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  1. This is EXACTLY what crappy teams should be doing....I don't understand how people can criticize this at all. Twins aren't getting Gallo or Giolito (apparently I like G's tonight) for Nunez....
  2. If you grew you grew up playing baseball your entire life (like most of the college seniors), and someone actually wants to give you money, no matter how little, to go play ball instead of enter the real world and work at a desk job, I wouldn't blame any of them for taking the $1K....the real world will still be there when they are cut in a couple years.
  3. Who would've thought the Twolves would be the model to follow!?!? Crazy to think about just a few years ago....
  4. My apologies.... I don't think Arcia is the answer to all their problems, but good gawd, if they aren't going to use him in the most obvious of situations, don't have him on the team
  5. With a tough RHP, and you're already sitting Rosario, what's the point of having a LH OF on the team if you aren't even going to use him in a platoon situation?
  6. If Arcia isn't playing in this game why even bother having him on the team....
  7. Just a general observation, but I find it interesting that people want the Twins to spend more money, yet when a player gets a big contract, they complain it's too much money. I'm not pro or con Twins spending money...I'm pro Twins getting good players.
  8. Did I miss something with Ricky?!?! Did we let him go/trade him??? Or was this just a big foreshadowing of a deal to come???
  9. All in all, 2011 was pretty dang strong for the top 10 prospects. Pretty much all of them (Waldrop and Wimmers, obviously) are/were legit.
  10. Rotation. Bullpens are littered with failed starters. That's how they are built. May hasn't failed as a starter.
  11. Sano should be batting 3rd. Best hitter should ALWAYS see a plate appearance in the 1st inning.
  12. Any different than an amateur who gets stuck into one team for 6 years, by which time most are almost 30? Just saying, doesn't seem much different to me.
  13. I've never understood this....I have (and still am) been playing baseball for a long time, and never have I got pissed if a guy *showed* us up because he hit an HR or did something big. Baseball, the game itself, will take care of whatever injustice happens when an opposing player celebrates too much for someones liking. If the Twins are that pissed that he hit a HR, don't serve up a meatball. Strike him out next time. Otherwise, stop whining.
  14. Drafting relievers - while my initial thought would be to totally agree that it's dumb to draft a bunch of relievers since the best relievers tend to be failed starters, I at least give them credit for trying to turn college relievers into starters since they *supposedly* have less wear and tear on their arms....if nothing else, just to see if they can find a different way to develop starting pitching. With such a high attrition rate with pitchers, it was at least worth a shot. Since no other teams seem to be doing it, it's probably not a wise idea (not because others aren't doing it, but because the Twins are rarely out in front in finding new ways to develop talent)
  15. BPA BPA BPA Always always always!! There is just too much of a flame-out rate to try and take a position of need.
  16. I would totally love it for them to cut bait NOW with the veteran-ness they decided to place on the roster...however, they probably have to give them til at least the end of the month if they ever want to attract any free-agents in the future.
  17. Holy double negative batman!! I kid, because I care. Anyway, I kinda expect Ricky to suck. Not that I want him to, I just don't have a good feeling about it.
  18. Considering Nelson Cruz was the only MLB'er to hit 40 HR's last year, I don't see Arcia jumping up that high. Love the dudes energy and swing, but if the Twins get 30 out of him, they should be more than happy.
  19. Good for him. Proves baseball (and the Twins) is flush with money.
  20. I'm not disagreeing, just happy that he is *catching up* rather than to ignore the problem
  21. Probably reactive...but I'm guessing because they figured their pitching would be in a better place by now, and it's not. Looks like TR bit the bullet because pitching hasn't turned out as he had hoped. Which is exactly why signing Santana/Nolasco/Hughes, even if it has the potential to *block young prospects*, makes sense. Pitchers/pitching is too fickle to plan too far ahead
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