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Picking the Postseason

Ted Schwerzler



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The Minnesota Twins are not going to make the 2022 Major League Baseball postseason, but there's plenty of exciting action on tap for October. With the field set, I figured it's time to put my predictions on paper.

Rays over Guardians, Blue Jays over Mariners

Tampa wins the battle of pitching having been a bit more battle tested in a ridiculously difficult AL East division. I like the Mariners, but think the Blue Jays lineup is too deep. What Jose Berrios looks like in October could be key for Toronto's rotation.

Phillies over Cardinals, Mets over Padres

The Cardinals are winning at the right time, and well, Philadelphia is not. That said, I think the Phillies are a deep enough team to make a run. Seeing Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina, and Adam Wainwright continue the storybook ending would be fun though. For the Mets, in a three game series, it's pretty hard to go against Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer.

Yankees over Rays, Astros over Blue Jays

New York's lineup has plenty of questions, but the rotation of Gerrit Cole, Nestor Cortes, and Luis Severino should be the difference in this series. Houston is just too good here, and I don't think the Blue Jays fare as well in a longer series.

Braves over Phillies, Mets over Dodgers

I'd love to take the Phillies here, but Atlanta is rolling right now and is incredibly deep. They may be the best team in the National League. Despite the regular season success for the Dodgers, I'm concerned about their rotation in the postseason. Again, leaning on deGrom and Scherzer.

Astros over Yankees

Houston goes back to the World Series and they do so as the best team in baseball.

Mets over Braves

Even though the Braves chased down New York in the standings, give me the Mets getting the last laugh.

Astros over Mets

Houston wins yet another World Series, with no scandal attached.

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AL Wild Card: Guardian over Rays, Blue Jays over Mariners

NL Wild Card: Cardinals over Phillies, Mets over Padres 

ALDS: Yankees over Guardians, Astros over Blue Jays 

NLDS: Dodgers over Mets, Braves over Cardinals 

ALCS: Astros over Yankees

NLCS: Dodgers over Braves 

World Series: Astros over Dodgers 


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Guardians vs Padres...Padres in seven. Cleveland's drought continues even with a new name. Padres win their 1st ever.

This would help me feel a little better about the Twins season and is probably the least likely outcome. Which again would remind me of the Twins season.

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Guardians win it all.

I am watching the Seattle-Toronto game. Luis Castillo hit 100 several times in the first inning and I wondered what Twins scouts were watching when they stated that they preferred Mahle to Castillo. Of course, I wondered about that when I first read it too but watching Castillo and having watched Mahle (and Castillo too) a number of times, I'm not seeing any comparison at all.

Bieber remains a beast.

The post?

Cleveland over Tampa Bay; St. Louis over Philly; Seattle over Toronto; New York over San Diego

Cleveland over New York; Houston over Seattle; Atlanta over St. Louis; Los Angeles over New York

Cleveland over Houston; Atlanta over Los Angeles

Cleveland over Atlanta

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