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  1. Vallimont should be the first to be taken off since he's a level below, doubt anyone would claim him. With the roster crunch they have, that might come within the next week or so. What strikes me overall is how many of the top 15 are already with the Twins. Most of those guys are going to lose their prospect status soon, so the midseason prospect rankings are going to look much, much different.
  2. Duran's got immense promise, but he won't be a starter long-term. Instead of running him in the bullpen this year though, the Twins should dangle him as one of the main pieces in a Montas/Manaea trade.
  3. If you want to get frustrated about the Pohlads being too cheap to sign impact free agents for $50+ million, that's totally fair, but trying to criticize the team for being cheap with non-tenders isn't. The team doesn't care about a million bucks--they just gave Cave almost that much and DFA'd him within like a week. This is about roster spots, and they badly needed a few to sign legit free agents. Coulombe is AAAA filler and Megill is a flier. If you want to be upset with cutting Minaya, so be it, but he's a journeyman with no options and not a ton of upside, despite pretty good production last year during the hopeless second half. Take the 3 roster spots and go acquire some free agent pitching and a shortstop. Even freeing up a single roster spot extra will be hard, as it will require cutting someone with some promise like Rooker, Thorpe, or Stashak.
  4. They clearly like him, and teams will often claim guys and then try to sneak them through waivers at a later point. This is exactly what the Rangers did to get Colina. With the flood of guys available now after the non-tender deadline, I'd bet Megill clears and can go to St. Paul without taking up a roster spot. edit: Actually now I see this is different from a DFA to clear a roster spot more traditionally. I'm still betting they try to get him to AAA without a 40-spot, somehow, if that's possible.
  5. We knew a few days ago that the FA market was hotter than expected despite a looming lockout, and more pitchers continue to come off the board. DeScalafani signed 3/36, Alex Wood signed ~2/20+, Matz is going to sign in the next couple days and the Twins aren't even in on him, and there are rumors Stroman might sign before Thanksgiving too (and the Twins are nowhere to be found in these rumors). The team has no shot at the upper echelon guys like Scherzer, Kershaw, and Gausman, and Robbie Ray seems likely to stay in Toronto. Things are already looking bleak as the market empties and the team has yet to even seriously be connected to any major FA pitcher. They better have one hell of a trade for a starter coming, otherwise this offseason is gonna be ugly in retrospect.
  6. You are flat-out wrong here. Berrios, by virtually every metric, has been one of the 15 best starting pitchers in baseball the past 5 years. He's durable as hell and shows no signs of falling off in the near future. Throwing out the $11 in arbitration he'd get this year, the 6/120 contract is quite team-friendly. $20 a year for a guy who's going to give you 180+ good innings every year and be a respectable choice to start Game 1 or 2 of a playoff series is an absolute steal. E-Rod just got nearly $16 a year--starting pitching is expensive. This FO is being way too cute with this stuff. If Buxton was a free agent this year he'd get multiple offers in excess of 6/150. Stop being cheap and pay the man: he wants to be here.
  7. This had to be done. Even with Colome's numbers evening out at the end of the year, he'll still go down (rightfully) as one of the worst Twins FA signings in history.
  8. Syndergaard has all but confirmed he will take the QO if the Mets extend it, so not really a chance to get him sadly.
  9. E-Rod is going to get way more to 2/24; if you're not offering at least 4/65 his agent is hanging up on you. Rodon is interesting, but like others have said, very risky. A 5-year deal is too much of a commitment to someone with his injury history. Overpaying is fine, but make it a 2/50 contract then to minimize long-term fallout. Don't like the idea of trading Sands one bit. He's legit, no matter what his ranking is, and giving away our own good pitching prospects is simply not a good idea no matter what the return is, given the team isn't in win-now mode. You want to send Kepler to Miami for 1 of those pitchers, that's fine by me though.
  10. I don't think Verlander will agree to come here after the Twins finished in last place. Gray & Manaea intrigue me, although the word is that Gray wants a 4-year deal, and he'll likely get that, so you'd need to add an extra guaranteed year or bump the salary to entice him. I strongly disagree about Dobnak being in the bullpen. I'm not saying you pencil him in for a rotation spot, but I just don't think his stuff plays up in the bullpen, and the new regime totally threw him off this year. I'm not sure if he has an option year remaining, but to me he profiles as a great #5 starter who can efficiently soak up 5-6 innings every 5th day without getting completely shellacked. He's not gonna be dominant, but he'll keep you in games for the most part. If he's out of options I might roll with a 6-man rotation just to give him a month under ideal conditions to evaluate his future here long-term.
  11. Being completely realistic, the Twins don't have the money to sign a good LF if they also need a SS, 2 SPs, and bullpen help, which everyone agrees are priorities. If they re-sign Buxton long-term (which they should), there's no reason to spend more than $5 mil on a LF when other options exist internally. If they sign Taylor, it should be to play SS for 2022 to bridge the gap to Royce. I am dubious that Taylor would be willing to sign with an 89-loss Twins team however. LF then has Larnach, Rooker, and Arraez mostly cycling through. Sure the defense would be bad, but it gives you time to evaluate Rooker & Larnach completely and keep Arraez's bat in the lineup on some days.
  12. I agree on Arraez being moved. He has value now, I don't think you'll get burned too bad by trading him but you'll get good value back at the same time. With Austin Martin in the fold, I don't see how you can keep Polanco and Arraez long-term, especially if you re-sign Buxton. There just aren't enough spots and you need to balance offense, defense, and injury risk with everyone.
  13. All 6 of the Fringe Veterans should be gone. Get rid of Smeltzer, Barnes, and Burrows. Choose between Minaya & Garza Jr. (I prefer Garza). Colome, Simmons, and Law shouldn't be back. Move Heaven & Earth to trade at least 1 of Sano/Donaldson/Kepler. Move Jax to the bullpen, his stuff can play up better there. Set Gordon as your 26th man. Give Rooker 1 more look in 2022 to make sure you don't get burned. Thorpe is the last guy either cut/saved, although I personally don't have hope of him ever becoming anything more than a AAAA pitcher. Moran is already on the 40, so not sure which of the other lesser known prospects NEED to be added. If anyone from there, I'd say Rijo would be the most likely to get selected. Palacios still seems like a long-shot to get picked to me, since he was so mediocre for most of his minor league career before 2021. With Thorpe, that puts you at 35 spots. Go sign 2 relievers, 2 starters, and a SS. Trading Donaldson and/or Sano gives you the funds to sign a legit #2 starting pitcher. Miranda would take over at 3rd, or Kirilloff at 1st. Rooker/Garver/Jeffers take the majority of early season DH responsibilities.
  14. The list at the bottom of the article would be greatly enhanced if the players' ages and how they were acquired were added. A lot of those guys are career AAA players, so while I'm not knocking their very good seasons, they aren't prospects to get excited about.
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