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  1. Oh I agree fully on Cruz. He was an obvious one to trade. I'm not referring to Cruz being traded. What I'm saying is that trading Berrios makes contending a lot harder next year. I don't know what kind of moves they will make to bolster the rotation this offseason, but replacing Jose in the rotation will not be an easy, or cheap, task. As for Buxton, I would be surprised to see him accept an offer unless the Twins overpay. I would have to think that his trade market was suppressed due to being injured. Maybe the Twins think that if he comes back this year yet and plays well, his value will be higher in the offseason? Certainly dealing him now would not be peak value given the length of time he has been out.
  2. Trading Berrios makes all the sense in the world with one major exception: The fact that the Twins had a chance to compete in 2022. I think trading Jose is a very clear indicator that the Twins' Brass does not see the team as a contender next season, which I think is very pessimistic considering the team actually has a lot of good pieces in place. I fully understand that baseball is a business and sometimes you have to make moves you don't really want to make, but I just don't see how you make this move if you expect to compete in 2022. At this point, I don't know what to expect from the 2022 Twins. However, I expect to see the bottom drop out of the 2021 Twins who just traded their two best players.
  3. Odorizzi had a great year, but Cole is on a different level. Cole always had better stuff than Odo. The Twins have done a great job with Odo, but Gerrit Coles don't come around often. I don't know if I'd really compare anyone to him.
  4. If anything, I see Sano being a first baseman before Garver next year. I'd be surprised if they move him, especially since they obviously don't love Tortuga behind the plate.
  5. In all seriousness, though; these changes will take away one of Francona's greatest strengths as a manager. He has always been great with mixing-and-matching his bullpen, and these rules will make that a lot harder for him to do. I think this potentially helps the Twins in 2020, who will probably be fighting with the Indians again in the Central.
  6. Nobody hates these changes more than Terry Francona, change my mind
  7. I think Cron is a pretty good player. Had some thumb issues that slowed him down but he's a solid ballplayer. I don't see a reason to let him go unless there is a legitimate upgrade ready to be made now.
  8. Maybe Dobnak gets one time through the order, then someone else gets the next time through the order, then mix and match from there based on situation of the game?
  9. Not a fan of Kyle Gibson getting booed off the mound. Yes, he didn't pitch well. No, he hasn't had a good year, and his time in Minnesota could quite well be up, but the man is clearly not healthy and has battled health issues this year. Not a good look for the fans at the stadium.
  10. Jake Odorizzi is the fly ball version of Kyle Gibson. Lots of talent, very un-economical.
  11. I think José will be just fine. This recent stretch has been frustrating, but I don't think it's permanent. He's a good pitcher, he just hasn't found his consistency yet. Maybe he never will, in which case he's still gonna be a solid mid-rotation starter, but I think that's worst case scenario.
  12. Consider this for a minute: Berríos may be the only Twins starter that holds over until next year. Pineda, Odorizzi, and Gibson are all free agents and Pérez has an option. Quite possible they will keep one or two of them, but not entirely farfetched to think that 4/5ths of the current rotation won't be back.
  13. The Twins are making another Indians pitcher look like Cy Young. Every guy the Tribe throws out there handcuffs us.
  14. Welp. Here we go again...The Twins are better than this. So infuriating
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