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  1. Bean5302: Do those stats and speed measurements make any allowance for reaction time? For example, you indicate 90 feet in 4 seconds: is that after he starts to move? I know from other fields of study that human reaction time can range from .3 to .7 seconds. Emmerson Fittapaldi was noted to have some of the fastest reaction times ever recorded, a good trait for a race car driver! If you need to add in reaction time the numbers might change. Just roughly eyeballing the play, even if Buxton were in left field I believe he would have had to, at a minimum, slide to make that catch. Probably not full-blown extended leap like Rooker....
  2. Sorry, jkcarew, but respectfully disagree. Part of the charm and interest in baseball is the variety of stadiums and their dimensions. Your plan would eliminate the Green Monster, for example. Boston baseball is unique due to Fenway. Don't change it. I asked a sincere question up-thread: Does anyone have any data on how much the shift is depressing batting averages? Lastly, is bunting really that difficult? As someone mentioned, Kepler could bat 500 if he could simply lay down a bunt down the 3rd base line. For that matter, simply inside-outing a ball to the left field side would lead to doubles, like his double in the 9th yesterday that led to the win. Good discussion!
  3. I wonder what league-wide batting averages would be if they banned the shift? 20 points higher?
  4. Has there been any more details on the failure to sign Birdsell in the draft? Did they offer over-slot money? Was he just convinced right away that he wanted to return to college? If so, why did they select him? This seemed like a decent spot to ask this question.
  5. This is simply terrific content. Thank you. I would love to see more interviews with hitting and pitching coaches throughout the minors. As to pitching coaches, I would be curious as to how they go about formulating methods to attack specific hitters in opposing lineups. Do you always try to ID weaknesses, go with the particular pitcher's strengths, or some other approaches? This "inside baseball" stuff would be fascinating to delve into....
  6. Well, that's that. Burrows DFA'd before the 3rd inning? Can you do that and bring someone else over from St. Paul for the latter stages of this "game", aka, glorified BP for the Sox?
  7. Sheesh Sano. This is getting embarrassing early....Netflix is calling me soon for my entertainment purposes.
  8. Nice of Burrows to throw some BP for the Sox. They, at least, are having fun. Young man is not fooling anyone....
  9. Sheesh, Alvarez looks a monster. He looks like he is playing Little League in that bandbox of a stadium. Good job holding him to a single....
  10. Question: Can a team and player negotiate a FA contract if his current team makes a QO? If so, I would think a prudent agent would want to explore what kind of multi-year offers a pitcher like Syndergaard would receive before making a decision whether to accept a QO? Also, does Syndergaard like pitching in the big market? Is that important to him?
  11. Dan, are you sure SWR is eligible in 2022, or is that a typo?
  12. Man, Kepler looks lost at the plate right now. Lost. Going below the Mendoza line....
  13. Garver's swing looks so much better than earlier in year. Very compact and efficient. Martin 0-2 in Wichita debut. Obvious bust.
  14. Sorry TwinsDr2021, I drafted a detailed reply and it disappeared when I posted it. I will keep this shorter. Here are the guys likely to be jettisoned from the current 40 man roster, either released or FA's: Burrows; Colome; Farrell; Gant; Law; Minaya; Pineda; Simmons; Cave; on the bubble Smeltzer; Thorpe; Gordon; Astudillo; Garlick; Refsnyder. That is potentially up to 15 players, absent trades, or 37.5% of their roster. So I see plenty of roster flexibility to avoid losing the next Baddoo in the Rule V draft.
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