens.
  11. I agree with everything you said 100%. I tried to write something similar but you said it WAY better than me. The one other thing I wonder that I haven't seen mentioned is what if the Twins evaluators believe some of these players are better than Berrios and believe they can make a run at them? If that is the case in the eyes of the front office they potentially added two high-end prospects and upgraded on Berrios if they get one of these guys.
  12. If the Twins could pull off deals with any of these guys I would call that a win. That being said they have not done these types of free agent deals in the past history. However, I can't recall a time the team has been in a situation like it is in right now. 2011 was quite different in my opinion, the team basically got old all at the same time and their 10 year run stopped. This year seems like it may not be the end of a 2 year run, but instead a reset. A lot of pieces are in place and maybe the front office has runway now to make some moves to build it back up in a year. In the midst of winning sometimes it did feel like the team didn't want to pay free agents because they had in house options they were waiting for or other players they knew they needed to sign in a 2-3 years. With all that, I still think Buxton is my #1 priority. Then go from there. Sign a front-end starter, resign Pineda and bolster the pen. I think that puts the Twins in Wild Card territory again next year and positioned to take a bigger step in 2023.
  13. My guess is they want to re-sign/extend Pineda. If you trade him you can still sign him again but if him and his new team hit it off well and do well in the playoffs, that ship could sail as winning might bypass the good feelings he has for Minnesota and now the Twins are dumpster diving in Free Agency for their #2 starter next offseason.. I can see an extension before season is over now.
  14. Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t deal Pineda. There seems to be a mutual respect between the team and him and probably a decent chance they could re-sign him after next year. Obviously that isn’t guaranteed, I believe that was what people thought with Escobar a few years back too. Getting anything for Happ and Robles is a win. Scherf seems like a guy who could be a decent middle reliever in a year basically replacing Robles role. Overall I’d give the Twins a B at the deadline.
  15. I really do not want them to Trade Buxton. Sign him and build around him. I do like the Berrios deal. If SWR is as good as we hope could he be in the big league rotation next year?
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