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  1. Are you suggesting that the next time Joe has to give a speech at Target Field he is not going to make comments how his wife filled out her shirt? I heard an interview of Trevor Plouffe somewhere where he was asked about Mauer and he said he was closet hysterical, He also said you assume him being that nice is somewhat an act when you meet him and then at some point you realize, he is that nice. I probably err on the side of being too much of a Mauer homer, but I will still see internet comments or tweets about a sports event and someone manages to bring up Mauer's contract or bilateral weakness. I want to say, it might be time to let it go and move on.
  2. I think the real issue for the traffic back-up, is that the motorcade would not go faster than five miles below the speed limit, would not run any yellow lights, and would stop traffic anytime an old lady wanted to cross the street.
  3. I haven't paid that close attention to the east, but know they were on fire in the early season. What happened to them (not that I mind them crashing and burning) key injuries, playing above their abilities early-on, something to do with a goat?
  4. And egocentric celebrities like Mauer who inconvenience everyone by closing down the Dairy Barn for hours so he and his entourage can have it all to themselves as he drinks his milk from a crystal champagne glass.
  5. I know the preseason is not really for the starters and veterans and is to determine who should make the team, but I am not sure I have ever seen a preseason where a number of the starters did not even get on the field once. I wonder if there will be a bit more rust evident during the opening game.
  6. Let's just hope the Twins don't have to deal with anything that happened in the later years of the series.... I suspect it was not following the books by the point of burning blind schools.
  7. The Far Side, Bloom County, and Calvin and Hobbes might have created some procrastination study breaks in college. In retrospect, I might not have always wisely used my time.
  8. I am not pro-smoking, but some of those animals look kind of cool. That duck might be convincing me to start smoking.
  9. Did SNL ever do a Chevy as Ford - Squeaky Fromme sketch? I am guessing Buckwheat getting shot the same way Reagan did would not fly now.
  10. Especially since he was there and should remember what a big deal it was. Harder to judge things on the radio - but sounds like the officials are not handling this well.
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