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  1. Am I way off base for thinking he shouldn't have been playing the outfield?
  2. Let's Go! The biggest problem will be moving to the 8-man rotation when Maeda and Dobnak come back later this year (joking) But you're right. For example, J.A. Happ had a 1.91 ERA after 5 starts last year.
  3. I'd like to add that it's pleasant the Yankees are also struggling Josh Donaldson: .217/.288/.261 Isiah Kiner-Falefa: .059/.111/.229
  4. I am hoping Bundy has the best year of his career, as do the rest of the Twins pitchers, and it's really difficult to decide who gets to start game 1 of the playoffs because they've all been so dominant.
  5. The Twins lost plenty of playoff games with Joe Nathan at the backend of the rotation as well. Admittedly, I'm biased as I think a "proven closer" is vastly overrated.
  6. If this helps the Twins can use less than 16 starting pitchers this year, this will be a success. I'd rather run Paddack out there than the likes of Beau Burrows, Luke Farrell, John Gant, et al. I hope the options they continue to bring in makes it so the Twins don't need to stick with a Bundy/Archer if they are ineffective for too long as they did with Shoemaker and Happ.
  7. Getting Correa is very exciting and is a HUGE upgrade at SS but I wouldn't be dusting off the spot for the division title just yet. Looking just at the position players (because there's even more to think about regarding pitching), compared to the last-place 2021 Twins the opening day roster is downgraded at C, 3B, and DH. And the 1B and RF spots have a lot to prove if they want to be a playoff team again. They've all done it before and I'm optimistic. Hoping Urshela's 2021 performance was the outlier and his true self is the 2019/2020 version. Also, if Jeffers, Kepler, and Sano can be much better than their 2021 numbers, Kirilloff takes the next step to becoming a star, and Buxton stays on the field, the division (and maybe more) is definitely attainable.
  8. A+ from me. I was a bit apprehensive about the no trade clause at first but if the Twins are bad what are the chances he vetoes a trade? Correa ends up with a bit of bargaining power and maybe the Twins don't reap quite as big of a return, but hey, they didn't trade anything away to get him so it only cost them $$$ to get a free prospect return. I hope the Twins are in the thick of the playoff chase so it's a moot point regardless.
  9. I'm glad the Twins can take advantage of the extra $$$ before hitting the luxury tax threshold. Oh wait, all that fuss really only impacted a small hand full of teams.
  10. I think the baseball draft has much more variance and is a combination of scouting and luck - maybe looking at a draft as a whole would give a better picture to see if front office changes were necessary. Maybe there's no excuse for Tyler Jay, but extra points should be given for 2012 when the Twins selected Buxton, Berrios, and Taylor Rodgers. The 2013 pick of Kohl Stewart could be said to be redeemed by getting Mitch Garver.
  11. Whether the players get more money or the owners get more money, it doesn't affect me at all because it surely isn't ending up in my pocket. I just want baseball. A pox on both their houses!
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