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  1. How about the Twins suck it up and find a shortstop! This would be such a Twins like move to have Palonco go back to short because they are too cheap to find an actual solution. This is just a disaster waiting to happen if you move him back, Twins need to act like a real MLB team and trade for a real shortstop or get Story.
  2. love this lineup! maybe someone other than Stroman. feel like he is due for regression and not sure he is a clubhouse fit. maybe a Marlans or another Oakland pitcher. really like the bullpen especially with Knebel, Hand and Rogers for. late innings. i really believe they. need Miranda up early and feel like I would rather have Arraez in the outfield and not bother with Piscotti.
  3. This could be the greatest trade in Major League history! The fact that the Cardinals actually gave us 2 players and didn’t demand we throw in Buxton to take Happ off our hands makes it better than the Babe Ruth trade from Boston to the Yankees for cash.
  4. Well the spotlight shines even brighter on one of the Twins biggest weaknesses, incredibly bad defense. No one talks about it but it is a constant glaring weakness which has cost them games.
  5. Easy fix pick up a solid 7th inning guy Rogers in the 8th and a high end closer. No more excuses, it could mean the difference between making the playoffs and winning some playoff games.
  6. Not that tough, Twins need at least 2 reliable relievers. It won't break the "bank" of young players. The Twins are a relief core away from contending seriously. We have a fairly young core of players and there are a couple of young relievers that we could control available (e.g. Greene, Detroit). 3/4 of our minor league will never see the Big's with the Twins. I have been a fan since 1964 this is one of the rare years we could seriously contend. Just go get some relievers!! I am not uninformed!
  7. Littell and Arraez more than likely. Leaves 7 relievers who have not been taxed at all lately Arraez needs to play and he won't much if he stayed up.
  8. The thing I think stands out the most is his lineup changes daily. This normally would drive me crazy but the Twins have so many weapons this year that it could be huge advantage as the year wears on. Injuries won't hurt as much because we have guys with lots of at bats to fill in and have played multiple positions which is rare. Also guys getting rested never hurts if you have a shot to make it to the playoffs. Now the key in doing this is we are scoring at a record pace, how long that keeps up will be the question. Everything looks good when you score 16 runs, at some point we will have a losing streak but hard to argue with the success he has had with his strategy. My question though is who gets the credit for the barrel hitting? Why or how have the Twins figured out this momentous contact? t Baldelli? Hitting Coach? Cruz? Or just contagious hitting?
  9. Chalk it up to the manager. Trying to be too much a players guy, need to think about how to win not just how to get players confidence back, not in the ninth inning.
  10. someone please explain to the rookie manager that you don't put in your reliever who's ERA has ballooned to over 6 recently in to close!!! Even with a 4 run lead, especially against this lineup. Managing error again.
  11. Is it just me or do the Twins managers year in and year out miss the simplest coaching maneuvers. Why would you ever throw a pitch to Bregman when there is 2 outs and 1st base open and the count is 3-0. WALK HIM!Basic baseball.
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