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  1. I think the Twins should offer him 10 years for 300. Front load the contract, first 3 years 35/season for the $105, the next 4 years at $30/season for $120 and the last 3 years at$25/season for $75. When we were doing our work sheets for payroll this year, I think the Twins didn’t have much money tied up in the future. We have a lot younger pitchers coming up. So when they start to hit free agency Correa’s contract will start going down. The Twins must of already planned on paying the first 3 years. This will leave them with trade options with the young players in the minors.
  2. This is exactly what I think. I see Martin in LF and Lewis at 3rd in the future. I think the best move for the Twins would be to sign Story. These moves in the long run would create incredible depth to trade from. Keep Martin and use his incredible bat skills to the table setter for years to come.
  3. I’ve been advocating for Story for awhile. I believe even if you want to keep Lewis and Martin. Lewis can move to 3rd and Martin to left. If Lewis by some miracle ends up being a stud SS, you can trade Story or he could move to 3rd. Just think of the trade assets you end up with. Here is a part of a fan graphs article on Story. Story is a new-age shortstop on offense; he’s more slug than on-base, though he’s made great strides when it comes to limiting strikeouts in recent years. It’s not just a Coors effect, though; he’s put up strong park-adjusted power numbers year after year. That power and Story’s 6-foot-2 frame would lead you to believe that he’s a shift-enabled shortstop, only out there because of advances in defensive positioning. That couldn’t be further from the truth; he’s shown above-average range, a strong arm, and excellent hands. He’s been one of the most consistent shortstop defenders since reaching the majors in 2016.
  4. I read some of this and think wow! The young pitching the Twins have is crazy. I believe I must be an optimist because I think some of these young pitchers are going to have a great year. Might start out slow but ramp up midsummer. I also believe it’s very important that the front office gets this season right. They have to figure out who to keep and who to trade. (Maybe not this year) I remember watching Johan pitching out of the bullpen his first year and everyone who was watching the Twins were saying, let this kid start. You could just see it in him. With this young pitching, I believe the biggest hole on the Twins is SS. I think the pitching is going to step up!
  5. I think the Twins should sign Story. Trade Miranda or (Lewis) + who ever for a starting controlable pitcher. Let Lewis or (Miranda) play 3rd after next year. I’m not sure if they would have money to also get Rodón but I think this team would win the central. If you need to clear more room salary wise, trade Donaldson.
  6. Kind of like when they signed Maurer and everyone was ok with his production falling off?
  7. I believe you have to try and sign Buxton first. If he doesn’t, I believe you have to trade him. I posted this very trade at the trade deadline on another site. I received some flack for it but SD didn’t make the playoffs and the manager was fired! SD is in a win now mode. They should not be holding back at all. Just think of the well balanced lineup they could have on the cheap for years to come. 1st-Kirilloff 2nd-Polanco 3rd-Miranda SS-Abrams Lf-Martin Cf-Lewis Rf-Larnach 4th outfielder Kepler DH-Sano UI-Arraez(Lewis, Martin or Polanco backup SS???) Pitching: (spend the savings on pitching) 1-Thor 2-Jon Gray 3-Ryan 4-Gore 5-Pineda/Ober? Young studs in the minors to come fill in when needed. May take a year to grow but I think they would start playing as a team. A lot of table setters with some power players sprinkled in. Some other players in the minors, if a trade needs to be made later.
  8. If we’re throwing out names that were former Twins, here’s one. After the 1997 season, Knoblauch was traded to the Yankees in exchange for four players (including two future All-Stars, Eric Milton and Cristian Guzmán) and US$3 million.
  9. I think he will have at least one all star appearance. He will start off strong at least one year.
  10. Man did I love watching Doug Mientkiewicz play 1st base. His stretch was amazing! You talk about Koskie play at 3rd but a lot of the defense abilities of the infield was because of Doug digging balls out of the dirt and his stretch.
  11. I’m ok with a sinker ball pitcher that puts the ball in play, especially with the defense setting up the way it is.
  12. Andrelton Simmons will be the Twins' starting shortstop, he just signed
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