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  1. Sometimes you have to just pick a number as a starting point. 100 is a nice round number and accounts for about 4-5 10 day IL visits with Rocco's generous rest day policy. 81 would be half the games 100 games is roughly 62% of games. I know both parties would love more, but somewhere to start.
  2. I'm sure most of you have seen the article, but if not here is the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/08/sports/baseball/byron-buxton-twins.html
  3. I am in the position that IF the Twins extend Correa to say 8 year 240mil contract or what ever it is. Than either you trade Lewis for a haul OR you need push someone else out to make room for him and trade the other guy. The thing is if others believe Lewis is a SS and will be a good SS long term his trade value might be better as a trade piece than an above average 3B or a skilled outfielder which are easier to come across.
  4. And with the 8th pick the MN Twins pick a slugging college hitter below average fielding 1B.
  5. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/al-central-preview-the-twins-are-looking-for-a-bounce-back/ It is a part of series they are doing. Form 538: "In honor of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, which starts April 7 — and is actually a thing! — FiveThirtyEight will be focusing our attention on the most intriguing team in each division. Today we take a look at the American League Central, which had a new champ last season but whose old champ isn’t quite ready to give up the crown for good."
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VfDcfllzN6AsgZouf829ldQ9eO3ZGRU/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=113796250486978022042&rtpof=true&sd=true As of good time as ever to post a spread sheet I made about Pick performance.
  7. The only issue I have with this deal is it is essentially 1 year 35.1 mil. We will need a SS next year and if Lewis isn't the one we are in a bind again.
  8. Probably because 11 games is only 6.7% of a season so say you get 5% less out of a team than expected that would be a hair over 8 games worse. So even with worse pitching and some downgrades I would expect what happened is last year was a lot worse than expected so you have some reversion to mean performance and last years team did a lot worse than expected and we lost Berios and Cruz at the trade deadline so it isn't as if we had the whole team the entire year.
  9. Having Pick #1 is a clear advantage https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VfDcfllzN6AsgZouf829ldQ9eO3ZGRU/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=113796250486978022042&rtpof=true&sd=true
  10. If a team thinks Martin is worth a starter 3+pitcher with several years of cotrole I could see it being worth it. It looks like Martin won't stick at SS, we have Buxton at CF and others to back up. Martin also doesn't have the power for a corner outfielder. We don't need him at 2nd we have Polanco. He was a good pick up if he could be SS, but if not....
  11. Thanks happy to share; because of my current location I get the SEA news and because I have been and will always be Twins fan whenever a Twins/Mariners article is published it pops up in my news feed.
  12. Would anyone give that up? I think Arraez will probably be the center of any trade this offseason which will upset me, but wont at the same time.
  13. The proposal was originally posted here at: https://sodomojo.com/2022/01/13/mariners-trade-proposal-luis-arraez/ The trade is below what do you all think? MARINERS GET INF LUIS ARRAEZ TWINS GET RHP JUSTIN DUNN RHP LEVI STOUDT RHP ISAIAH CAMPBELL
  14. I agree that distances are the biggest issues for both these locations. Mexico City pop is 10 mil the Metro area has a pop of 20 mil (3 other metros within 2.5 hours are also over 1 mil total about 5.5mil) Sheer numbers mean money and fans. Side bar the distance to teams is also one of, if not, the main reason the NDSU Bison do not move up to FBS no one close to play.
  15. I think the issue about AAAA players is probably exasperated by the why the game is played today. The pitching last year with the foreign substance decimated BA's. There are plenty of decent playable corner outfielders, 1bs and 2bs out there. With a good amount of centerfielders. We think AAAA as someone who is better than AAA but should not be in the show. Well if they are better than AAA than that is show level. There is much larger talent pool these days for players, maybe just maybe we are spoiled by the quality of player that is out there. I that coupled with 3 true outcomes being pushed and the shift hurting the game, has tinted our view.
