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New project from Twins Daily - BrewerFanatic.com

Some of you may start seeing rumblings about this site and wonder to yourself "why does this look so similar to Twins Daily?"

Well, it looks like Twins Daily because, mostly at the request of me personally as a former Wisconsin resident, I wanted to buy a Brewers forum and build it out as we've done with Twins Daily. Since living in Milwaukee for a year just before returning to the Twin Cities in 2010, I've followed the Brewers pretty closely and am quite a fan of the current front office and team.


So that's a thing we're doing now. It has been pretty fun bringing a bunch of new features to a different fanbase and we're really excited to give Brewers fans an all-in-one-stop site to enjoy their fandom, just as we've all built here at Twins Daily.

So if you're a Brewers fan, head on over, create an account, and join the discussion. The forums are well-established and one of the best Brewers resources on the internet, there's a lot to take in.

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The Twins Daily Caretaker Fund

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