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With the 2022 Major League Baseball regular season coming to a close, it’s the time of the year when IBWAA members are sent out ballots to cast their selections for awards. While the year didn’t start on time, having the full 162 game schedule following the lockout was a treat, and we’ve been given a ton of great performances.

You can look back to my preseason predictions if you’d like, they were made at the end of March. In turning in my ballot recently, here’s what my selections looked like.

American League MVP: Shohei Ohtani (Runner Up: Aaron Judge)

National League MVP: Paul Goldschmidt (Runner Up: Nolan Arenado)

American League Cy Young: Justin Verlander (Runner Up: Dylan Cease)

National League Cy Young: Sandy Alcantara (Runner Up: Carlos Rodon)

American League Rookie of the Year: Julio Rodriguez (Runner Up: Adley Rutschman)

National League Rookie of the Year: Spencer Strider (Runner Up: Michael Harris II)

American League Manager of the Year: Brandon Hyde (Runner Up: Dusty Baker)

National League Manager of the Year: Buck Showalter (Runner Up: Rob Thomson)

American League Reliever of the Year: Jhoan Duran (Runner Up: Emmanuel Clase)

National League Reliever of the Year: Edwin Diaz (Runner Up: Ryan Helsley)




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Judge should be MVP not bc it would be a coin flip  with Ohtani but because I want to see him demand 50 million a year from the Yankees and they will have to pay it to keep him.

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I'd probably give Judge the MVP over Ohtani if the season ended today. Even though Ohtani has been a great hitter and starter, Judge's season is next level and he's likely to finish over 10.0 fWAR and maybe 10 bWAR.
Ohtani = 3.5 fWAR batting 4.6 fWAR pitching = 8.1 fWAR
Judge = 9.7 fWAR batting/fielding.

Ohtani = 3.3 bWAR batting 4.8 bWAR pitching = 8.1 bWAR
Judge = 9.1 bWAR batting/fielding

WAR is a funny thing though. Since it's a multiplier, a couple 0-5 days in a row drops the offensive value relative to peers (like wRC+) and that value gets multiplied by all the plate appearances a player has so it can have multiplied effect. Judge could lose or gain 0.5 WAR in a double header.

...and the season doesn't end today. Also, how Ohtani went about generating his value is more impressive.

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