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  1. That's fair. The 70 point difference in average is huge and so is the contact, along with the points you spoke to here. While I'd love to see Jose up tomorrow, I understand the business side and don't have any huge complaints that his service time is likely being taken into account with the non call up this year. I have always liked Rooker (not saying that I thought he'd be a star), but wouldn't be against your notion of moving on from him sooner than later. Especially if he doesn't show both contact and power simply due to his age. Especially if that gets Miranda ABs with the big club - at DH or otherwise.
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't have commented on your post if I wasn't aware of both of their numbers. Miranda has better AAA numbers: Avg, OBP and OPS and fewer strikeouts (by a ton) for example, so I don't see where you're coming from. Where are you seeing that Rooker has been better overall? I didn't say he needs to be in the bigs right now, I just disagree with the assessment that Rooker has been better.
  3. Your assessment of the their numbers is off IMO. I would personally rather prefer a hitter with Miranda's skills and profile on the team than Brent's, any day of the week.
  4. Reading that back, I see that what I saw as a typo was actually very clever wordplay!
  5. I hate to criticize, but Weil's not anywhere near the same category of a hitter as Arraez. Wiel, is a career .263 hitter in the minors, whereas Arraez hit .331Apples to oranges as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Why put Keirsey in the Depth category? He's more of a deeper prospect at this time.
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