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  1. Multiple year contracts to aging players (middle to late 30's) are almost always regrettable. In 2 years I would much rather have a Polanco or Buxton taking more DH at bats than Garver.
  2. Would Christian Javier of the Astros be available. Pitched reasonably well when he was in the rotation last year but got sent to the bullpen when injured pitchers returned.
  3. Think Andrus has a full no trade clause because of his trade to Oakland. I f that is the case the deal becomes much more difficult. Otherwise I would be in favor of that 2 for2 deal.
  4. Who cares about SS. If the kid can hit which is pretty much the consensus and can play 2B and all 3 OF positions and can run and is controllable for the next 5-6 years why would you trade him. The Twin's inability to sign FA players or for those players to want to come to Twins make this decision easy. Keep the kid and put him at the top of the order until he is a free agent.
  5. If the Twins start 2022 with the same roster they have now let Miranda go back to AAA to start the season. Let him hopefully get off to a good start and see what happens. Pretty sure an injury with happen and then he can have his chance. He is a prospect with 1 great year in the system. Up until then he has been average. Don't see how that makes him a sure fire bet to contribute in majors.
  6. Doesn't his raw talent compare to a guy named Buxton when he was drafted. If that is true I am going to want to find out what I have. He needs the chance to show he has a position wherever that might be in the field. I feel the Twin's need to keep transitioning to a more athletic player. He fits that mold.
  7. Would like to see FO try to make a trade for DeYong from the Cardinals. Basically he has lost his job so i think Cardinals would be open to moving him for a prospect. His salary is reasonable if he is playing but high if he is a backup like end of last year. He would be our SS for next 2 years if needed at 6 mil for 22 and 9mil for 23. Club option of 12.5 mil for 24 with a 2 mil byout. 15 mil for 25 with a 2 mil buyout. Provides decent defense with pop. If you are going to pay Simmons 5 mil I would rather have this guy.
  8. In a perfect world this kid needs some more time at AAA. If he can duplicate last year's AAA stats again this year and contributes close to that at the major league level the Twin's have something. With his defense and energy behind the plate that is all the hitting the Twin's need out of him. When he becomes our every day catcher our pitching stats will improve noticeably.
  9. Awesome!!! Both were great baseball players although in a different era. Both were and still are great representatives of the Twins. Most important they are both great men. I know I will see Tony O at spring training... hopefully will get a chance to congratulate him.
  10. I saw Gordon play short last year. What is it that the Twins don't like about his play there? Also the same goes for CF or even LF. Thought he did a decent job after a slow start in the field.
  11. Given a choice which he had - pretty sure Ray wasn't coming to Minnesota unless it was an over pay.
  12. Well said. Almost every team in MLB would love to have Buxton on that contract. Will it work out for him and the Twins? Stay tuned. What I have learned in life is to bet on good people. Buck will be a great ambassador for the Minnesota Twins along with a very good player. Can't wait to walk into the ball park and see that great smile on that field. Great job Twin's FO and Buck on coming together to find the common ground.
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