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  1. First of all if Sanchez is healthy then Godoy needs to go down. Winder probably goes down, but I like having a couple long guys because of how short a leach the starters are getting. I also think Thielbar, Stashak, and even Duffy need to show they can still consistently get good hitters out. We have young options that should be getting looks.
  2. Sure Arraez only had an OPS+ of 105, but his career number is 113. That happens to be the same career number as Sanchez. Plus Sanchez hasn't been above 100 since 2019. Unless Sanchez dramatically changes that career trajectory there is little reason to use him as a designated hitter.
  3. I would love to have Miranda get his shot (pun intended). I watched him take really good at bats last year with the Saints. However I don't think they will break camp with him. I don't like carrying three catchers because that means that Sanchez is getting too many at bats, but that is probably what will happen. Sanchez Arraez Gordon Celestino Godoy
  4. They probably aren't even going to give Miranda a shot unless someone gets hurt. I was in favor of moving Donaldson to clear salary for a pitcher (ended up renting Correa instead) and allow Miranda to get MLB at bats. We shouldn't have taken back Urshela when Miranda and Arráez could handle third just fine.
  5. 1. Buxton CF 2. Arreaz DH/3B/2B 3. Polanco 2B 4. Correa SS 5. Kirilloff LF 6. Sano 1B 7. Kepler RF 8. Jeffers/Sanchez C 9. Miranda/Urshela 3B Give me this lineup for the majority of the season and I think we'll be fighting for a division title. I don't want Sanchez taking most of the DH plate appearances and I don't want Urshela blocking Miranda. Unless he is really struggling, Miranda needs to be given a every day MLB job.
  6. I doubt Cole is healthy/great 5-6 years from now, but I'm sure that's the contract length he is looking for. That being said he has been the best pitcher in baseball this year and for the Twins to get two similar years would be franchise altering. The top rotations in baseball are not home-grown. You have to take that risk if you want to compete. I would rather have Cole and a couple of our AAAA pitchers than three mid-tier free agent starters. Now Wheeler I'm not as high on. He could be the number two starter on a decent team, but he needs some refining. I would take a chance only if we don't get Cole and the price doesn't get too high.
  7. You're right--there was some poor defense. The big ones being Arraez dropping the bloop and Cron dropping the double play relay. Some of those things are just going to happen sometimes. Yes the Rays played pretty well, but the Astros scored less than 4 runs per game and they won. They didn't have their best offense most of the series. The difference between the Astros and Rays was that Gerrit Cole almost single-handedly won two games for them. We don't have that. We can't overcome a poor offensive or defensive showing. I would like to be able to win without everything going perfectly.
  8. Polanco's throwing wasn't an arm strength issue--it was a positioning and release point issue. I'm sure it would be an adjustment, but he would be less of a liability there than at short.
  9. I think Polanco's eventual position will be third base. He played there some as he was coming up and would be much less of a liability there than at short. That leaves a hole at short, but I'm hoping one of our vaunted SS prospects pan out in the next two years. Until then I think riding with Sano at third (or first if Gonzalez starts) should be serviceable. We need to remember that the Twins won over 100 games with this lineup and defense. Some changes/adjustments may be needed, but the reason we lost in the playoffs is because of pitching.
  10. I agree with most of what you are saying and you're absolutely right that it will come down to more than the dollar amount on the contract. However there is no way Cole signs for less than Greinke's contract ($206MM over 6 years). Boras clients always look to get the best deal possible and anything less than $35MM per year just wont do it. I'm sure everyone is just throwing numbers out there, but we have to realize what this will take.
  11. We have to be all in on Cole/Strasburg and it will take more than $35MM from the Twins to be in contention. In my opinion Bumgarner should be in SP2. I may be interested in one of the SP2 group, but only after Cole and Strasburg have signed.
  12. I understand that you can carry Astudillo with two other catchers--but why? I would rather have a bench bat than a backup catcher who hits below the Mendoza line. If Garver gets hurt and Astudillo is playing in the field it's not a big deal to move him behind the plate. We already have Gonzalez and Adrianza as utility options with Astudillo and Arraez with positional flexability.
  13. Jason Castro - I like him, but I would rather spend the money elsewhere. Astudillo should be a serviceable backup. I also don't want to carry 3 catchers. C.J. Cron - I'd offer him a reasonable one year contract. I would use him as a lefty masher/platoon/bench bat. Jonathan Schoop - Again I like him, but he no longer fits with this team. Kyle Gibson - This is the guy I'm most torn on. I wish he could figure out how to be consistently good, but I probably let him walk. If he wants a one year make good deal--I would be fine with it. Michael Pineda - I'll take him back, but I wouldn't do more than a two years $20MM deal. Martin Perez - Buy out his option and let him walk. Jake Odorizzi - In my mind this is a no-brainer. Jake is my first priority. I'd go up to four years for $60MM. Doesn't like it? Then he gets the qualifying offer. Sergio Romo - I'd take him back for a small one year deal for $3MM, but I worry about his knee. Finally I go hard after Cole. I don't think he will come up here, but I give it my best shot. I would offer five years for $200MM.
  14. Probably--but I would love for someone to be on base when Garver jacks one in the first...
  15. Pitchers are as I expected--but I could see some changes if we advance. I am a little apprehensive about Adrianza's spot. I like him but the guy hasn't hit in a while and even when he was didn't have as much upside as Wade. I hope we don't have to use him. I would like to have Astudillo, but if Garver/Castro are healthy it probably doesn't matter. With the lefty starting tonight it probably gives Arraez an extra day to rest his ankle. My lineup for tonight: SS-Jorge Polanco C-Mitch Garver DH-Nelson Cruz LF-Eddie Rosario 3B-Miguel Sano RF-Marwin Gonzalez 1B-CJ Cron CF-Max Kepler 2B-Jonathan Schoop I can roll with this. Bring on the Yankees!
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