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  1. There is a corner jam on the team right now. The Soto addition is going to be quite temporary. Meanwhile, Kiriloff getting another week or two of consistent at bats isn't the end of the world. By July, however, I would then start to wonder what the hell is going on.
  2. Sano will probably end the year with similar-to-last-year numbers. Which is a good thing given how awful the start has been. Players get their turns and the players all understand this.
  3. Lineup: Buxton, CF Polanco, 2B Correa, SS Arraez, DH Sano, 1B Kepler, RF Sanchez, C Kiriloff, LF Urshela, 3B With Sano and Sanchez getting DH time, Rooker replacing Kepler or Kiriloff against lefties, Jeffers catching, and Arraez with less exposure against lefties. One reason I have Sano and Kepler where they are is because we really want them to be hitting well this year. Because, if so, this lineup is stacked and that's before the arrivals of Miranda and Larnach.
  4. Catchers: Sanchez, Jeffers, Godoy Infielders: Sano, Polanco, Correa, Urshela Outfielders: Kiriloff, Buxton, Kepler, Rooker Utility: Arraez, Gordon Rotation: Ryan, Gray, Ober, Archer, Bundy Bullpen: Rogers, Duffey, Smith, Stashak, Jax/Smeltzer, Alcala, Thielbar, Moran, Cotton, Romero
  5. As the article notes, a lot of these rankings are underwhelming because of the questions surrounding Sanchez, Urshela, Sano, Kiriloff, and whatever happens with the DH. Each of these players could have good-very good seasons, to the potential for the entire lineup to be top-10 is real.
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