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  1. I'm with the Kumar crew, his medicals aside 19 strike outs is impressive. Plus they could use a good strong arm in the Rotation or Bull pen.
  2. I remember the Twins . I think it was against the Tigers Moving a player to play every position on the Field his last 2 were Catcher and Pitcher. as i remember we won the game.
  3. We played in the alley all of us were from the Same block. since are parents wouldn't let us go across the street. But we got to know each other and enjoy are summers.
  4. I think the Twins should look at any Starters and Relievers to keep the Show going in the right direction. Now as for Montas the twins have been in every story written about him so if he is available then go get him. But the need Relief help as well.
  5. I think the Twins need to Buy SP & RP there has been numerous articles about who is available, Now it time to find out. with additions you automatically have subtractions. So the idea of dumping players is not a problem unless you do something stupid but so far the Twins have done well with the Trades they have made.
  6. I can see Royce Lewis playing in the Outfield. or splitting time at SS, but either way unless he has a Major cool down they need to keep his bat in the lineup.
  7. if the Twins are going to give up any Decent prospects, then. I can see them going after Montas or Castillo. the other two seem like long shots or one season and Dispose
  8. If you're going by Position, then Earl Battey would be the first pic for the Twins, He was tough! and feared by baserunners. But if you are going by Batting Stats. Oliva carried 3 Batting titles. (Silver Slugger) his first was his Rookie Year. as far as Fielding because of the Atrocious conditions he worked under the was Twisting his Ankle and playing through it, as fa as Homeruns Oliva again leads the two.
  9. Twins Mount Rushmore 1961 to present; Killebrew , Carew, Oliva, Blyleven with Pucket coming up short because rushmore only had space for Four, Now I expect a lot of negative feed back but I was in the stands for the Twins first season and was lucky enough to see Carew steal home talk about beating a team mentally that did. I put Oliva ahead of Puckett my best friends son will be pissed because he is a Pucket Mania kinda guy. We me and him went to alot of games sat in Sec.107 to watch Kirby climb the wall and snatch homeruns and Victory back for his team. But all that being said I personally was never happier then Tony getting into the HOF.
  10. I think Gordon will have the Most Impact. on the Twins, He is an excellent player they the Twins need to settle on where he will fit once, he has his Place and gets Comfortable look out. Celestino was hit by nerves, it was to be expected he knew he was in Buxton's spot and could be removed at a Moment's notice. with everyone expecting Buxton like performance w/o getting to know about him and how he does the things he does. it should be expected.
  11. C_frommn

    My Twins HOF vote

    What about Al Worthington . He came from Washington when they moved here and became the Twins. at the Time they didn't have Saves. But he came into a lot of games and Saved the day. for him to be over looked is a Disgrace. Lyman Bostock wasn't here very long before going to Boston. they should be pushing for him. and Jim Mudcap Grant is a Travesty.
  12. I personally like looking at he SS position more then the pitchers. theres a reason they are unprotected. Plus if you do not keep them on your 40 man roster they go back to their Original team.
  13. Really think about it. every year the team has a lot of injuries in the outfield. they need a Cheap player to take up some of the missed games. as for last years struggles who do you see out there that won't have some of the same struggles.
  15. PtC Who cares does he allow a lot of HRs does he allow a lot of Base Runners. Those are things to worry about when you are talking 20 + million a year. everything else is too much crap to sift through.
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