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  1. Why can't we use Josh Winder in the bullpen? Why is he pitching meaningless innings in AAA?
  2. Why is Josh Winder not in our bullpen. He is pitching meaningless innings in AAA when you could be helping our bullpen protect leads and win games(see Johan Duran). Why does the front office cycle through the same guys with the same results. We have to win the division to get in the playoffs. We have been presented a golden opportunity to win the division. Does the front office wait until we are playing catch up to make changes, If you can not trade for an upgrade at least use your resources in the best way possible. When Ober returns we have 7 starters - put 2 guys in the bullpen. I am sure we will be better off.
  3. We can not continue to waste good starting pitching if our goal is to win the division. We need the best pitchers we have in the bullpen as there are only 8. You can not hide arms there. We need to improve the pen either through trade or our system. My suggestion is to put Winder in the pen - he has proven himself by the results he has got starting. In the pen he can pitch multiple innings in a close game like Duran. That should also limit his innings for the year. We are leading the division now is the time to make changes not wait for the other 2 teams to catch us.
  4. Until Rocco changes his managing style we won't win close games or important playoff games. He manages like it is a softball game...go up their boys and swing away. We seldom ever manufacture a run. Steal,hit and run, hit behind the runner or advance the runner with a bunt are hardly if ever used. The Astros are an example of a team that uses these resources plus some aggressive baserunning to win games. So are we resigned to lose a game if we don't get double digit hits and score less than 3 runs? Is that the only way we can win? I wish that weren't the case but it seems to be showing a pattern. Rocco you can do this!!
  5. Stop a losing streak or give the bullpen a much needed breather. Devin Smeltzer is your man. Where would we be without him. If he continues to pitch like this he better not end up back in AAA when all the SP is healthy. Come on Rocco you should have given him a chance to go 7...he had an easy 6th inning. This management handles SP like they are expensive china and give everyday players too many days off. For what to prevent injury - look at our injury report. Try something different management...you may find there is more than 1 way.
  6. More to baseball than hitting and pitching. Failure to hold runners close to the base, dropped pop up, errors on throws, our guys botching up their base running. Last night's game looked all too familar - see 2021 season. Even if we make the playoffs we are doomed. Look at the Yankee and Astro games this year (1-5). These failures are on the manager. Hopefully this is a one time thing but it can't continue.
  7. If your bullpen options are limited as our options are...why not take a chance with your SP who has better stats than most of our bullpen?
  8. If this FO is committed to winning this division Smeltzer has to be in the rotation based on results and pitching deep into games. Archer needs to go to bullpen in long relief. When everyone is healthy a 6 man rotation would be great. It becomes a question of who Rocco and the FO are committed to... 2 over the hill free agents or talented young pitchers who need the experience and development and are giving you results.
  9. Everyone (including me) who thought he should not make this team in the spring raise your hand and be counted.
  10. The Astro series taught us that the real elite teams work the count, take their walks, can bunt and play small ball when needed. Good to see the Twins putting more emphasis on that. It makes a difference in big games and the playoffs.
  11. Feel like Jax is progressing and has the potential to be an effective 1 inning guy out of bullpen. Uptick in velocity and progression of his slider make him a better long term choice than Duffy.
  12. Agree the bullpen is a mess. I also agree that Rocco doesn't trust the young arm in high leverage situations versus having an experienced player pitch the inning. "Stuff" plays in the big leagues... see Duran's example. Who was the guy KC pitched in the 7th that shut us down? He was in that situation because of his "stuff". We have better pitchers for the bullpen in St. Paul. Get them up here who cares if we lose a pitcher to waivers in the process. Have Winder and Smeltzer piggy back. There is no rule that you can piggy back the 6,7 and 8th innings or just the 6th and 7th. For as creative this organization thinks it is lets see some of that on game night.
  13. It is so hard to tell at this time of the year with the late spring training and cooler weather. But as a manager you have to do what is best for your ball club. Duffy's velocity is down and curve ball is no where near sharp. The pitch to Dozier was terrible. Please Rocco learn from your past mistakes. If you still believe in him put him in situations where the game is not on the line. Let him work his way back if he still has something. Your faith in older established players led to more than a couple late game losses last year which contributed to a terrible year. Already we have 2 losses by one player on performing. Smart people learn from their mistakes and it is not fair to label the entire bullpen as not living up to expectations when a manager's decisions are not made with his head instead of his heart. We do not have half of the year to wait for Duffey to regain his form in winnable game situations.
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