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  1. Ok, but GMs don't assess trades as you had laid it out, which is why such a deal wouldn't have and didn't happen.
  2. He's actually thrown pretty well this spring. Only 3 walks in 12 IP. ST stats don't mean everything, but his WHIP is also less than 1.
  3. If you think the Padres would give up a big time prospect like Gore for a year of control (at over 7 mil, I believe), I think you're mistaken.
  4. I'm thinking you're crazy... Gore straight up for Rogers may not even meet the Padres asking price. He was and still is a heck of a prospect.
  5. I'm with you there, I don't think that Lewis is quite up there with Buxton, especially coming back from the ACL tear.
  6. Byron's speed and acceleration are at/near the top of the scale in the majors, so I don't really think that these guys would rank up there with him, myself.
  7. Yes, I've likely seen Eddie play just as many games as you have and understand his deficiencies as a hitter. I do agree with on one thing though - You're definitely entitled to you own opinion.
  8. Eddie Rosario definitely did not have/does not have a 70 hit tool. I would venture to say that the highest he was rated in hit tool was 60, by any respectable publication.
  9. 70-80 ratings are reserved for prospects with an ELITE tool. One season of hitting .340 when you've consistently hit around .270 doesn't deserve an elite hit tool rating. Think Mark McGuire power, or Aroldis Chapman velocity. ELITE.
  10. I'd be curious to know - Assuming that both of these hypothetical hitters have the same defensive performance, what if your .280 hitter has an OBP of .325, while the .220 hitter has an OBP of .360 - would you still prefer the .280 hitter?
  11. I really just disagree with Cavaco making this list in general, and the fact that Royce's future power potential (70) is rated as higher than Sabato's (60) is way off in my opinion.
  12. Interesting take on Nick Gordon. Have you seen his scouting report since 2014?
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