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  1. Your commentary on Baldelli is a good start. But, in addition to the comments already offered by subscribers, I'd add that Baldelli relies far too often on analytics. I buy into their importance in today's game but not to the exclusion of having a sense of the flow of players and the game. Baldelli too often pulls pitchers who are on a roll for the sake of pitch count or bullpen use. I also agree with stringer bell's comments about his failure to make timely and smart substitutions. For the record I totally agree with comments about the lack of sound fundamentals. That's costs runs and runs cost ballgames. Perhaps it is the contrast to the emphasis recent managers placed on fundamentals but nothing irritates me more than watching multi-millionaires playing sloppy defense because they're not called on it. Let's get back to the fundamentals and get these guys more pitching depth as a platform for winning more games!
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