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  1. Even if Robles had a decent outing, it is hard to believe any club would have traded anything for him. He has just been awful. He throws 97 mph, but he has had an awful season. There are better reliever trade options on other clubs with losing records. By the way, I agree with Chief: there was nothing unusual about tonight’s loss.
  2. Why did they draft Birdsell unless they were highly confident he would sign? He was their first pick on day 3. I have to believe that they were in contact with him prior to selecting him. I understand why he would go back to Texas Tech to try to improve his draft position, but I don’t understand why the Twins would have selected him unless they thought he would sign with them.
  3. 17th round selection Dylan Neuse has a back injury (sometime in April). He was an outfielder, but the Twins have selected him as a second baseman.
  4. The numbers this year for the Long Beach State pitcher, Lavallee, are quite good.
  5. Birdsell had rotator cuff surgery this spring. Ouch! Prior to that he had an upper 90s fastball.
  6. Miller was projected to go later in the second round, so my guess is that he is going to sign for second round money rather than sandwich pick slot money. I hope the Twins draft a few more high school players over their next four or five selections. Time to reseed the system. This time next year, the Twins will have earlier selections in each round (maybe they will be able to select a top of the rotation college starter in the first round next year).
  7. Alcala does the job. Only had 3 innings before his one inning today. Crappy bullpen use by Rocco.
  8. Doesn’t a hard throwing reliever named Alcala pitch for the Twins? I seem to recall he strike out batters.
  9. Good move by Manfred and MLB. I applaud the decision. I look forward to using my subscription.
  10. I agree with gunnarthor on Mauer and intelligence. Obviously it depends on how you are defining it. From another perspective, Jonathan Scoop speaks/reads 5 or 6 languages. Mike Marshall was a doctor as well as one hell of a reliever. Craig Breslin was no academic slouch. Jason Castro went to Stanford and was praised for his defense. I suspect that Tony Olivia had as much baseball smarts as anyone who ever put on a baseball uniform. Selecting Mayer just seems like a hometown choice. He was a great ball player, but was he really the Twins’ Einstein of baseball? Not from my perspective. I will grant that was from your perspective.
  11. Hi Mike, You are right: not on day one--I meant later in the season (how much later, I don't know, but I think he might be a steal of that draft for the Twins).
  12. Dobnak has been a great story for the Twins, and we all seem to expect he will have a rotation spot next year. Here is a question for everyone. Is there a Twins minor leaguer who could be a surprise starter for the Twins next season? I am not thinking about someone who was never drafted but who the Twins signed. If there is another Dobnak from that route, wonderful. But, I think Canterino is the pitcher who could, if he stays healthy, end up starting for the Twins in a meaningful way sometime next season much as Dobnak has done. Canterino was the Twins 2nd round draft selection this past June. He hasn't been in the organization for very long, but he is a polished college pitcher, and his arm was not abused at Rice. Wouldn't it be great to have successful starters coming out of our own farm system? Anyway, I am betting on Canterino to be a success story. Think what that would do for the payroll.
  13. He does nibble. He gets 2 strikes and then refuses to throw the third one. Batters know this and lay off his next pitches. His pitch count escalates. Jack Morris has had Gibson’s number on this for quite a while. Morris also notes that Gibson is reluctant to throw fastballs inside to right hand batters with 2 strikes. Hitters have figured this out as well and know they don’t have to look for this pitch. Escalating pitch counts hurt Gibson’s effectiveness. I also agree with the comment above about his problems once he gets a runner on base. I definitely wish him the best—I certainly could not be a major league player. I root for him but he is fairly predictable and that has something to do with his results.
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