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    My Twins HOF vote

    What about Al Worthington . He came from Washington when they moved here and became the Twins. at the Time they didn't have Saves. But he came into a lot of games and Saved the day. for him to be over looked is a Disgrace. Lyman Bostock wasn't here very long before going to Boston. they should be pushing for him. and Jim Mudcap Grant is a Travesty.
  2. I personally like looking at he SS position more then the pitchers. theres a reason they are unprotected. Plus if you do not keep them on your 40 man roster they go back to their Original team.
  3. Really think about it. every year the team has a lot of injuries in the outfield. they need a Cheap player to take up some of the missed games. as for last years struggles who do you see out there that won't have some of the same struggles.
  5. PtC Who cares does he allow a lot of HRs does he allow a lot of Base Runners. Those are things to worry about when you are talking 20 + million a year. everything else is too much crap to sift through.
  6. It seems to me Oliva should have been in already as for Kaat what reason an they give to keep him out. I think it comes down to being with the Twins if either of them had been on an East Coast team they would have been shoe ins. But come from Minnesota and the Nit Pick.
  7. I like Stroman. But agree with another that the best place for the Twins to get Starting Pitching help is thru trading. Since the Twins look like they could lose Buxton it would make sense to look their first and the also need Relief pitching the Minors old a lot of arms to help fill the void.
  8. I think either Graveman or Knebel would make excellent addition to the Twins. Now if were going by Price then Graveman would be the Cheapest.
  9. I like others feel Bradley s too much of a Risk. As for Knebel I don't see the Dodgers giving up on him but they have a lot of People to sign he could slip from them. I'm for either of the other 2 But Bradley can stay or go some where else.
  10. I Think adding all three is the only way to go. They need to keep their farm system restocked. and coming next year they will be dipping into that pool Heavily. Depending on how Negotiations go with Buxton they could need a lot of Help!
  11. I was Real Young when the twins came to Town until then not much exposure. But my mom and Grandma listen to the radio, then my brother-in-law took me to Twins games I sat on the third base side by myself while he and my cousins husband went to the Clubhouse or whatever they called the bar. But I got to watch Killebrew,Oliva,Bob Allison , Zoilo and others come out Pitch and Hit. it was exciting, I was also there for Rod Carew's first game. in the end I took his son to see the Twins just like he had me. and now the same son takes his 2 sons to the games. We used to see what give a ways they had and go on those Days but we went when they were going against a good team. at the time Kirby Pucket was young and catching everything in Center Field. We got to watch them in the World Series beat the Atlanta Braves, & the St. Louis Cardinals.
  12. They said in the Article that his Defense was very good, his Offense was what was needed work and except for the Quarantine he might have been in St. Paul this year. Personally, I think the Twins could do with some young talent in the infield and bring Royce Lewis up to strengthen the Outfield.
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