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  1. I said in the off season we should have looked at a couple of 1st baseman on the market. We went other directions. Sano was not a great option. He was the worst fielding in the league at his position. Now we should split time between arraez and Miranda. At least till we bring back kirilloff back.
  2. Sano is not capable of learning. At the end of last year they changed the way he hit. They made him wait on the ball till it got further in on the plate. This gave him a better look at the pitch. And made him follow the ball with his eyes longer. It worked well. His second half was good. He has a quick bat and more than enough power to wait. He forgot everything he was taught.
  3. He is the best total player in baseball. He is top 5 in every category if healthy. I think we will see him on the field for 130 plus games this year. If that's true and he keeps hitting at this level he will on target for 72 hrs., 142 rbi's ,48 doubles. That at 130 games. Would that make him mvp?
  4. I agree with moving the mound back.move it to 62 feet 6inches. It will help the hitters a bit. And give the pitch a fraction of a second more to react to a hit ball. It doesn't seem like much but it would help the game.
  5. That's good put Rocco in c.f. make Buxton manager.. let's face it he would fall down the steps or get hit by a ball. Or maybe a meteor would hit him like one scientist predicted. Anyway you look at it. If he gets hurt he gets hurt. Keep him in the field and have a few highlights.
  6. Brandon27 is right. I said as soon as Cron was a free agent get him back. Sano is the worst fielding first baseman. He played a big part in us loosing to Boston with his error. I know we will be looking at pitchers but a first baseman makes sense
  7. All of us knew ahead of time everything you were going to say about sano. It's the same every year. But next year he gets 14 million. We can not wait the money. So here's my idea. Wait and see if a contending nation league team needs a dh. Find someone who will trade us a defensive 1 st baseman. Sano led the team with 15 errors last year. Maybe that improves the team.
  8. We have no proven closer. But Rodgers wasn't approved closer. Plus he seems to get hurt. I like the competition we have . After the first two games pitching seems ok. Our hitters better get going.
  9. Heiny has a great take on this. We need inning eaters. Name me one season in the last 25 years were we didn't use at least 7 or 8 starters. We are not sure about Archer and bundy's return to form . And no one can tell about the young arms. I liked Rodgers too. But the padres have 7 possible starts. And now they improve their bullpen.
  10. I'm not worried about there minor league talent. Only 4 to 6 players will be brought up next year. They are due to pick very high in the next draft. And they already are looking at three very good international players in that draft. The only way they loose some players is thru trades for good veteran players. I settle for that.
  11. It's going to take a sacrifice to even get one of the Oakland pitchers. Oakland isn't in the running for a title. So other teams will try to put bid the twins on at least one of the pitchers. No team in the American league wants the twins to have both. That's almost like giving them the title.
  12. I agree with heiny. Almost everybody on this site has all said we need to get out from under Donaldson's contract . Now that we have it's a fire sale. I think it's a good thing that we have spent about 100 mill. It leaves us enough to add one of the Oakland pitchers in a trade. Maybe paneda too. We still could get story. And find another catcher for depth.
  13. You just got polanko to all-star level. Don't change what is working. If you have try the young guys at shortstop so be it. Also you still look to trade Donaldson. If nl does dh. See if giants would use him. There third basemen will be like 37 this year. Could they rotate the two of them between 3rd and dh. Maybe we get a reliever out of the deal. Probably not any kind of starter but who knows
  14. I agree with getting him back. I didn't want to see him go. 8 million is not that bad . That's probably what we would give penada.the two would be 16 million. Leaving us at least that much more to spend on one or two players. It doesn't hurt our young pitchers. We only have 3 starters at this point. How many years has this team went were we don't have starter or 2 injured? I also would like to see rodon in a twins uniform.
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