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  1. Nice write up, Sherry! So fun to finally see Winder go to work. Using the potential future starters in the pen seems like such a no brainer, yet the Twins so rarely embrace that. I realize they were somewhat forced to do so this year, so let's hope they see the value in it. Also really enjoyed the sidebar info on Nick Gordon in this post. Indeed, it's been so fun to watch him force himself into the lineup - again due to external influences, so seeing him flourish compared to expectations has been really gratifying. If he can raise that batting average just a few ticks he'll have a great opportunity to be a solid super-utility (and may allow us to use him or Arraez as trade bait, though I don't love the idea of dealing Arraez). Makes me wonder, since his family predecessors were major leaguers, if he's actually more prepared, from a mental make-up perspective, to perform better in the big leagues than in the minors. Zero expectations of him during his call up last year, and man did he make his case! Edit to add: And oh man is it fun to see Buxton emerge as a leader! He's working the clubhouse AND the fans. I didn't see it in him when he was a youngster, but as he's matured it's become crystal clear that he's a natural leader. That's great news for this team.
  2. Yep. Exactly. And more than that, it's clickbait and does not meet the criteria for good journalism.
  3. I think you just missed the "Cut him" section of the article, which perfectly explains why the Twins won't be able to send him to the minors. Bottom line, he's out of "options," which means that we can't send him down without exposing him to other teams.
  4. Since my early days stalking Nick’s Twins Blog, you gentlemen have provided me with so much fun and info about my favorite team in the only sport that truly matters to me. Thank you for so many years of feeding my obsession!!!
  5. Thank you, Mr. Pohlad! May I have another, sir? Well done, Parker!
  6. Much prefer to sign a baller shortstop and trade Lewis or Martin for pitching. Pohlad’s will never let that happen, I’m afraid, so we’ll go this route and continue to not compete with the pro teams. (Sorry, I’m grumpy today, and I have little left in the tank for this team…)
  7. Yadi Molina was the best of the three. I think he easily deserves the HOF induction, and due to the truncated careers they had, Posey and Mauer probably don't make the cut. /flame away...
  8. My only quibble is April. I think Colome blowing the save in game 1 sums up the entire month very well.
  9. I think this is quite right. And anyone who thinks the pitch counts aren't mandated by ownership is kidding her/himself. Pitch counts amount to insanely big savings for owners, period. That's why they're enforced by Rocco and literally every single other manager in MLB.
  10. 1.) Where are you from? Born (1968) and raised in Bloomington Minnesota. Lived in Massachusetts for awhile (would love to return but career and family are here), and have lived with my wife in the same home in South Minneapolis for 20 years. 2.) Age Range? 52 3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? I was an enthusiastic follower of Nick Nelson's blog, and he led that crew here when he consolidated with the OG TD Krewe. 4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? I was afraid of the ball by 6th grade. Since I have no sprint capability, poor hand-eye coordination, and a crappy arm, a growing fear of being hit by a pitch ended my "career" before I was 13. Otherwise, though, I was a solid prospect. 5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins player, and if you want, favorite current Twins player? Jamie Carroll. Max Kepler. 6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? No particular author, but I'm a MLBTR junkie. I used to really enjoy Craig Calcaterra but I don't like how NBC ruined his blog so I eventually lost interest. 7.) Favorite Twitter follows? I don't Twitter. Not sure why because I'm a news junkie, but the format kind of bothers me. 8.) Other interests outside of baseball. Live music. Plus I'm a workaholic (criminal defense lawyer), so I spend a lot of time working which I greatly enjoy. 9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... forums, blogs, articles, topics... wahtever you like. I enjoy it as an overall resource - impactful baseball reporting that doesn't take itself too seriously. 10.) Tell us what we can do better. What features or other topics would you like to see in-season or out of season? I always want more articles by the original crew (not to knock any of the other excellent contributors at all). Oh, and it bugs me that any post I make that has more than a single sentence, for whatever reason, doesn't recognize the spaces that I put between each sentence. If anyone can tell me if that's a weird setting on my computer I'd appreciate it (MacBook user, running Chrome, but I think it happens when I use my work PC as well, so...). 11.) Have you been to any of the Twins Daily "events?" I was at the first winter event on 6th and Hennepin, which was a blast. No good reason I haven't been to any others, frankly, and I always feel a little bad that I don't attend.
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