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  1. Well, Twins Daily has had a nice run. I watch baseball, and hang out at Twins Daily, because I get enough political nonsense elsewhere. This isn't needed here, because there is enough politics on other sites throughout the web.
  2. Remember, this is spring training. Careful you don't peak too soon.
  3. I only noticed a few minutes ago. I blame the long and dreary winter and old age. Mostly winter, though.
  4. Split squad. Odorizzi started again the Phillies. With the bats of Cruz, Donaldson and Sano behind him.
  5. I think the Twins signing young players to long term contracts, even though the players still have a few years of team control left, was a big indicator the new FO is moving in a different direction.
  6. Yes. (have to get in quip shape in preparation for the season)
  7. Who is this Danny Coulombe guy and should we be aware of him?
  8. Then, that Duffey character only struck out one! Trade him for a bag of balls.
  9. I think your original point about showing remorse by offering to renegotiate or give some contract dollars back was spot on.
  10. This reminds me of what I used to tell my kids when they were growing up. I'd tell them, "It's not a matter of whether or not I know what you're up to, it's a matter of whether I'll say anything about what you're up to." Sounds like clubs were warned to knock it off and ignored the warning.
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