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  1. I was surprised to see that Wallner has been approximately at league average for age for most of his stops. Nonetheless I think he is getting old to be a prospect at AA and he's a year older than Brent Rooker was at AA. I hope they move him up to St. Paul soon.
  2. I'll still go with Harmon as greatest overall but I'm sure glad we have several players that are great enough to argue over!
  3. I'm frustrated by this team but I don't understand these comments. The Twins have won Word Series in 87 and 91 and the Mets have won in 69 and 86. Why are the Twins the sorry franchise?
  4. I don't see this team winning a game in the post season, so maybe this will be the year they surprise me!
  5. I started following baseball in 1972 and Bert was one of my favorite pitchers so I'll miss him. I have MLB.com but live in Chicago so couldn't watch last night's game, I'm sorry I missed it.
  6. I'm not sure how early their season was supposed to start but pre-Covid I had plans to go to Seoul in April and was going to try to see a game. Of course, I had plans to go to Minneapolis in May. 0 for 2....
  7. Our bullpen just gave up 1 run in 11.1 innings during a 3 game sweep of the Indians, allowing us to jump back into first place. Who thought this team would be in first place after 73 games?
  8. Ooops, I hope it's obvious I didn't mean to include Sano .
  9. I'd be ok with the Twins trading any of Plouffe, Sano, Gibson, Dozier, or one of the outfielders if they believe that will give them an upgrade over what they have in the minors.
  10. On September 15, 1901, Chicago hit five triples against Milwaukee in the eighth inning which is the most ever hit in a single inning by one team. On May 6, 1934, Boston hit four consecutive triples against Detroit in the fourth inning which is the most ever hit consecutively in a single inning.
  11. Made it to the game last night, what a change from the Metrodome! Wonderful stadium and the Twins managed a come from behind win, great evening.
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