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  1. Should we really accept that it takes two months to “heat up”. Minimal AB’s in spring training, lots of off days early on, -are slumping athletes getting the work from hitting instructors and extra work in the batting cage. Our offense is really bad- and it shouldn’t be! Let’s hope lessons can be learned and fixed for the future. All these winnable games will really come back to haunt us at the seasons end. Every game counts.!
  2. Murphy’s’s was coming off a fairly decent year as a part timer blocked by an All-Star. At the time I was excited by the trade and thought we had made a deal that would solve our catching misery! Murphy was a total flop- but that was not the projection.
  3. I just shake my head in disappointment. We hear from the players how confident they are in each other and what a great team they have- but no one can step up. Does any member of this team- and the manager and coaches have any fire in their belly to go out, compete and win?
  4. Wow!!!! You are certainly a “true” fan. Sorry that my passionate support of the Twins since 1962 doesn’t qualify! my patience just ran out with this road trip. As a coach for 47 years, it is my understanding that it was my job to motivate the team and individuals, insist if every team members best effort, and put my players into a position where they have the opportunity to succeed. Any player that doesn’t buy into these basic expectations in all probability would be replaced by someone who gave this commitment. We have two player under “superstar” salary batting under or around .200!!!! The team as a whole is about .220!!!! Is our hitting coach scheduling these slumping hitters for extra work? Are they being chewed out for poor plate discipline. Are we putting hitters out there day after day who have shown no batting ability but the “metrics “ say they “should” be successful??? Poor coaching. poor management, and players that appear that nothing more is expected if them. And then I am supposed to drive 250 miles and she’ll out a couple hundred dollars to watch this?????? No way!! Nothing drives me more insane than a “team” not doing what it takes to get it done!!! They are playing so far below their potential!!! This version of the Twins will be done by June!!
  5. Great defense is a good thing and appears to be a huge priority with Twins Daily posters. But a team 229 batting average, rally killing strikeout experts, and lack of clutch hitting in scoring situations will kill any chances of this team seriously contending. Let’s hope our young guys come in healthy and find their potential or we are toast!
  6. How about an article that updates us on the off-season progress and/or current status of our injured players. Let’s see how Kirilloff, Larnach, Mahle, Ober, Kepler, Polanco are doing and steps they are taking with our new trainer to get and stay healthy. If we can keep our guys on the field- we will be a solid ball club.
  7. Agree 100%! The 1964 Twins were a big disappointment. Fortunately Calvin didn’t panic and unload his top players- we kept Killebrew, Allison, Olivia, Kaat. In 65 they came back with 102 wins and a World Series appearance. We need to have some faith that our still young stars can produce again and pay them what they are worth. NEVER let good pitching get away. Pay Berrios what he can command on the open market. We can’t assume prospects will produce at the ML level- we’ve had plenty of our future all-star prospects bomb and disappear. A bird in the hand……,,,,
  8. Can only go with you in #1. The Simmons hate in TD is weird- is he the new Rosario? Give the guy a break!
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