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  1. There is a issue with fielding errors. If a player isn't good enough to even get to the ball they won't get an error. If the player is good enough and goes for those tough plays they might get more errors. Bad decisions are different and should be called out
  2. This was an interesting article and it may be the Twins are not in as bad of position as we all seem to think, https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/no-mlb-team-is-great-and-fewer-are-awful-is-this-the-parity-we-wanted/
  3. My biggest question is the strength of schedule, but the most important is when are they scheduling a double header against the Seattle Mariners so I can watch two baseball games in a row when it isn't March.
  4. This really annoys me. I moved to Washington several years ago and I only go to one game a year when the Twins come to play the Mariners. Now I have no reason to overspend on baseball tickets.
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