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  1. Twins deserved to lose that game. Zero clutch hitting--and some bad luck on some balls that were smoked, and let a poor team hang around and win. Does ANYONE like the extra inning format that last 2 years. It is complete horsebleep. Cannot believe MLB lets games be decided this way. I am glad it did not matter here.
  2. 2 observations: 1) I like the YouTube announcing duo. They do a nice job. 2) Twins should have at least 6 runs right now, and they are risking letting this one slip away. Need to close the deal.
  3. This young man looks completely comfortable facing MLB pitching. So impressive. Play Lewis at 3B when Correa comes back? How can you send him back down?
  4. Dodgers and Astros series (so far) have confirmed that Twins are not competitive with top teams----yet. Twins hitters 3 for 21 with RISP in this series. Not going to get it done against anybody.....
  5. Big strike zone with this ump, very wide on outside. Tough to defend that.
  6. Urshela is only signed for 2022 at $6.5M. Logical move would be to promote Lewis when appropriate and let him play every day at 3B and giving Correa some days off at SS. Urshela and Miranda can back up 3B. Urshela might be trade candidate if Lewis flourishes at the MLB level.
  7. Great inning. Especially impressed with Polanco and Kepler AB's. Great hitting.
  8. Great swing by Polanco from the right side. Solid contact.
  9. Great AB by Garlick. He is cementing an important role on this team.
  10. Whelp, I don't think any of us believed Bundy's pitching would stay at that level consistently, but this is a brutal start so far. Rats. And the Vikes just traded down with the Packers so I need to wait another 1.5 hours for their picks to kick in, and 2 hours before we get to watch the TWolves gack away another huge lead. Not a promising evening of sports viewing!
  11. I am reaching the tentative conclusion that this Joe Ryan guy might be pretty good.
  12. Drew Strotman, currently with Saints in AAA with 4plus ERA. Seems like the Twins are considering trying him as a reliever?
  13. Buxton looks like he is completely baffled by Pineda. Swinging at balls WAY out of the zone.
  14. Good challenge by Detroit. Not only reversed the (stupid) steal attempt, but also slowed down the game where Pineda was on the ropes. See if Buxton can get it going again....
  15. It is so fun to watch a player that is completely locked on like Kepler the last 2 games. What a gorgeous pair of swings. Keep it going boys!
  16. Incredibly, if Cleveland fails to come back from current 3-0 deficit, the Twins will have a 2 game lead with zero contributions from Palanco, Correa and, largely, Sano. If 1 or 2 of those guys start clicking and the starting pitching continues to flourish, they could be dangerous.
  17. Let's see. Men on 1st and 2nd, one out. Sano smokes a line drive to right center. Grossman appears to misjudge the ball's velocity, and kinda drifts back and then vainly stabs for the ball which barely ticks the top of his glove and rolls to the wall. Larnach, the runner on 2nd, was holding to see what happened and somewhat inexplicable did not try to score, retreating to 3rd. Ushela did not see this and also went to 3rd. Sano advance to 2nd on the throw towards the plate (way up the 1st base line on a wierd relay throw). So now the Catcher has the ball, and he sees Larnach camped on 3rd and Ushela heading there too. He hesitates, double pumps, and then instead of throwing the ball the 2nd where Ushela was retreating , he lightly tosses the ball over the 3rd baseman's head into short left. Meanwhile, Sano recognized that Ushela was retreating to 2nd and starts wandering back towards 1st. Larnach scores easily from 3rd on the overthrow, and Ushela also chugs around and scores with a belly flop. Ball cutoff by the 3rd basemen who apparently does not know the score and tried to tag Sano, who by now was making his way to 3rd base, but the game was already over. You really should watch the replay, but that is the best I can do.
  18. OMG, that was a Little League wat to win the game. THRILLED Sano finally got some payback for hitting some balls on the nose. Wonderful, ugly, win. Sheesh!
  19. Mill1634 and I see it exactly the same way. Why put Thielbar back into the game in the 8th? They had a day off yesterday, everyone should be available. Stupid as heck. Brutal managing. Someone broke Rocco's computer.
  20. And to top it all off, the TWolves are gagging away another game late. Man, what would it be like to be a fan of a city where teams are winners? Must be nice.....
  21. If the Twins lose this one, it is 1000% on Rocco's poor bullpen usage. Ridiculous. Idiotic.
  22. Disagree wholeheartedly with Rocco's bullpen decision here. Hope it turns out ok....
  23. Hate pitching Thielbar here against all the right handed hitters. Fingers still crossed.
  24. Sano looks like he is guessing too, or else just bewildered.
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