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  1. Sadly, with this season, I think the "something worse" will always have the potential to just be a game down the road.
  2. I was out watering and remembered the game so I checked my phone -- and thought 13 - 0 in the third inning has to be some sort of phone glitch. I then took the dog for a short walk and checked again -- and then checked how half glass full vs glass half empty the game thread was and realized - the score was not an error with my phone.
  3. I just caught the tail end of the conversation, but Provus and Gladden were talking about this and that it was league wide. Something about last year's short season contributing to it. It might have been that people were not as conditioned because of it or they took it easier in spring training this year because of it. Baltimore broke the game open around that time and for some reason I had to turn off the radio.
  4. Probably not exactly the right place to put this -- but technically they are ex-Twins - Mauer and Morneau look like they could still fit into their old uniforms. RandBall on Twitter: "M&M boys. Just like old times https://t.co/aqxJpnlqsL" / Twitter I think some of these retirees could possibly compete to get on the current Twins' roster. I need to check my spam folder to see if that is where evite went. Mauer and Friends Kids Classic | Minnesota Twins (mlb.com) [Apologies if this has been posted somewhere - I needed to do something to take my mind off the current game
  5. I am not sure that guy would be able to handle a game thread. He would end up in a straight jacket. I have noticed there is not a lot of quinoa discussion on these threads.
  6. He thinks he is pitching to Joe Mauer? (full disclosure - I liked Mauer, but understand the frustration).
  7. It has led to some really awkward moments during the holiday meals.
  8. I have a vague memory of my brother maybe not so accidentally breaking the arm off of my sister's knock-off Barbie, and I think her name was Midge.
  9. I noticed how hardly any of the players have a Doris Day song as their walk up music anymore.
  10. Hopefully when Berrios pitches against Baltimore in the play-offs he will be sharper.
  11. I feel like Chief and Son of Chief being there is inspiring them. I also feel I can go to bed now. If they lose now, I don't want to see it.
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