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  1. Have the Twins released Charles Mack? He was converted from 3rd base to catcher (sort of like Bechtold). Mack was a high schooler when the Twins drafted and signed him. His younger brother is a catcher who was selected, out of high school, in the first round in the draft where the Twins selected Chase Petty. I was hoping Charles Mack would excel at catcher while also being able to fill in occasionally at 1st and at 3rd. He is supposed to have a very strong arm so that is parr of the reason for moving him to catcher.
  2. For #5, add Ronny Henriquez to the list of possible starters. He did fairly well in his major league innings this season. Maybe the Twins will think of him as a long man in the pen, but he might sneak up on a lot of people as a starter. His numbers in the minors this season were not eye catching—particularly because he had s rough time through at least the first half of the season. I liked a lot of what I saw while he was in a Twins jersey.
  3. Look at the number of rbis Miranda already has. Compare his total with some of the teammates who have been on the Twins roster all season. Miranda is doing a great job of bringing home runners who get into scoring position. He was lucky with his first rbi today as his uniform was brushed by a pitch. Gordon set that rbi up by getting “hit” on a shoelace. I am super impressed by Miranda so far.
  4. Was that Duffy being Colome or just Duffy being Duffy?
  5. I share Nicksaviking’s surprise that the Twins are paying most of Rogers’ salary ($6.6 million). How often do the Twins send money in a trade? Is this money going to help get a blue chip player to be named later, or does it signal something else such as the value of the team control years for Paddack and Pagan?
  6. Congratulations to Mr. Ortiz. I agree with Old Twins Cap. It is hard for me, a fan since 1969, to think of a bigger mistake than trading Ortiz. Ortiz’s criticisms of Kelly following the trade were spot on. Ryan is obviously to blame as well. This isn’t 20/20 hindsight. I complained about that trade back in the old days of Fastball and the other Twins Fans websites that eventually paved the way for Twins Daily.
  7. If the Twins are going to be able to trade for a very good starting pitcher (as opposed to signing a very good free agent starter,), then I think Miranda will be part of what the Twins will have to give up in order to get a very good starter (if there are very good starters available for trade). I would love to see Miranda playing for the Twins, but I am not counting on it.
  8. I would not drop Pineda. Resign him. I could see the Twins deciding to release Coulombe. Gant and/or Stashak could also be released. I am on the fence about La Tortuga. The Twins got fleeced twice in last year’s rule 5 draft. I hope they leave one roster spot open to make a selection this year.
  9. Roger asked a good question about who you would have dropped off the 40 man roster to add Baddoo and Wells. The Twins could have dropped Nick Gordon and Jake Cave, There are other possibilities. Who believes Cave was indispensable? Gordon has done well, particularly in being able to play the outfield in addition to infield positions. Wasn’t Blankenhorn also on the 40 man roster? Would you rather have Wells or Gorden or Blankenhorn? Would you rather have 4th outfielder Cave or prospect Baddoo? I know I would not have minded keeping Baddoo and Wells at the start of the season rather than Cave and either Blankenhorn or Gorden. One more name for you: would you rather have Wells or Smeltzer? Give me Wells based on higher talent potential. I love Smeltzer’s ability to overcome personal adversity, but there has not been a lot of success in MLB games.
  10. Good question by Steve71 about Birdsell. He was the Twins first pick on day 3 of the draft. They had plenty of time to check in with different players who would likely be available for selection when their turn to pick arrived. It would surprise me if they selected someone whom they had not been in contact with, someone whom they thought was uncertain about signing if selected. Maybe they just took a shot in the dark by selecting him, but if that was the case, that is not a great approach.
  11. Ober’s high fastball seems to run in at 94 mph. Right now the pitch has been unhittable in the sense that he either gets a swinging strike or weak contact. So many batters have trouble laying off of fastballs just above the strike zone. If his stuff remains as efective as it has been over his last 5 or so starts then I think he profiles as a #3 starter rather than a back of the rotation starter. It is also possible, of course, that enough batters start laying off the high fastball, forcing him to drop more in the upper part of the zone, where batters have a better chance of making solid contact.
  12. The Twins have selected and added Nick Vincent. They have sent Burrows back to AAA. Moran or Hamilton could have been selected.
  13. La Z Boy noted above about “getting Big Mike locked up” in a new contract. The other day I read that Pineda hoped he would not be trade—said he liked pitching as a Twins player. I wonder if his agent and Falvine have an understanding about a new contract for him. That could explain why he was not traded. Of course, other reasons could be he is hurt or teams were trying to low-ball the Twins. I am glad Mike is still on the Twins. I like players, particularly starting pitchers, who want to stay on the team.
  14. Earlier in this thread I said no team would trade for Robles. I am surprisingly delighted that I was wrong. He is a Red Sox now.
  15. No team is going to trade for Robles. Pineda will be traded today. Maybe Thielbar will also be traded. By the way, Coloumbe certainly has been a pleasant surprise out of the pen. After the trading deadline I hope the Twins release Colome and Robles and option Alcala to St. Paul. Alcala needs to rework his game. Earlier in the season I was expecting him to do great. He throws so hard, but when he’s throwing strikes the pitches are all too often in the middle of the plate. The demotion to AAA seems to have helped Rooker. Alcala needs something similar to happen to him.
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