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  1. Decent right handed bat who has versatility and can also play catcher in an emergency. Great addition to our team. No problem finding playing time for him even if we add a top 4 SS. There is more to a MLB team than just marque players.
  2. Rocco needs to get his nose out of his sheet of paper and trust his instincts. A robot could do his job the way he approaches it. The paper tells you what to do and when to do it. Use that sheet of paper but also use your baseball instincts to make your decisions. Don't be afraid to take a player out of a certain role if he is not performing. Don't be afraid to lose your player's manager reputation. Baseball like life is fluid and ever changing. Our manager's approach should be the same.
  3. Pressly would have been gone after 2019 or traded at that deadline cause we wouldn't have paid. Don't think that was that bad of trade in fact it might turn out to be a good trade.
  4. I would not give up on Pagan. If wrong he has only cost you 2.5 million. His stuff and late season performance warrant another look. Many a relief pitcher has put up good to great numbers after a terrible or mediocre season. Of course many have fallen after a good or great season. The point is this: bullpen arms are very volatile in terms of results. Pagan is worth the chance again considering his stuff.
  5. Twins need more players like Martin. See the Houston Astros. Future is not base to base unless you hit a homer run. Starting next year players like Martin will be more valuable as the game is shifting. Hit and run, base stealing, running the bases first to third and first to home and making contact will be trademark of successful teams.
  6. Watching him makes me even more excited for next year. The Twins finally have developed depth beyond the major league roster to supplement that roster when needed. I can not remember the last time we could have at AAA at the start of year players like Wallner, Winder, Varland, Moran, Woods Richardson. I am sure I missed some and there will be others who won't make the major league roster.
  7. Henriquez deserves his chance at the MLB level for the rest of the year. More than likely he spends next year in the minors. Putting a rating on young pitchers is easy to do. Their development is fluid from year to year. Many top prospects don't make it and some come out of nowhere. Having as many young talented arms at AAA is a great asset. That is what we will have next year and they will sort themselves out there or in the majors. Henriquez is among those talented arms.
  8. Rating prospects is a crapshoot. Some of the best fail and some of the under rated make it in the big league. He deserve his chance - let his performance tell his story.
  9. What needs to be done to get Jorge Lopez back to first half form? Is that possible?
  10. Once again this points to the fickle nature of relief pitching. Very few bullpen arms can be relied for multiple years. There are ups and downs. Pretty sure the Twin's FO feels the same way that is why they don't spend money on it. The price we paid for Lopez was relatively cheap so I will take the next 2 years plus what remains of this year gladly. No complaints here. He has helped stabilize the part of the team that needed the most help. Is he perfect? No he is a baseball pitcher just learning the art of closing games in a divisional race. If there is any fault it is that he gets way too amped up in these situations. That has got him in a few hitter's counts with his control and also I think the movement has flattened out a bit on some of his pitches. I am glad the Twin's brought him here and look forward to 2 more years of Jorge Lopez.
  11. This is not the first or second time this year Gordon has made an out at 3B on a base running mistake. Rocco better be lying if he said he did not talk to Gordon. Any manager who is any good at his job would have some sort of conversation with the player. That is the big thing lacking with this team...baseball IQ. We are not good at situational baseball and that is the manager's responsibility. Yes he is a good company man (follows the front office) and lets his players do their thing but that won't win games in October and the only division it might win would be the AL Central.
  12. Do not understand him. Tonight he brings Archer back for the 5th inning after getting hit hard in previous inning. Most every game Archer goes 4. Had to bring a reliever into a messy inning and gave up the lead. Thielbar can only save so many innings for the guy. Give him a clean slate to work with and go from there. Would love to hear the explanation on that.
  13. From where the Twins have come, how can you say we may have too much pitching?
  14. With all the doom and gloom just a reminder. If you told a Twin's fan in January you would be in first place on August 1 they would be jumping up and down with joy. Let's have fun watching seeing where this is going.
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