  16. If I had to choose cities I would do the following. Montreal Portland OR Vancouver. Personally I would choose Vancouver give Canada 3 total teams. Also that might be more palatable for the Mariners as it would be different country. Although the Seattle Sounders FC and the Portland Timbers have a great rivalry. Las Vegas Charlette Than San Antonio/Austin Texas could use another team by its size. Then move: The A's to San Jose OR Sacramento. Separate them from the Giants and tap into one of those other large markets. I would choose Sacramento over San Jose as it is slightly farther away and isn't on the Bay. San Jose is also connected to San Fran Via train so its more likely to feed to the Giants.
  17. Created a forum post for expansion talks: https://twinsdaily.com/forums/topic/54638-mlb-expansion/
  18. 1) Should the MLB Expand? 2) Where would it expand too? Making this thread as a better place to discus a MLB expansion instead of the comments of CBA talk. Previous discussion was here: https://twinsdaily.com/forums/topic/54575-new-cba-whats-good-for-the-game/page/5/
  19. I agree per person income is important. I would still put Mexico City and 1 or 2 Mexico teams as contenders because of the sheer number of people. When you have 20mil (Mexico City) you probably still have enough people who are able to buy swag and go to games to make it worth wile. 1)Also yes move the A's to San Jose, spread the love and the $$$ 2/3) Right now there are 30 teams. If you add 2 teams to get 4 div of 4 in each league I like the choices that were made. I think there are 3-4 really good places in the US and Canada for new expansion teams though. If you add 6 teams there could be 3 6 team divisions per league, but that seams like alot.
  20. So because I could I looked up the top 50 Metro Areas in North America, ignoring any outside Canada, USA, and Mexico. I then Figured out how far away they were from the closest MLB team. Here is what I found. Metropolitan area Country Population Has Team Closet Team Distance Mexico City Mexico 20892724 N Houston 750 Guadalajara Mexico 4887383 N Houston 800 Monterrey Mexico 4689601 N Houston 420 Montreal Canada Canada 4045877 N Boston 250 Puebla Mexico 2941988 N Houston 750 Vancouver Canada Canada 2509942 N Seattle 120 Charlotte United States 2426363 N Atlanta 230 Portland United States 2389228 N Seattle 140 Orlando United States 2387138 N Tampa Bay 80 San Antonio United States 2384075 N Houston 190 Sacramento United States 2274194 N San Francisco 80 Toluca Mexico 2202886 N Houston 770 San Juan Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 2196538 N Miami 1000 Las Vegas United States 2114801 N Las Angeles 220 Columbus United States 2021632 N Cleveland/Cincinnati 100 Austin United States 2000860 N Houston 100 Indianapolis United States 1988817 N Cincinnati 150 San Jose United States 1976836 N San Francisco 45 Tijuana Mexico 1840710 N San Diego 15 Notes: -Mexico City, Puebla, and Toluca are all really close to each other. -The Houston Asterisks might suffer the most here. -I am not sure that Ohio could support a third team. -Same goes to the Bay area with 2 teams within 80 miles -Orlando will not happen because of Tampa, although I could see a move if Orlando built a stadium for the Rays.
  21. The mariners would fight tooth and nail to prevent either a Vancouver or a Portland team. I would add some teams in Mexico also. I personally am pro expansion.
  22. Also as stated before NFL teams are all but guaranteed to sell out every game they play at home. So ticket sales should be about even. Also basically every game is televised nationally so you have less worry about smaller tv markets. All in I would suspect NFL teams to have a much more equitable income in the first place meaning revenue sharing is less of a burden.
  23. I would say probably not. There are probably markets that could support a team. However, the question is also does the talent pool support more markets. There are enough first basemen and corner outfielders, second basemen, that the caliber of the average team at those positions probably wouldn't change. However, are there enough playable short stops, CF, and starting pitchers. Or will even more teams be full of 3-5 pitchers now with the top teams still having the same amount of high caliber arms. To extend on this point the avg price of pitching and high demand position players would increase. So even if a market could support a team with the current costs would those same markets be able to support the new higher cost of players?
  24. What % of players ever get to the level of Nick Gordon? I would argue that he is another example of father son combos, Just shows us how hard it is to get to the show. Also Kiriloff is the son of an ex-Pirates scout. Which while not a pro player he also runs Language of Hitting.
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