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  1. The equivalent of the A's - Padres trade would have been Wallner/Raya for Manaea. Not sure if I would have pulled the trigger on that one
  2. Anthony Escobar was last seen playing in Venezuela (Tiburones de La Guaira) Niklas Rimmel was last seen playing for the Germany National Team They are still part of the organization, but not assigned to a team
  3. The following players have been Released or Retired Alex Robinson P Ricardo De La Torre SS Yeremi De La Cruz C (Ret.) Victor Heredia 1B Tanner Brubaker P (Ret.) Michael Montero P
  4. Hector Lujan ('15) and Lachlan Wells ('14) seem like they have been around forever. Wondering where they sit on the prospect list....
  5. I think Salva is out of the organization...Casanova is also out
  6. I think Weiss is out of the organization...Phillips is out too
  7. And what will they do with Trevor May??? Another Long Reliever in the bullpen?? So Lynn, Hughes and May will all be in the Bullpen as Long Relief?
  8. I my opinion, some combo of these players barring cuts and DL Starters C Bobby Wilson 1B Brock Stassi 2B Taylor Featherston SS Nick Gordon 3B Jermaine Curtis LF Ryan LaMarre CF Nick Buss RF Jake Cave 1B/DH Kennys Vargas Bench C Willians Astudillo C/1B Jordan Pacheco 2B/SS Gregorio Petit SS/3B Leonardo Reginatto CF James Ramsey Starters SP Matt Magill LSP Dietrich Enns SP Myles Jaye SP Aaron Slegers LSP Adalberto Mejia SP Felix Jorge LSP Stephen Gonsalves Relievers RP Alan Busenitz RP D.J. Baxendale RP Tyler Duffey LRP Mason Melotakis RP Jake Reed RP John Curtiss LRP Gabriel Moya
  9. Is this Atlanta Braves Daily?? This St. Paul guy, who won a World Series for the TWINS, gets into the HOF and some people on TWINS Daily seem unhappy or mildly upset that he got in. I'm thrilled for Morris. I am not saying people can't have an opinion, but it feels like there are a lot of Braves fans commenting. And yes, I'm a homer, but geez....enjoy and be happy for Jack.
  10. And he would have to win three World Series....(cough)
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