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  1. Who and where can trade players depends upon what the national league does with dh. If they have it where are all these teams going to find a dh. Will one of the leading teams in that league pick up on Donaldson. If offers a 2 way option. As for others, name me a cheaper option at catcher that hits better than garver.
  2. Sounds great. We already signed dylon Bundy. We have room for the 3 you mentioned. One or two could be on one year contracts. Total cost for starters 36 million. Total spent 134 million. Room for one closer.
  3. Arraez has many more positions he can play. We shouldn't make the same mistake as last year. And get someone who can't hit. Arraez has above the league average in both obp and avg. How about trying to use Gordon. He may not quite be the fielder we need. But he only played half a season. Double his numbers he not bad. He would then have 20 plus sb's.
  4. Job #1 is done. Now get two veteran pitchers. Maybe one or two relievers. And we are set. That is if we get improved performance from some of our players .
  5. If we have 50 million to spend . We could sign Duffy, peneda, knebel ,Brad hand? Maybe Rondon if we free up a few million would that be enough pitching for everyone? We have hitting.
  6. The Twins could pattern themselves after the k.c. royals when they won it all. The royals had good pitching and hitting. But what they had was a 5 headed beast out of the bullpen. We can do the same . Rodgers , Duffy, possibly thielbar. Ad to that a knebel and maybe a Brad hand or another closer type. Set there Ego's aside and let them loose. But we still are not close to signing a starter. As far as we can see.
  7. The answer to if we can use Suzuki. Is money. How much will he get paid? If it's more than Kepler. It may not be a good idea. I'm sure he will hit better than Kepler?
  8. Why are we trying to get by so cheap. First Nico's numbers offensively are no better than Simmons. He also has had leg issues. I want to see the twins add not subtract. Nice idea but if can't add a big name we need to get by with Royce, Gordon, or martin. Then we save the 2 plus million and add it to the pitching.
  9. Sign Buxton. Trade Donaldson if you can do it without paying too much of his salary. If you can get Chapman for a reasonable trade of prospects fine. Not Miranda, that nuts. But what we need most of all is s.s. Put an effort into getting Siemens even for 25 plus million. The team will not be sorry. They out hit every team.
  10. Don't trade garver. People are nuts. Garver is pald at almost the the lowest level for a catcher. Why do we develop players and get rid of them in there prime. Garver is 31 that's not old.please look at his stats and double them. Then you will see how good he is. I know it is the age of the home run . But everyone we want to trade is a hitter with good avg. and obp. The twins had 12 guys with below average obp. And 9 guys with below average batting avg.
  11. The first two comments nailed it. I've put thought into our pitching problem. Every championship team has at least two great starters. I would look at stroman , Duffy , guasman, and mostly Rondon. The best reason to put big offers in on these players is you force there old team to match them or lose them. Therefore spending more of there money leaving some free agents available. Syndergard could be great , but a risk.
  12. I'm a big Cruz fan . But we need to realize one thing. Defense on the field matters. Cruz can't help us there. But the problem is Sono can't either. He made more errors than any first baseman in the majors. I think 6 of them were throwing errors. Who does that? Sano at dh. And backup 1st. base. Kirloff to 1st. Or look at trading for someone like a josh bell from Washington?
  13. You are right on. Twins can pick from the following names? Stroman, gausman, Duffy, kluber, smyly,. Syndergard, matz. Pick two. Then look into brad hand, knebel, and others. We need to compete for top players. For more than just one reason. Mostly to force the top teams to pay more against offer sheets. Leaving other free agents exposed.
  14. You are right on about Simmons. Also probably can get Cruz back for 9 or 10 mill Also see if we can do the same deal with Tampa trading Donaldson. We can get same production from another former twin in Escobar for half the money.
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