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  1. The twins have about 50 million to spend. Add to that Kepler's 8.5, Mahles 8.0 , paddocks 2.5. that's almost 70 million dollars. And that's if we only spend 140 million total. Let's see Judge at 43 , Rondon at 27 . That doesn't leave much for a backup catcher , unless. We spend a little more. What else do we desperately need? And tell me honestly that you wouldn't want to. Judge in a twins uniform. It gets really tiring going after broken down old vets when Pohlad has as much money as most of the owners. The twins need to put there money where there mouths are. Quit selling us a product that has no prayer of winning.
  2. I may be one of the only person who thinks we should go really big. Bring in Judge if possible . Our attendance was about 20000 a game. If we had him we would be a sellout almost every game. Gaining us 1 + million fans a season. If every fan spent 30 dollars or more on tickets, parking, food , drinks and merchandise. That would pay most of his salary. We wouldn't need Kepler, we could save money by trading Mahler and paddock. Judge would be a good fill in for Buxton when he's dh. If we could get Rondon we would be set.
  3. Don't think it's a deal. But I would do that one in a heartbeat.
  4. No matter the length of contract, the twins should offer an opt out after two years. Both for the team and player. We have so many shortstops almost ready that it seems to make sense.also we may need other positions in two years and not have enough money to spend.
  5. If he is healthy and has a good season. I would probably give him a 4 or 5 year deal. In the range of 14 to 15 million a year. Maybe a small signing bonus. They may think of having an opt out clause after two years to protect the team if he has injuries.
  6. I don't know who would pick him up. But it would be fun to see him at Colorado. He may but the ball over the fence.
  7. I wanted rodon last year. He would have helped . I was betting that he would have a bounce back year , and he did. If all the pitchers are basically healthy. They could win 75 games just from there starters. Another 20 to 25 games is common for a bullpen. That's 100 wins.
  8. If renfroe is so much better then Kepler, why would they trade him? Besides most of urshela's stats look as good or better. So we give them to great fielder for one player?
  9. I have an idea I'll try here. Trade Kepler, polanko, urshela. That and not resigning correa will get our spending to 65 million. If we truly spend 140 million. We would have enough money for rondon listed at 29million. Josh bell at 17million. Tommy Pham at about 7 million. A stopgap shortstop at about 7 million. A good bullpen arm at 6 million . That leaves us enough money to pay Murphy the catcher from Oakland if we can trade for him. The line up would be: 1st : bell. 2nd: arreaz short ingleis 3rd : miranda. Lf : pham. Cf : buxton. Rf : Walner or kirloff. C :. Murphy
  10. There are other players we can pay 16 million a year to. And they have not had serious injuries. Not too many good right fielders are available. But there are a few good left fielders.. Also why would we add another outfielder anyway? We have plenty that need to see time in the majors. Also we might look at trading for someone in a position of need. Like catcher or possibly short or first. I would personally like Josh Bell. But everyone will say I'm crazy. But he's 16 or 17 million a year. We have 60 plus million to spend depending on how many players we keep. From what I can see if we want a true ace, that will be about 20 million. Leaving us 5 or 6 for a RP. And then good bat like Bell and a catcher would be at about 20 to 25 million more . Leaving us enough for a second tier shortstop. The only way we have more money is to trade either kepler or Polanko or both.
  11. Rodgers had 30+ saves in the national league. Did we have 30 saves for us in the whole season.? The reason people thought he did poorly was because of an injury. That being healed allowed him to grip the ball better and effectively use his pitches better.
  12. We should not have traded him. But can the front office suck it up and bring him back
  13. Your plan is good if we can resign correa. However they list rondon at a higher pay. And he is the true ace available. He should be bid on by a few teams. The only problem I can see is kirloff may have issues with his wrist. They are not sure how effective he will be. Also we know Buxton will need some games at d.h. So arraez will be back at first sometimes. Also I would like to see the twins get a guy like Joe mantiply from Arizona. They need a third baseman badly. Maybe we could make a deal. If correa falls thru. We need a stop gap till Royce is back.then we could spend bigger money and make a bold move like getting the cubs catcher. It's just an idea.
  14. At last count we had at least 13 pitchers who started and a couple more who were out for the season. And that's not counting Bundy and Archer. I'm hoping we don't see them this year. That means a ton of injuries.
  15. The problem you have with any player is what is there value right at this moment. Take Sano as an example. If he had played 125 games this year and hit 35+ homers and batted .250, would we want to get rid of him? It would never happen. But with the season he had he has no value. With martin teams will be trading for future potential. Do what some of the people on this site said. Hold him , and see what the stats are by mid season.
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