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You're Being Very Un-Dude

Shane Wahl



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The headline here is a reference--if you do not know somehow--to a line from The Big Lebowski. It's the scene in the car where Walter has brought "the ringer" ("the whites") and The Dude loses it on him. The Dude is a very chill guy who smokes pot, listens to CCR, and bowls. But in this scene he yells (editing profanity) "You (screwed) it up! You (screwed) it up!" Walter responds with the quote in the headline.


Well it's that time of year when the Twins opening day roster becomes finalized and many, including myself, are screaming what The Dude was screaming in the car. I mean it all seems ridiculous. Maybe not each individual move taken separately, but when looking at the totality--Milone, Pelfrey, Boyer, and Robinson as choices over May, Meyer, Tonkin/Oliveros/Achter, and Hicks/Rosario, on top of the additions of Hunter and Stauffer--it looks like a big roster mistake based on some strange notion of trying to compete with aging guys instead of rebuilding with younger guys.


That's all true. I don't think the truth is on the Twins side here. This seems like a bizarre way to approach the season, especially since this doesn't mean merely having the young guys "earn" a promotion to the Twins . . . they are now forced to compete with one another down in AAA and even AA in some cases. It would seem like a rebuilding team promotes the young guys to get a sense of who is going to be worthy of keeping in 2016 and beyond. I cannot imagine any of those six--Milone, Pelfrey, Boyer, Robinson, Hunter, and Stauffer--being on the team in 2016.


But screaming about this isn't going to do any good and it isn't good for oneself. It is indeed being very un-dude. Here's a breakdown:


A. It's baseball. Baseball isn't like bowling . . . but watching baseball is like bowling in that you do it for fun and you drink beer while doing it.


B. There might be value in finding even one of those six guys who puts up a legitimate year that adds wins to the team this year. Stauffer and Hunter are the best bets there. ST stats mean very little. Stauffer is a good reliever.


C. Maybe this new focus on the changeup will improve the staff, including Boyer.


D. The young guys can all be together and work together and help each other out that way. Rochester suddenly has Rosario, Hicks, and Danny Ortiz in the OF. May and Meyer will be leading the rotation with the likes of Wheeler, Rogers, and maybe Duffey. Tonkin, Oliveros, and Achter are going to be in the bullpen with O'Rourke, Darnell (if I were Darnell, I would advocate for a full-time bullpen role), Hamburger, and Pressly. Rochester actually should be full of prospects, which is rare. It should be good though.


E. Nothing is really stopping a mass movement upward. This isn't Gardenhire's team, so we don't really know what to expect. If the oldsters aren't getting the job done, then I do think Molitor will replace them. And this can include a Schafer-Robinson for Hicks-Rosario swap. First, Rosario is going to get some time at second base in Rochester, and thus he still has that going for the Twins as another backup for Dozier. Second, Hunter is going to need days off, as will Mauer, and younger guys like Arcia and Vargas. There are innings and at bats there. Also, with each passing day the Twins are paying Mike Pelfrey less and less. Milone and Stauffer aren't making all that much, and Boyer is making very little. They are all replaceable and will be replaced with one wave from AAA and then another from AA.


F. We don't know what is going to happen, so let's just enjoy it. There are still a number of things to be excited about. First, a fully recovered Joe Mauer. Second, Santana and Vargas soph seasons. Third, Oswaldo Arcia is going to go ape this year. I guarantee that. Fourth, Eduardo Escobar is still going to get plenty of at bats and be a doubles machine. Finally, a new manager and pitching coach. This is the most important thing. Those old, ridiculous days are gone.


G. Being un-Dude is a terrible way to be.


It's understandable that we are "not into the whole levity thing" right now. We have ideas about what should be done and the Twins make mistakes. But it is clear that this is still the beginning of baseball season and that is something to be quite pleased about. I do think that these problems are going to work themselves out. The September roster should be pretty sick. There will be trades made that will help support a minor league system that hopefully is seeing its last top 10 overall pick this year.


There are still plenty of good things occurring outside of the decisions regarding players 21-25 on the roster.



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I'm 100% with you, especialy on point F. 


We can Zips, Pecota, Siera and Bolera (ok, I made that last one up) all we want. It means nothing until the games are played.

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Yeah, well, you know, that's just like your opinion, man.


F and G.  Definitely F & G.  Probably the others, too, but definitely F and G.


A Dude aside to angry posters:

It's just a game, Walter.  Put the piece away.  They're calling the cops, man.

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Well done on banging the drumb of the voice of reason. Nice to have you aboard. Understanding that this team will be able to utilize revolving doors is a positive situation.

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Love the September angle.  We have a full season tix package, split by 15 people.  I purposely got multiple games late in the year, just to enjoy the young kids, and look to the (dare I say "bright"?) future!

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I agree that taken as a group, the decisions don't figure to build enthusiasm.  As you know, I totally concurred with the Hicks decision, but would have liked to have better alternatives.  I thought the bullpen should have been blown up and rebuilt with young arms. 


Reusse's column yesterday really hit the nail on the head about the whole roster.

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I agree that taken as a group, the decisions don't figure to build enthusiasm.  As you know, I totally concurred with the Hicks decision, but would have liked to have better alternatives.  I thought the bullpen should have been blown up and rebuilt with young arms. 


Reusse's column yesterday really hit the nail on the head about the whole roster.


Oh my you are right about Reusse's column. I didn't read it until now. Hamstringing Molitor with those decisions was very bad.

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I would like to point out that Aaron Hicks' career might be one of a 4th OF with this team. Rosario-Buxton-Arcia and Hicks as the 4th OF. Yeah, not first round caliber, but oh damn well. He could make a career out of hitting lefties and playing all three OF positions. He is going to be significantly better than the other 4th OF options the Twins have had and do have. At this point, wouldn't Hicks as a long-term 2xth man on a roster be good?

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For some reason I picture a crank reading this post and unironically harumphing: "your revolution is over sir! The bums lost!"


But if we appreciate the joy of the moment we can savor the metaphorical rug of fandom...and it really does tie the room together, does it not?


And Lebowski references end....NOW


Great post.

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