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  1. I don't pretend to know more than these guys (Lavine and Falvey). So, you trust they know what they are doing, identified their man, and hope it all works out.
  2. I can appreciate the thought process, and the idea to gamble on cost savings, but I think I would wait 1 year. I know he turned it around a TON after that horrible start last year...but I would like to see him start the year *not horrible* at the plate. Then perhaps I would, even knowing it probably cost me a couple extra million.
  3. I kinda feel like if management would have batted him in the leadoff spot, or at #2, all those *why doesn't he hit for power* questions would have been far less....Traditional "fans" always expect a big bopper at the 3 spot in the order, big HR's and big RBI totals. If Joe had the exact same career he has had, but started in 8 to 10 years later, he would have been appreciated much more. Or, maybe not. Maybe he always would have been given crap.
  4. Tough call. You gotta think with all the eyes they have on him, if they are shying away, there has to be a reason....
  5. sorney

    Flip Big Erv

    Oh, I never stated trade him no matter what....
  6. sorney

    Flip Big Erv

    Thor goes down.....Mets probably don't want to fall too far behind the Nats. Can Levine flip Big Erv to the (supposed) desperate Mets for a big prospect or two?!? Should they?!?!
  7. Erv is super awesome. I would love to keep him as long as possible. But the Twins should ABSOLUTELY trade him at the deadline if they are not in it.
  8. Sadly, probably the LEAST excited I have been about the start of a Twins season for a long time....Much of having to do with trotting out a lot of the same faces that brought them 100+ losses last year
  9. You are wrong. The short answer is no. The longer answer is noooooooooo.
  10. I mean, they are professionals, right? I would think they would WANT to be able to master the *3 out of 5*...Seems pretty silly and childish that they would try to skirt the rule and just say *good enough*. None of the pitchers on this squad are *good enough* to skip working command...
  11. I know this is where we are *today*, but if that is still the roster on opening day...ugh.
  12. I thought Plouffe was decent....but this team won 59 games last year. Whatever the new front office has to do to clean house, so be it.
  13. Not a bad blueprint at all, and probably fairly reasonable.....but UGH! It just goes to show how far off the Twins are.
  14. The way Twins pitching goes....if they could get a 15 year career out of Berrios, I think they would be pretty happy, regardless if it was as a #1, or a #4.
  15. Incredibly bold prediction being they still haven't ruled out bringing back the current regime. I am buying, what you are selling!!!
  16. Other than the guys in AAA may or not be ready (at this point, who cares), I agree. Duffey stays after being utterly terrible. Vargas gets sent down after doing well....And there absolutely should be no excuse trying to find Vargas playing time on a team that has won 49 games. No one should be a sacred cow.
  17. I absolutely HATE playing the patience card....however, (and maybe I am totally beaten down and delusional), but this playing time crap doesn't bother right now. Because I have this fantasy the Twins are cleaning house with a GM that totally overhauls the way they do business. A couple more months, and this horrendous nightmare will be done!!
  18. Sups depressing....It feels like it's been so long since the Twins have produced same pitching studs....
  19. If Meyers truly has a *shoulder issues* and aren't agent influenced, great deal. Shoulder issues are the death of pitchers.
  20. Sorry, I've been flipping between this and twitter....The Tweet machine was a lot more brutal on the move. I meant no harm to the Twins Daily community
  21. This is EXACTLY what crappy teams should be doing....I don't understand how people can criticize this at all. Twins aren't getting Gallo or Giolito (apparently I like G's tonight) for Nunez....
  22. Sigh....clueless owner putting restrictions on the new GM. Most likely limits those interested.
  23. I would hope the Pohlads would take a look at what the Twolves did this year and say *Hey, maybe we should consider a franchise altering change as well.*
  24. If you grew you grew up playing baseball your entire life (like most of the college seniors), and someone actually wants to give you money, no matter how little, to go play ball instead of enter the real world and work at a desk job, I wouldn't blame any of them for taking the $1K....the real world will still be there when they are cut in a couple years.
  25. Interesting concept....but I think there is no chance it will happen. If the Twins org was going to model itself after one, the Cardinals should fly to the top of the list.
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