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  1. Great reading, some very good analysis. Would it make sense for the Twins to build a bullpen with depth like Tampa Bay and let the young SP (Ryan, Ober, Gant and others take their turn) and see what happens.
  2. If we are paying Josh Donaldson 24 million a year in the twilight of his career why can't we "reach" and sign a player like Buxton to a contract that will make him a Twin for a long time. His contract and Donaldson"s contract would only be on the books for 1 year. After that if injuries are still a concern why can't he DH. This kind of player comes around hardly ever. I feel it is the front office's job to make this work financially and on the field. It comes down to wins and losses. We are 50 games over 500 in 5 years with Buxton in the lineup. If you tell me the Twins will be 10 games over 500 next for sure I am liking my chances for post season games.
  3. So are we now resigned to a 2 year wait so our player develop and White Sox contracts expire?
  4. You can never under estimate the value of good starting pitching and what it can do for your team. Just look at Washington last year. Add in an above average to good bullpen and I consider Cleveland a viable threat to take the division title away from us.
  5. Not sure you can take Kepler out of the lead off spot based on last year's production out of that spot.
  6. It will be interesting to compare the progress of the 2 pitchers. I question Baker's durability and ability to stay on the field and off the injury report. Pelfrey will be much better in that area. I like the Perez signing - if nothing else he can be a big contributor to the bullpen as a lefty specialist. He always seemed to get us out in those situations when he was an Indian.
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