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  1. Sorry, that was typed somewhat tongue-in-cheek....
  2. I think that's the problem....no one really believes they'll get their chance to *play* because of the slow promotion. Berrios, man, I don't expect to see him until 2017...
  3. I'm not saying they will, but WHY can't they just eat the contract??? It's a sunk cost, the revenues continue to go up....
  4. If the real talent is in AA and AAA and is ready to move up, that's a great problem to have. Pitching can always be dealt somewhere (salary dump, C level prospects, whatever).
  5. Sign em. Twins pitching has been horrible the last couple years. Add the talent, worry how it fits later
  6. Yup! Revenues at an all-time, why shouldn't the players get more rather than the owners continuing to rake in profits. It's not like the beer prices at Target Field have gone down....
  7. Probably no room with the way the Twins are putting this thing together.....which is depressing. At least another year, and probably two (going on 5 strong) of non-contending baseball.
  8. Which I guess is my point....why bring in an old OF, that is nearly replacement level, that isn't going to transform the teams fortunes, AND has a no trade so you can't flip him for assets (without his permission) at the trade deadline?? Just seems odd
  9. Seems odd so many people are so sure he'll put up good numbers....How many 40 year old OF's put up good numbers? There's a reason there are few 40 year olds in the MLB period.
  10. Spelling - yeah it bugs me, but I can't get too worked up about it, because twitter/fb/etc have encouraged crappy spelling. Ex-Twins - I don't think they let any of these former player go due to money...mainly, due to performance. If those players performance improved, perhaps examining the coaching/philosophy is warranted, but just bringing the player back isn't going to solve anything Pitchers - Mostly agree on Nolasco and Milone. Big Pelf, he has never really been *good*. So I can understand the angst in trying to get rid of him. 90 loss seasons - Yup, totally agree. You can argue they've done a crappy job flipping the roster (and perhaps relying on a crappy strategy), but you can't argue they just keep bringing the same guys back
  11. Maybe he's one of those dudes that doesn't really *love* baseball, just plays it because he has always been good at it...At least that's kind of the vibe I'm picking up from reading stories like this
  12. Not saying I agree or disagree, but this approach has seemed to work with Phil Hughes (granted, you can cherry pick data to make it support just about anything)....perhaps the pitching talent the Twins have brought in, just isn't that talented.
  13. Tough to hang with this roster, however promising it may appear, with 90+ losses again. I know it's a different group than the first 90+ losses, but at some point, you gotta be bold...standing pat, just seems, so, wrong. No stats or anything to back it up, but I can't think patience is a good virtue here, especially when prospects can be become injured/suspects so quickly. If anything goes wrong with the guys up here now, they could easily hit a 100 loses.
  14. Why fire Bruno?!?!? I don't see how the pitching failures are his fault at all...I like the way his hitters have been more aggressive and are driving the ball
  15. I guess I don't understand why Meyers isn't up with the Twins, innings limit or not. If he is going to pitch up to an innings limit, I much rather see him take some lumps now with a club going nowhere, than going into next year, at age 25, and still having never thrown a pitch in MLB....the team isn't going anywhere, so what if he struggles....
  16. If you can trade Trevor May in two separate deals, I'm in!!!
  17. I think that gets you in trouble....rarely do 31 year old catcher suddenly become much better hitters than they have in the past.
  18. Hope to be wrong, but 5-9 sounds like a reasonable record over that 14 given how we've played the last 6...
  19. Disagree. Mauer was given all kinds of time off behind the plate to keep him fresh (used him at DH when he wasn't catching). Pinto should be getting many more starts behind the plate, even if Suzuki is the hot hand. At a minimum, I would go Pinto 3 games/Suzuki 3 games per week at Catcher. You can't develop as a catcher by not catching
  20. Always tough to turn down $30M...Can't hurt to see if he would take it. He *seems* to be a player that could get expensive in his arb years.
  21. Willingham is putting people in seats?!?! Maybe in 2012. I don't think people are checking to see whether the Hammer is playing or not before deciding to come to the games.
  22. Agreed with most of this...minus the Koala bears. They aren't THAT creative. I'd go with curious, over creative.
  23. Just the picture posted at the top scares me. Good gawd look at that arm angle!! (Yeah, I know, pitchers come in all sizes/shapes/forms/mechanics)
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