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  1. Depends. Do you like being treated with kid gloves with plenty of off days? If you are a starting pitcher are you concerned with throwing more than 60 pitches? If your answer is "yes" to those questions Rocco is your guy. Do you have an incentive laden contract? Do you believe it's a testament to character to play banged up and gut out a win? If your answer is "yes" to those questions Rocco is not your guy.
  2. Realistically this team is the personification (teamification if you will) of mediocre. They will make the playoffs largely by default. How about setting the goal as winning a playoff game? We need to treat Game 1 of the Wildcard game like it's game 7 of the World Series. All hands on deck. Ryan falters, put Gray in. I'm only half-kidding. The Twin's playoff record has become an unpleasant trivia question.
  3. I'm with MikeLink on this one. The question isn't whether we have too much starting pitching it's do we have too many bottom of the rotation guys. I'd say....maybe. In order to compete, particularly in the playoffs, you need a solid ace and a decent number two. If you put Ryan on any of the AL projected playoff teams he'd be a three. Come playoff time you really only need three or maybe only two quality starting pitchers anyway. Is it possible we have someone separate themselves from the pack and establish themselves as a top of the rotation guy? Yes. I just don't think we've seen any real evidence of that yet.
  4. Listening to Justin and Rocco you would never know that the bullpen sucks. Justin kept referring to the "depth" of the bullpen while Pagan, Megill and Duffy were getting whiplash watching the balls fly past them. After the game Rocco actually said, "I think our bullpen is going to end up being a strength of this team down the stretch." Was Rocco in the bathroom or in the clubhouse getting sunflower seeds while the carnage on the field was taking place? Given what we have seen how can one apply the terms "depth" or "strength" to the arsonists currently occupying our bullpen?
  5. Buxton has a track record of consistently be injured. I believe you could put him on the IL for two months and he would come back and reinjure his hip or knee or quite probably something else and the Twins are no further ahead. Given the tenor of the article it seems he doesn't really feel up to playing either. He appears to savor his days off. There is no debate that when he is on the field no one is more talented or dominant. Wins and losses do not take into account potential.
  6. This move makes no sense. Baldelli's comments shed no light on making this change, other than we need Correa in the lineup. Rocco must realize it is not a binary decision. Yet he keeps Miranda up (not only up but in the lineup) despite his looking completely overmatched by big league pitching and looking clueless at the plate as evidenced by his sub .100 batting average and strikeout percentage. I'm trying to envision Miranda's reaction when he heard that Lewis was being sent down. Guilt? Shock?
  7. Louis Arraez's height, while not ideal, should not be a huge factor in the decision to play him at first. The Twins must find a way to keep him in the lineup and first base is as good as anywhere. With Sano on the IL, we have a major vacancy at the position. Miranda looks completely overmatched against ML pitching and should be sent down once Correa returns. Can somebody please enlighten me as to why Rocco is/was batting Miranda in the one through six spots in the lineup and batting Lewis in the nine hole?
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