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  1. I would do 7 years 15M a year garneted. This would get the base value over 100M. Then provide LOTS of incentives. Make it stupid easy to hit 20M. So say 5M per 40 games played. So if he plays 120 games he would get 30M. That would put him up with Trout. Than throw a couple more incentives in for benchmarks and goal posts for a max yearly value of 40ish M. This would be a min value of 115mil with a max value of 280M more likely Buxton would hit 20-25 mil a year easily. so it would be 140-175M.
  2. If I were Chapman it could have been worse. Donaldson and Cruz are some of the best in the game.
  3. I defiently misremembered the math on that deal I was trying to use that number. I guess I just had the 7 in my head.
  4. Agreed, from what I heard it seamed that the incentives where the sticking point. I do not mind if the base salary is 7 mil a year. However, have some quick incesntives to get to the 15-20 a year range.
  5. It will all come down to the base salary and the incentives. I believe they should include both games played and performance incentives. With a max of 40mil a year. If he checks all the boxes and gets 40 mil thats cool he deserves it.
  6. 5 years 15/ year with incentives up to 30/yr for games played. Make it easy to get to 20. Than have another 5-10 for awards based incentives. If he plays a MVP year and he could make 40 mil.
  7. I wonder how that would play out. Take the best player on the team and duplicate them across every position. How would that team do?
  8. Nah I thought it would be the bag a the baseballs we got the dog fetch out of the drainage swamp by fake throwing the last one she brought back.
  9. 21bdp21

    The Grand "Re-Tool" Experiment

    Signing Javy Baez might be worth it to ingratiate the Twins with Berrios. The two are close and it could make him happier.
  10. There is a issue with fielding errors. If a player isn't good enough to even get to the ball they won't get an error. If the player is good enough and goes for those tough plays they might get more errors. Bad decisions are different and should be called out
  11. This was an interesting article and it may be the Twins are not in as bad of position as we all seem to think, https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/no-mlb-team-is-great-and-fewer-are-awful-is-this-the-parity-we-wanted/
  12. My biggest question is the strength of schedule, but the most important is when are they scheduling a double header against the Seattle Mariners so I can watch two baseball games in a row when it isn't March.
  13. This really annoys me. I moved to Washington several years ago and I only go to one game a year when the Twins come to play the Mariners. Now I have no reason to overspend on baseball tickets.
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