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  1. I agree on Arraez being moved. He has value now, I don't think you'll get burned too bad by trading him but you'll get good value back at the same time. With Austin Martin in the fold, I don't see how you can keep Polanco and Arraez long-term, especially if you re-sign Buxton. There just aren't enough spots and you need to balance offense, defense, and injury risk with everyone.
  2. All 6 of the Fringe Veterans should be gone. Get rid of Smeltzer, Barnes, and Burrows. Choose between Minaya & Garza Jr. (I prefer Garza). Colome, Simmons, and Law shouldn't be back. Move Heaven & Earth to trade at least 1 of Sano/Donaldson/Kepler. Move Jax to the bullpen, his stuff can play up better there. Set Gordon as your 26th man. Give Rooker 1 more look in 2022 to make sure you don't get burned. Thorpe is the last guy either cut/saved, although I personally don't have hope of him ever becoming anything more than a AAAA pitcher. Moran is already on the 40, so not sure which of the other lesser known prospects NEED to be added. If anyone from there, I'd say Rijo would be the most likely to get selected. Palacios still seems like a long-shot to get picked to me, since he was so mediocre for most of his minor league career before 2021. With Thorpe, that puts you at 35 spots. Go sign 2 relievers, 2 starters, and a SS. Trading Donaldson and/or Sano gives you the funds to sign a legit #2 starting pitcher. Miranda would take over at 3rd, or Kirilloff at 1st. Rooker/Garver/Jeffers take the majority of early season DH responsibilities.
  3. The list at the bottom of the article would be greatly enhanced if the players' ages and how they were acquired were added. A lot of those guys are career AAA players, so while I'm not knocking their very good seasons, they aren't prospects to get excited about.
  4. Thank god, but even if nothing is broken and there's no lasting damage, surely they won't run him out there again this season?
  5. I still have a hard time believing the A's are gonna hit 94+ wins, which I think it might take to get a spot, so I'm guessing it'll be 2 of the AL East teams. Jays are running out of time to go on a run though, but they're underperformed their peripherals all year so they definitely have the goods to do it.
  6. Don't you think this is exaggerating a bit? 95% of downtown Minneapolis is completely fine. I was there for a few weeks in July and was out walking a ton at night and didn't see anything out of the usual. It hasn't suddenly turned into South Side Chicago or Baltimore.
  7. Couldn't disagree more. Rooker should absolutely stay up until the end of season and get as many ABs as possible. The season is lost and losses don't matter, so what's the problem with having him hit in the top half of the order? They desperately need to do due diligence on these guys and see what they have before they cut anybody from the 40-man in the offseason. Arraez is part of the future but his knees are hell, why would he need to play every day for the next month and a half? Show me Rooker, show me Gordon, show me Refsynder. I've had enough of having to watch relievers the FO thought were AAAA guys go on to have good careers with other teams. Let's stop letting SSS and first impressions dictate decisions and actually give some of these guys a chance--the season can still provide future value even if it's been ugly so far. Do I think Rooker is someone who can put up an .800 OPS over a full season to justify being a DH? No, but the Twins need to make damn sure that isn't the case to avoid more egg on their face, and 100 ABs isn't enough to guarantee that.
  8. I think the Padres are pretty secure where they are. The Giants' rise interferes a bit, but I'd be surprised to see them deal away much prospect capital this year. They're trying to keep pace with the Dodgers and there's only so many high-end guys you can continually trade away.
  9. Glad to hear Miranda and Winder are 1 step closer. They both have what it takes to eventually become major league contributors. I don't think I'm going out on a limb anymore by saying that there seems to be virtually no chance Sabato ever reaches the majors. Sucks, and only puts more pressure on the team to nail their 1st round pick this year.
  10. You can't give Buxton a straight $100 with his injury history, but he likely won't agree to a contract that's too incentive-laden. Berrios is worth 5/100 if you're contending. Either way, the team will probably need to trade at least 1 of them in July or over the winter, because they won't pay both and next year's team may not be on track to win 90+ games even with them anyway.
  11. Josh Winder needs to be at AAA. The worry was that prospects might start slow due to missing all of 2020, but he's been a stud through 55 IP. No sense wasting more innings of his arm on AA, especially if the organization plans on babying all the pitchers and keeping them under 120 innings on the year. Encouraging to see Maciel come up in the clutch. I'm rooting for him.
  12. Hey everybody, hoping to stir up some Minnesota pride and get a lot of good recommendations. In mid-July I'll be making my first ever trip to Minnesota. I'm a long-life Twins fan currently living abroad, but during my trip I'll definitely be seeing both Twin Cities. If you have any restaurant/activity suggestions (outside of baseball games), please let me know. More importantly though, I'd love to make a trip somewhere in the northern part of the state to experience the nature firsthand. Are there any particularly good places to do that? Is near Duluth good? And how is the in-state transportation? Are there trains that run from the Twin cities up north regularly and efficiently, or is a car a requirement to make that kind of trip? Thanks for any advice in advance
  13. Disgraceful. Why are Happ/Colome/Shoemaker still around? I dont care if Anderson or Chalmers sucks, but give them the whole year to show us if they have anything or not. Now you lost them both for nothing and the team is still terrible. They're gonna lose if Happ or Shoemaker pitch anyway, miswell give some youngsters a run.
  14. When did Enlow get hurt? I seem to have missed that news...does he need to go on the 40-man roster after this season to be protected from the Rule 5?
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