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  1. I think the Padres are pretty secure where they are. The Giants' rise interferes a bit, but I'd be surprised to see them deal away much prospect capital this year. They're trying to keep pace with the Dodgers and there's only so many high-end guys you can continually trade away.
  2. Glad to hear Miranda and Winder are 1 step closer. They both have what it takes to eventually become major league contributors. I don't think I'm going out on a limb anymore by saying that there seems to be virtually no chance Sabato ever reaches the majors. Sucks, and only puts more pressure on the team to nail their 1st round pick this year.
  3. You can't give Buxton a straight $100 with his injury history, but he likely won't agree to a contract that's too incentive-laden. Berrios is worth 5/100 if you're contending. Either way, the team will probably need to trade at least 1 of them in July or over the winter, because they won't pay both and next year's team may not be on track to win 90+ games even with them anyway.
  4. Josh Winder needs to be at AAA. The worry was that prospects might start slow due to missing all of 2020, but he's been a stud through 55 IP. No sense wasting more innings of his arm on AA, especially if the organization plans on babying all the pitchers and keeping them under 120 innings on the year. Encouraging to see Maciel come up in the clutch. I'm rooting for him.
  5. Hey everybody, hoping to stir up some Minnesota pride and get a lot of good recommendations. In mid-July I'll be making my first ever trip to Minnesota. I'm a long-life Twins fan currently living abroad, but during my trip I'll definitely be seeing both Twin Cities. If you have any restaurant/activity suggestions (outside of baseball games), please let me know. More importantly though, I'd love to make a trip somewhere in the northern part of the state to experience the nature firsthand. Are there any particularly good places to do that? Is near Duluth good? And how is the in-state transportation? Are there trains that run from the Twin cities up north regularly and efficiently, or is a car a requirement to make that kind of trip? Thanks for any advice in advance
  6. Disgraceful. Why are Happ/Colome/Shoemaker still around? I dont care if Anderson or Chalmers sucks, but give them the whole year to show us if they have anything or not. Now you lost them both for nothing and the team is still terrible. They're gonna lose if Happ or Shoemaker pitch anyway, miswell give some youngsters a run.
  7. When did Enlow get hurt? I seem to have missed that news...does he need to go on the 40-man roster after this season to be protected from the Rule 5?
  8. Rooker isn't very good. He has negative value defensively and when it comes to contact, and the power has always been a touch overstated. If you force-feed him 500 AB, could he hit 30 homers? Sure, but he'd also hit like .220 and strikeout 40% of the time. Kennys Vargas could do the same. These guys are AAAA quality.
  9. They need to rest Cruz some more so his wrist can get right. If they're still hopelessly out of contention in 2 weeks, go to him and inquire about trade destinations. It's the classy thing to do if he wants to win a ring. If on July 1st the team isn't within spitting distance of .500, then let the mass trade off begin. No sense deluding yourselves into thinking 2022 is a contending team when we've seen all the major pieces regress/inch closer to FA. Trade Shoemaker and Happ for a couple bags of balls. Trade Berrios to the highest bidder. Let Dobnak/Ober/Thorpe show what they've actually got; we're already losing, so how much worse could it get in a 1.5-year window? See if anybody wants Simmons. Pray Kepler gets healthy and explore what he and/or Buxton might bring back. If Kirilloff is ok, 2023 starts looking real bright, since it's about then that Falvey's pitching pipeline will start to bear real fruit if he actually knows what he's doing.
  10. Seth, in your opinion based on all your time closely following the minors, what is the point in the season when we can legitimately get excited/worried about a prospect performance?
  11. This feels like the worst Twins bullpen in the 15+ years I've been watching. Maybe that's recency bias, but every time things get tight in the later innings I just know somebody is gonna blow it. Watching Colome get lit up by the first batter he faced today was just hilarious to watch after seeming to have pulled himself together.
  12. Buxton can never stay healthy, so I wouldn't get too excited about seeing everyone in the lineup at once.
  13. Not to be neurotic, but when is it time to worry about Sabato? How is a 1st round hitter out of college having so much trouble at Low A? 45 AB is a sss for sure, but he's striking out over 50% of the time.
  14. With the way the Twins are going, I'm ready to see Gordon playing every day in Minneapolis. Let's see what he's got and trade Simmons for whatever we could get.
  15. I don't want to overreact due to a SSS, but as a 1st round college hitter, why has Sabato started so terribly at Low-A? Seems like he's striking out half the time...
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