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  1. Bruno wailed. Herr sucked. Was a horrible trade. Went to Twins fantasy camp, Bruno could not have been a nicer person.
  2. I kinda feel these are trash, because the 2020 season was so damn weird. Any data they used from 2020 to project anything has some wild variability.
  3. Yo-han should have at least had his case debated for some years.....super sad he dropped so quickly.
  4. Oscar deserved an Oscar for working with that crew
  5. 2018 - Yup! Feels like a huge outlier. I'm not against acquiring him, but I sure wouldn't pay a hefty price for him.
  6. There is literally zero reason (ok, literally is probably strong) for the Twins to NOT overpay for a pitcher. Their window is now. Baseball took in over $10B in revenue. The owners have money. Pay for talent. That's how it works.
  7. I'm all for swinging big....but Buxton?!?! Please. Any prospects you want to talk about (including Lewis or Kirkiloff) sure, let's talk. Nice move by Twins walking away.
  8. I guess I don't think having an extra $5M (assuming Royals don't pay any salary) on the payroll should be a concern. Twins are trying to win now, if they think he makes them better, they should totally go for him. There is no salary cap, and they are nowhere near the luxury tax....Just get players to win!!
  9. I know, hindsight and all, but every time I think of Tyler Jay, I think of what could have been with Andrew Benintendi
  10. Kinda feel like this was a player development issue. Not to push the blame away from Vargas, but when you have a crappy team (2014-2016..2015 was the surprise) and aren't going to compete, you need to let a guy like him work thru 500 at bats to see what kind of player he is going to be. He has always shown flashes of being a player, but can't even get 250 at bats in a season?!?! Hopefully he gets a chance at some consistent at bats his next stop
  11. As much as people want to chat about his weight and conditioning and his ability to be an elite hitter...I don't think any of that is as important as the sexual assault (obviously). That personality trait is much more worrisome long term.
  12. Are we sure Kepler can hit lefties well enough to be a star?? I'm not 100% sold yet. And TOTALLY get SSS, and he is young... Just want to see him do it a bit before I'm sold
  13. Regardless of how the prospects turn out, this is EXACTLY what you should do if you have no real plans to spend that pool money this year. Nice move by the new regime
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