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  1. Im hoping between Semien, Story, Seager, Correa & Baez that at least one of them isn’t going to get the big payday they’re looking for and will look for a one-year deal to re-enter the market for 2023.
  2. I hope the Twins can find some space on the 40-man to protect Miranda from the Rule 5 draft this year.
  3. Baseball Trade Values pegs this as a pretty big overpay by the Blue Jays but rationalizes it because of the level of competition.
  4. If Berrios is looking to go to free agency and receive a market-level contract there's nothing wrong with that. The last time the Twins were serious about signing a top of the rotation pitcher, before the 2020 season, they were out of the bidding before it even started. Gerrit Cole because he was going to get 30M/year and they were out of it for Madison Baumgarner and Zack Wheeler because they already decided they would be happier playing near their homes. If the Twins can get him for market-level at least the Twins would have a chance before being eliminated before the bidding even starts.
  5. It'd be like Monty Brewster and the Hackensack Bulls playing a 3-inning exhibition against the Yankees
  6. Instead of trading for Bell, give Rooker a chance at 1B and make a trade with the Pirates for Starling Marte to play LF and back up Buxton in center. Right now, what’s the plan for when Buxton has another extended stint on the IL? Kepler was OK but didn’t playing CF damage him so much he went on the IL late in the year too? Rosario can be shipped somewhere for a minor league prospect.
  7. Save the $$$ for trade flexibility and free Brent Rooker to play 1B. Seems like he’s earned a chance.
  8. Who plays RF in 2020? An outfield of Rosario, Kepler and Kiriloff/Rooker seems scary to me. The window for contention is open now. Also, I’m sorry for the lack of optimism, but Lewis is far from a sure thing to be ready by 2021.
  9. I've been reading a lot of blue prints, but I haven't seen anyone address having a backup plan in CF. Buxton is great, really great, in CF but he's just not there very often and it puts a huge stress on the rest of the team when he's not. I would present a team that could minimize the impact of another Buxton injury while fielding an all-world defensive outfield while he's out there - making all of our pitchers better in the process. How would I do that? Rosario is traded. Doesn't really matter where - try to get a lottery ticket type A-level prospect.Sign a free agent pitcher - I'd love Cole or Strasburg and an expanded budget approved by Mr. Pohlad would allow it, but Wheeler or Bumgarner are more realistic. Of them, I'd prefer Wheeler. I'd let CJ Cron go. He's a nice player, but replaceable and I'd prefer another left handed bat so I go with similar production from the left side and Eric ThamesThis is where it might hurt. I love following Jhoan Duran and I hate to move him, but I trade Duran, Enlow, and Gordon to the Pirates for Starling Marte and Chris Archer. The two years remaining on the Marte and Archer deals allow time for the next wave of Twins prospects Lewis, Larnach, Graterol, and Balazovic. I'm not completely sold on what Archer can do but what I really want is Marte in LF and as an insurance policy to move him to CF if Buxton gets hurt. This would allow Kepler to stay in RF full time and wouldn't put the extra strain of CF on his body. If, and it's a big if, Buxton stays healthy I'd expect one of the best defensive outfields in baseball. As a bonus, Marte had a great year at the plate last year posting an .845 OPS, he runs well, and he gets on base more than Rosario. This also assumes Graterol is being stretched out to be a starter and a candidate for a June call up if Archer can't figure it out. Kiriloff and Rooker are available if someone goes down in the OF or Thames isn't working out at 1B. Lewis is getting some extra seasoning in the minors and I really hope he has a breakout year. Hitters: C - Garver = .6 1B - Eric Thames = 5 2B - Arraez = .6 3B - Sano = 5.5 SS - Polanco = 4 LF - Marte = 11.5 CF - Buxton = 3.5 RF - Kepler = 6.25 DH - Cruz = 12 BUC - Castro (or similar) = 6 OF - Cave = .6 IF - Adrianza = 3 UT - Gonzalez = 9 Hitter Total = 67.55M Pitchers: SP - Berrios = 4.5 SP - Odorizzi = 17.8 SP - Wheeler = 20 SP - Archer = 9 SP - Thorpe/Dobnak = .6 CL - Rogers = 4 RP - Duffey = 1.25 RP - May = 2.5 RP - Littell = .6 RP - Stashak = .6 RP - Smeltzer = .6 RP - Romo (or similar) = 3 RP - Alcala (or Spring Training performance winner) = .6 Pitcher Total = 65.05 Team Total = 132.6M The Twins were a different team when Buxton wasn't patrolling CF and it had a ripple affect on the pitchers, Kepler, and the lineup was devoid of speed without him. By adding Marte I think ads some insurance. What does everyone think?
  10. I'm not sure I buy it. Yes, it's been done. But I think it's the exception vs. the rule. Mike Trout. Bryce Harper, Wil Myers, Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor... All spent time at AAA before getting the call to the majors. Joey Gallo went straight from AA to the Majors... and now from the Majors back to AAA.
  11. It seems like Chattanooga is full of top prospects having strong seasons at the AA level and they are, on occasion, being called up to Minnesota (Buxton, Polanco). But, once they arrive in Minnesota, I hear about them being "rushed" because they didn't spend any time at AAA and that there is such a HUGE difference in the level of play. My question is, who are the prospects at AAA and are they good enough to stand in the way of Sano, Berrios, Polanco, Kepler, or Walker when it seems that these guys are ready for the next challenge? And, people (Molitor) are talking about Sano being close to MLB. Is there really no room at AAA to take that next step, instead of a giant leap to the Majors?
  12. If I had a vote, it would be to play Sano at 3rd and use Plouffe as a super utility - most often platooning with Arcia in the OF.
  13. Is it still too early to compare minor league numbers? Granted it's unfair to compare anyone to the career of Pedro Martinez, but... Also, question, does anyone have an opinion on the difference between Berrios this year vs. last year. Not that last year wasn't any good, but this year is superb. My stat sheet scouting says strike outs are up and walks are down. Did he learn to control the Cuellar change up?
  14. Why is it assumed he would not clear waivers? Wouldn't the claiming team have to take his contract? Didn't he sign with the Twins because no one else offered to give him as much money?
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