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  1. The equivalent of the A's - Padres trade would have been Wallner/Raya for Manaea. Not sure if I would have pulled the trigger on that one
  2. Anthony Escobar was last seen playing in Venezuela (Tiburones de La Guaira) Niklas Rimmel was last seen playing for the Germany National Team They are still part of the organization, but not assigned to a team
  3. The following players have been Released or Retired Alex Robinson P Ricardo De La Torre SS Yeremi De La Cruz C (Ret.) Victor Heredia 1B Tanner Brubaker P (Ret.) Michael Montero P
  4. Hector Lujan ('15) and Lachlan Wells ('14) seem like they have been around forever. Wondering where they sit on the prospect list....
  5. I think Salva is out of the organization...Casanova is also out
  6. I think Weiss is out of the organization...Phillips is out too
  7. And what will they do with Trevor May??? Another Long Reliever in the bullpen?? So Lynn, Hughes and May will all be in the Bullpen as Long Relief?
  8. Earlier this year I was thinking that we could have an entire Bullpen made up of the 2012 Draft. Still a possibility.
  9. But...can Garver pitch in a mop up roll????? Maybe he should start throwing BP just in case...until then stick with Gimenez
  10. Jones is on the DL but will probably start in AAA. You could replace Jones and Bard with Burdi and Jay. I think it would be interesting if an entire bullpen came from one Draft class.
  11. A possible Bullpen strictly from the 2012 Draft???? In a draft that nabbed Buxton and Berrios (and to a lesser extent AB Walker) the Twins drafted Luke Bard, Mason Melotakis, JT Chargois, Zach Jones, Tyler Duffey, DJ Baxendale and Taylor Rogers. Some relief pitchers are already making an impact, some are on the cusp of a Major League career, some are still projects. What are the chances of that potential Bullpen? If it does happen: Would you be happy with it? Would the 2012 Draft be the best in MN Twins history? http://minnesota.twins.mlb.com/team/draft.jsp?c_id=min&year=2012 Thoughts??
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