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  1. I like everything except Kepler in CF. I don't think the powers that be want to play him there. (even though he's fine there defensively). Do you see him as more of a placeholder until one of the kids is ready?
  2. First thing I thought of when I saw this yesterday. David S. Popkins...any questions?
  3. What's going on with Mark Contreras? Does he get a look at some point? Guy seems to be raking in AAA, but I don't know much about him.
  4. Yep, it's spaghetti time. Start throwing guys in there until a few stick.
  5. I got about halfway through the article before I thought - "wait a minute, who wrote this?" When I saw it was Stu I only then realized it was satire.
  6. I've divorced myself from any expectations I had for this team going in. I try to catch the games and just enjoy having baseball back when so much has been taken from us these past 14 months or so. That said, I'll mainly be watching to see how bad this gets before significant changes are made. Watching the next wave of talent come up, etc.
  7. I was curious about something so I ran some numbers. According to team rankings, the Twins are scoring 4.72 runs per game - 8th in the majors. (not too bad). I took the runs scored per game and ran a median calculation on them, which shows they are only scoring 3 runs per game. This bolsters the previous comment that they either score 12 runs or 3 runs in most games.
  8. This weather today should make them feel right at home.
  9. Dare I say that Garlick is adding a little spice to this lineup. Good win.
  10. Red Sox just signed him. Minor league deal.
  11. His OBP (odiferous bulb percentage) in the minors was pretty appealing.
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