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  1. After everything the FO has already invested in him regarding the initial trade and the various players not protected on the 40, there is no way they are going to simply cut him loose as they look to save face. And the more they invest in him, the more desperate they seem to be getting in hopes he turns in something.
  2. How is Cave still on this roster. The blackmail photos of Falvey and Levine must be epic.
  3. Jake Cave instantly and violently comes to mind..............
  4. Another aweful move by this FO regarding the 40 man. What is up with the ineptness of the GM's of all our pro sports teams here.
  5. D. And the only reason this is not an F is because of fairly decent trading deadline moves, particularly the Cruz trade. For me, the entire Jake Cave deal is a perfect synopsis of the their inability to judge talent. Trading away a pitcher (yes he was very young at the time) who is now MLB material and then protecting him over Lamonte Wade Jr and Baddoo. How do MLB talent GM's miss so badly on this one. Particularly letting Wade go over him. Cave better be the first one released come 40 man decision time for 2022.
  6. I am not a fan of this FO at all but I will say that they did have a good day at the trade deadline. Hate to see two of my favorite current Twins players leave but we did get very solid return in both. I think there is a strong likelihood that Cruz will be back next year as well.
  7. Why do we need to sign Buxton?! We hAvE jAkE cAvE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Did you see LWJ stat line yesterday BTW) I have zero confidence with either the FO or coaching of this team. Clueless all around.
  8. Wow somebody got triggered. Do you watch the games? Cave looked clueless last year at the plate. Guess hitter. Wade looked confident and did a great job getting on base by working the count. Wade is the type of player the Twins need to supplement their power hitters. IMO it was an easy decision and I called it at the BOY when Cave was kept over Wade. This FO does have a scouting issue of their own players.
  9. Great article. The obsession this FO has with Jake Cave is mind-boggling. Protecting Cave over Wade was just one of the many errors that have surrounded the decision making process regarding playing time and protecting Cave. It was clear that this was a poor decision on Day one regarding Wade. The pitching errors are dreadful as well. To continue to protect older AAAA relievers over younger prospects is borderline criminal.
  10. The absolute need to now sign Josh Donaldson has dramatically increased. They must make a statement move for an impact player. Since they missed on pitching, it HAS to be an offensive player. They cannot enter next year with a lower payroll. THEY CANNOT!!
  11. The fact that there is the possiblity that the Twins may end up with a LOWER payroll than last year is extremely disturbing to say the least. It is an absolute shame that the one team in this market that is not constrained by a salary cap are owned by the absolutely cheapest owners in major sports. Any of the other ownership groups in this market would have signed one of those pitchers.
  12. Love this signing along with bringing fan fave Romo back. But we absolutely need to make an impact move by getting RYU and/or Donaldson. Twins fans will respond at the gate Pohlads...............
  13. It is time for the Twins to pony up. We built them a stadium now it is time for the payback. The offense is there for a contender. This market has proven it will attend games where there is realistic hope of a winner. IMO, this is the opportunity to make up for not signing premium hitting during the Gardy years. IMHO, if the Twins do not have record payroll at the start of the season, they are very boycott worthy.
  14. You do feel some of our pain but you only have to deal with one pathetic franchise. I am talking about ALL of our sports. No team has underperformed historically like the Vikings. They have the best regular season recoard in All the NFL of teams never to win a SB. Both the North Stars and Wild have never won a Cup. The Timberwolves are arguably the worst franchise in professional sports. Cripes, even our Gophers football and basketball teams (considered the fifth and sixth major sports in a market) have done diddly squat. Yes the Twins have won two world series but the last was 28 years ago!!!! We have done crap since. There is no other market in the US with four major (or even THREE) sports team to go longer without a championship than this market. And don't get me started on the individual tragedies that have befell this market like no other. No market has lost more superstar players to career altering injuries like this one, particularly the Twins. This market is the owner of the WORST trade in SPORTS history with Herschel Walker. The Wolves contract with KG was the last of its kind, handcuffing the franchise for years and forcing a complete overhaul of NBA contracts immediately after that. Joe Smith contract losing the Wolves FOUR first round picks. It was the Vikes loss in 2009 that changed the OT rule forever in the NFL. I could go on and on and on but am getting physically ill writing this...……………..
  15. Not unexpected when you factor that a Minnesota sports team was actually generating some excitement. No fan base is as cursed as we are.
  16. Great post. Twins fans know the heartbreak that comes from seeing star players careers get derailed by injuries more than most fan bases. Oliva, Puckett, Morneau, Koskie, Liriano and Mauer to name the most significant. As a fan, one of my biggest heartbreaks was not getting to see Molitor and Puckett in the same lineup in '96 due to Kirby's eye. Molitor tore it up that year. What could have been...…..
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