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  1. I agree, we need to go with the young guys till we find a permanent replacement. Spend money on pitching.
  2. Why pull Ober after 4, pitch count wasn’t high, he was doing well. Roco mismanaged the pen again.
  3. If the Twins can't sign Buxton longterm I think they should start the fire sale. The other central teams are getting better, and the Twins don't seem to have the pitching to contend. There are arms in the system and trading top assets like Berios and Buxton ( this offseason is probably a better time to trade him) should net some more top arms to help out.
  4. The washed up pitcher reclamation projects are one of the main reasons for this seasons failure.
  5. My vote is for Blakenhorn. Granted my vote means absolutely nothing.
  6. I don't trust the MLB.com ranking of prospects, they still have Wander in the top 10. That shows an absolute lack of knowledge of the Twins system.
  7. Hopefully Duran and Balozovic get the call, those two for sure need the reps. Would like to see another top pitching prospect or two added.
  8. This short season could really help Berios, we shouldn’t see his 2nd half fade with no second half.
  9. Forearm soreness always seems to be code for "Needs TJ surgery". As others have stated, I feel bad for Luis, but am delighted it happened to the Evil Empire.
  10. MLB Trade Rumors is reporting the Donaldson is signing a 4 year deal with the Twins!
  11. If this is what is considered impact pitching I really don't want to see what dumpster diving looks like.
  12. This would be a good way to build the team. I would switch Polanco and Arraez, Polanco's arm isn't good enough for third base.
  13. You have convinced me, go sign MadBum. I still want Cole or Strasburg also.
  14. My guess, Cruz wins it for DH, but Sanchez gets it over Garver since he is a Yankee and has a few more home runs.
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