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  1. MLB, can you explain what you mean by "they would also change the distribution of revenue sharing to include a component based on player payroll"? This sounds intriguing.
  2. I have basically reached the conclusion that this FO is never, ever, going to sign a pitcher to a sizeable long-term deal. Period. (They may be right)
  3. Mr. Leviathan, agree with your proposals across the board.
  4. How is it that the NFL was able to convince large market teams to share revenue across the board, but somehow MLB teams would be unable to do so? I recognize the national TV deals is a part of that, but guys like Jerry Jones is giving up millions. I think the NFL has done a better job of recognizing that a rising tide raises all boats, and to allow selfish and rich franchises to outspend and poach players from smaller markets is bad business, and bad for the league as a whole. Wake up MLB!
  5. Yes, as I noted initially, the huge market teams are not going to like revenue sharing. Just like the Cowboys lose lots of revenue in the NFL. It is the price to be part of a LEAGUE of competitive teams. Hard cap, hard floor cannot work fairly without full, or nearly full, revenue sharing. I admit that, and yet endorse the move. Will it happen, unlikely. But we were discussing, I think, what would be ideal. I don't think any Royals or Pirates fan goes into a given season with any near the hopes and expectations as a Yankees or Red Sox or Dodgers fan enjoys. Can it happen, sure, but not a fair playing field at all. Not sure why the players would object if they were guaranteed the same amount of salaries/revenue, or an increase each year for inflation or whatever. Might it cost the very elite players some money, possibly, but is that a bad thing overall? Wouldn't the average player enjoy the raise, and wouldn't there be more average players? If you had 10% of players taking a net reduction in future income, and 50% getting a net increase, wouldn't it pass an MLBPA vote quite easily?
  6. bean5302, I don't think anyone is suggesting a hard cap in isolation. What seems to be getting some consensus support is full or greatly increased revenue sharing, a robust salary floor, and then also a hard cap. Without seeming to be argumentative, can you share why you think this would be bad for baseball, including owners, players and fans? (I recognize that this might be bad for owners of big-market teams, but looking at owners in aggregate).
  7. MLB has hundreds of minor league players, NFL has none. Revenue should go to those minor league players. Average NFL player plays 2.3 years. MLB is 5.6 years, 2.43 times as long. MLB contracts are guaranteed, while most NFL contracts are not, but those are becoming more evident, see Kirk Cousins. Despite these differences, I fail to see how full revenue sharing, a hard cap, guaranteed decent play for MiLB players, high salary floor would "hurt" the game. How so? This year (and most of the past decade), New York, the largest media market, has had two of the worst performing NFL franchises, the Giants and Jets. That would be like the Yankees and the Mets (or Dodgers or Red Sox) finishing in the cellar for 8 years straight. Is that ever likely to happen in MLB under the current system? Not hardly.
  8. Woudn't overall viewership increase if there was a greater perception that all teams operated on a relatively level playing field.? This is anecdotal, but I know a lot of fans who are turned off that the "big guys" get all the coverage, all the big stars, poach from small teams, and shrug off bad contracts without meaningful consequences. The NFL does a great job of convincing fans that all teams have a chance to be successful and rebuild a bad franchise through the draft and FA. Lastly, I omitted the minor leagues in earlier post. Fix it. The salaries are ridiculously modest. They addressed the housing issue last Fall, now pay real wages to these young men. The figures outlined above by Major League Ready seem reasonable, with or without altering the bonus structures.
  9. Go to the NFL model. Complete revenue sharing, hard caps, high minimum payrolls so Tampa Bay does not profit of New York, guarantee the players a percentage of true total revenue, say 50 to 55%. Then team success will depend on drafting, talent evaluation, coaching, player development and the players themselves.
  10. Can you imagine Sano playing half his games in Coors Field or Fenway? He could hit 50 HR's. Part of this evaluation is also contingent on how the rest of the lineup is going. If the Twins are producing runs, it is easier to carry Sano during his down times and enjoy his hot streaks. If we are struggling, he is tougher to carry. Let him play out his contract this year, hope he does beautifully, and then exercise the option or even extend. If someone comes in with a strong offer, make a decision then. I certainly would not be shopping Sano at this point. Guys with his type of power do not grow on trees.
  11. Duffy is out until at least June, but he could be an option at a reduced cost and some possible mid-season insurance.
  12. Martin for Max Meyer, straight up. Who says no? Marlins need hitting, Twins need pitching.
  13. Suzuki is intriguing, but there is simply zero buzz that the Twins have even entered the fray for his services. It would make too much sense: reasonable contract, apparently good player, and no players lost in acquisition.
  14. How about trading Martin for Meyers from the Marlins? Both terrific prospects, bat for arm? We need pitching, they need hitting. Fair trade?
  15. Apparently, the Twins need some pitching next season. Here are some options of players eligible for the (presumably) future Rule 5 Draft, whenever that is held: Daysbel Hernandez, Braves Robinson Pina LAA Garrett Hill Rangers Tim Cate Nat's Tahnaj Thomas Pirates Tommy Doyle Rockies Shawn Semple NYY Brady Feigl A's Manuel Alvarez Guardians Joey Murray Toronto Thoughts? Seems more likely the Twins might take a P vs. a SS in an eventual Rule 5 draft.
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