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  1. I would think pretty much everyone has to *look up* to Ober right?
  2. Wow 10 1/13 innings, 12 SO, 1 BB, 2 ER and a 1.065 WHIP is TERRIBLE! Fire Rogers.
  3. Not even trying to be rude, but what does your dad being old have to do with anything?
  4. Didn't expect to see Rortvedt in the lineup today!
  5. That's gross. Astudillo is entertaining, but I also don't enjoy watching him hit weak pop ups on balls out of the zone in big moments. Not to mention the defensive drop off between the two...
  6. You really truly believe that the entire Twins management team has zero idea what they are doing in their hiring process and simply promoted guys from within the organization because of nepotism or incompetence?
  7. I believe Rocco actually referred to Buxton as hour by hour lol.
  8. No, it absolutely is not. You are acting like Baddoo is an All-Star. The kid is 23 and never played above A-Ball. He may end up a good player, but there is no evidence for that right now. The Twins are not in a position to have a 23 year old with limited experience on their 40 man. Stop extrapolating your own feelings about a player onto the tangible baseball decisions the front office has to make.
  9. I mean I believe it was due to the need for Covid testing and everything else. They don't want to say a guy is sick without knowing if he actually has Covid.
  10. I too wish it was 1920. Lets deaden the ball and move the mound back and ban the shift and start throwing at players who show joy again. Sounds like a great plan.
  11. Incredible how many people on a baseball website know absolutely nothing about baseball.
  12. Reading the comments on this website you would forget that the Twins have played at basically a 100 win pace for 2 years straight.
  13. We all know the Gold Glove does not necessarily go to the best fielder.
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