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  1. Vin Scully was beyond boring to listen to.
  2. We only lost 2 notable hitting prospects. Our system was awful before the trades with guys underperforming and injuries.
  3. Oh no! It would be such a shame if a professional athlete had to play 2 nights in a row! get real.
  4. He will be a career #4 starter. His stuff just is not that good. A lot people are severely over hyping him.
  5. Stay far away from Mahle. Shoulder issues and he is not having that great of a season. I think he is the same caliber pitcher as Ober.
  6. Selling off one of your clubhouse leaders when you're currently in first place is a great way to lose the locker room. Giving up on your players makes it very difficult to keep them come free agent time.
  7. Paddack is out until at least June next year, and Sands should never pitch in an MLB game again, he's horrible.
  8. How does this make the twins any better? Terrible trade idea
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