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  1. 2 pulled hammies = injury prone?!?! Dang, that's a pretty tough standard to clear the injury prone label
  2. I think those type of pitchers (remember, Maddux threw in the 90's early in his career) absolutely can make it. Pitching is about changing the batters eye level, and timing. If you can do that, you'll get swing and misses...which has been pretty much the one constant of successful pitchers (albeit there are always exceptions). You don't need to throw 95+ to make that happen. I think the guys that throw 95+ are just giving the longer leashes.....
  3. Could pulled the hammy as a result of playing the OF.....(not the actual pulling itself, but because he's had to stretch it out via different stride than manning 3b)
  4. Why in a completely crap-ass season do people want Vargas to *prove it longer* in MiLB?!?! I'm so sick of this season already, having a dude like Vargas take a couple hundred at bats would make me actually interested in watching the team this summer.
  5. The old Monkey/Lizard comparison...one of my all-time favorites
  6. Who would've thought the Twolves would be the model to follow!?!? Crazy to think about just a few years ago....
  7. LaVelle didn't like it when I made a similar remark on the tweet machine....I didn't bother taking it any further
  8. I don't get why people want to give up on Meyers so quick so they can get back to Milone....why?!? This team isn't winning 75 games, so let's give Meyers the long extended look
  9. My apologies.... I don't think Arcia is the answer to all their problems, but good gawd, if they aren't going to use him in the most obvious of situations, don't have him on the team
  10. With a tough RHP, and you're already sitting Rosario, what's the point of having a LH OF on the team if you aren't even going to use him in a platoon situation?
  11. If Arcia isn't playing in this game why even bother having him on the team....
  12. That's a lot of +'s for a team that has started off 0-3.....I admire your optimism and level-headedness. I'm too emotional, and already ready to blow the team up and start over
  13. Odds Molly puts in Arcia for Rosario in the 9th....1 in 10000000?!?!?!
  14. Not a Ryan fan either, but he absolutely gets an A+ overall just for letting Punto retire....that had to take some serious stones not to pull the trigger.
  15. Just a general observation, but I find it interesting that people want the Twins to spend more money, yet when a player gets a big contract, they complain it's too much money. I'm not pro or con Twins spending money...I'm pro Twins getting good players.
  16. Did I miss something with Ricky?!?! Did we let him go/trade him??? Or was this just a big foreshadowing of a deal to come???
  17. All in all, 2011 was pretty dang strong for the top 10 prospects. Pretty much all of them (Waldrop and Wimmers, obviously) are/were legit.
  18. I think, if you take the optimistic view on each and every mix/combination/scenario you laid you, sure it looks great and should provide for a fun summer. However, rarely does everything turn out. I could be convinced of just about any one thing on your list as a true/likely outcome, but I don't think I can be convinced that all of them come true.
  19. Rotation. Bullpens are littered with failed starters. That's how they are built. May hasn't failed as a starter.
  20. Sano should be batting 3rd. Best hitter should ALWAYS see a plate appearance in the 1st inning.
  21. Any different than an amateur who gets stuck into one team for 6 years, by which time most are almost 30? Just saying, doesn't seem much different to me.
  22. I honestly don't know what exactly would be fair...I think, and I could be way off base, but the general feeling is there is now a huge hole in the outfield for a less than impressive (at least in actual performance) platoon-ish partner with Suzuki. Hopefully it works out, and I know there still is a lot of time in the offseason, it just has that feel of the last couple offseasons...pick up a nice player to start, but nothing else materializes and Twins are forced to use a Sano-Rosario-Arcia (77 runs saved from last year are coming back) OF while waiting for Buxton/Kepler to return.
  23. Raking is all fine and dandy for the first 5 minutes, then it sucks!! Plus, more leaves just end up falling anyway. Dozier - I don't think anyone on this roster should be untouchable sans Sano, however Dozier has high enough value I think you shoot for more than just Sanchez
  24. I've never understood this....I have (and still am) been playing baseball for a long time, and never have I got pissed if a guy *showed* us up because he hit an HR or did something big. Baseball, the game itself, will take care of whatever injustice happens when an opposing player celebrates too much for someones liking. If the Twins are that pissed that he hit a HR, don't serve up a meatball. Strike him out next time. Otherwise, stop whining.
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