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  1. Technically, they traded for Johan. You could argue that Johan was the Marlins' best Rule V pick ever, and the Jared Camp + Cash for Rule V pick Johan Santana was one of the best trades Terry Ryan ever made.
  2. Suzuki intrigues me. I think he's got a solid chance to be a good to very good MLB player. It would be a play if the FO decided to trade Kepler for pitching. Unless they wanted to try Kepler out in LF... kind of a crazy idea. I don't think they necessarily need to add an outfielder, but I don't see the season going super well if they roll with Larnach (who I actually think will end up being pretty good), Rooker, or Martin to start the season. I'm sure my predictions will be super off though. They generally are.
  3. I don't think he'll get into the HOF. I'd put money on him making it to year two of the HOF ballot though. He'll get at least 5% of the vote.
  4. Yeah. He did. That's why I don't get all the trade hate. Lots of people around here want to FO to "be more like the Rays" and build up a strong farm with good teams. But the Rays trade players when they're at peak value to keep the farm strong. That's exactly what Falvine did with Berrios. The trade hurt emotionally, but this is exactly what good FO's do with a guy that has made it clear he's not signing an extension. (Note: I'm not passing the Twins' FO is good or bad, just that I feel they made the right move in this particular case).
  5. I would assume that there would be some sort of "grandfather" clause to ensure that teams didn't immediately have half their teams/prospects become free agents. A 1-year grace period or something on that clause that would give teams a chance to sign some extensions.
  6. I'm really hoping for the 4 way tie! How great would that be?
  7. It says that the Rays were in need of a DH, so they went out and got the best one they could to try to make sure they didn't lose the world series again this year. The cost was their 10th and 17th best prospects (Ryan and Strotman). That's all. It doesn't mean the Rays didn't think Ryan isn't a good pitcher, it was just the price that had to be paid to get one of the best hitters in baseball.
  8. That would be great. See. Was I serious, or sarcastic. The world may never know.
  9. It wasn't too far off from going over. I think Polanco thought it was gone too.
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