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  1. Everyone (including me) who thought he should not make this team in the spring raise your hand and be counted.
  2. The Astro series taught us that the real elite teams work the count, take their walks, can bunt and play small ball when needed. Good to see the Twins putting more emphasis on that. It makes a difference in big games and the playoffs.
  3. Feel like Jax is progressing and has the potential to be an effective 1 inning guy out of bullpen. Uptick in velocity and progression of his slider make him a better long term choice than Duffy.
  4. Agree the bullpen is a mess. I also agree that Rocco doesn't trust the young arm in high leverage situations versus having an experienced player pitch the inning. "Stuff" plays in the big leagues... see Duran's example. Who was the guy KC pitched in the 7th that shut us down? He was in that situation because of his "stuff". We have better pitchers for the bullpen in St. Paul. Get them up here who cares if we lose a pitcher to waivers in the process. Have Winder and Smeltzer piggy back. There is no rule that you can piggy back the 6,7 and 8th innings or just the 6th and 7th. For as creative this organization thinks it is lets see some of that on game night.
  5. It is so hard to tell at this time of the year with the late spring training and cooler weather. But as a manager you have to do what is best for your ball club. Duffy's velocity is down and curve ball is no where near sharp. The pitch to Dozier was terrible. Please Rocco learn from your past mistakes. If you still believe in him put him in situations where the game is not on the line. Let him work his way back if he still has something. Your faith in older established players led to more than a couple late game losses last year which contributed to a terrible year. Already we have 2 losses by one player on performing. Smart people learn from their mistakes and it is not fair to label the entire bullpen as not living up to expectations when a manager's decisions are not made with his head instead of his heart. We do not have half of the year to wait for Duffey to regain his form in winnable game situations.
  6. Injuries played a big role in his sub par season last year. If he is healthy all season we will be glad he is a Twin.
  7. Hopefully Kepler makes some of you look wrong at the end of the year. I think he will rebound this year to make us happy he is still in a Twin's uniform. He has worked hard this off season - hopefully some of his adjustments will help his hitting.
  8. If they are not keeping Smeltzer with the way he has pitched and the innings he can give you they sure shouldn't keep Coulombe.
  9. Wow. That is quite a list you mentioned above. Brings back memories... most of them not good. But there were some good ones and here is hope we are due for another good one.
  10. Can we DL Rooker until after the rosters cut down to 26 and try to sneak him through waivers?
  11. Having both Archer and Bundy is not ideal. We will need innings pitched to get through this season. Winder and the other young pitchers can only pitch so many innings. Even if the above 2 only pitch half a season it will allow us the chance to insert 2 of our younger pitchers into rotation. That would be worst case scenario. Oakland will trade those 2 SP's so we are ,still in on them. Everything the FO has done leads me to believe they will land a solid SP, it is just a matter of time. My dream is that soon other teams will be knocking on our door looking for good, young, controllable SP like Miami has.
  12. No need to worry about enough AB's for everyone. A 162 game schedule and injuries will sort that out for management. Baeball is still a what have you done lately game. Kepler, Sano and Sanchez will get the first chance to show they can still contribute. My guess is that 1 or 2 of the above will not produce or will get hurt. Then it will be Larnach, Miranda and Martin's chance to show they can produce. 1 or 2 of them will not produce or get hurt. Controllable depth is a great asset to have. Credit to the front office.
  13. No matter how long he is here, he sure looks good in that Twin's uniform. No need to worry about the future he is here to help this club win and get into the playoffs. His experience and drive along with his performance make this a very good contract for the Twins.
  14. Saw him in person last week. Reports said he has lost 25lbs. Sure looks like it and he looks good. None of this translates to on the field success. But you got to root for someone who is putting in the effort. I for one hope he gets rewarded for his effort and he has a good year.
  15. Excited and proud to be a Twin's fan this morning! Great job front office! Can't wait to see the next move!
  16. Here is to hoping that a full week of negotiations will get us close to a resolution. Both sides need to soften their position in this and get down to the actual give and take. I look at the playoff format change as a good place to start. Players do not get their regular salary for playing games in the playoffs and teams in the playoffs (especially the ones that go deep in the playoffs) make a lot of extra money. Use the agreement on this topic to lead to the give and take on the next topic.
  17. We have discussed all the different ways the Twin's FO can go either by free agent signings, trades or just staying pat and letting the kids play. I feel confident the FO has their plan in place and we will see shortly after the lockout how they will treat 2022. I just feel adding Story if the price is right ( 4years at $25 mil) is a great move. A top notch hitting club can overcome pitching shortcomings during the regular season but probably won't win in the playoffs. But in 1-2 years if we are correct in saying we have some MLB average to above average pitching then that hitting will help us go deep in the playoffs and help keep a serious contender on the field.
  18. Going deep into the playoffs is what I was getting at. Not coming close to a World Series appearance does not mean the same as winning a World Series.
  19. Did the Twin's make a mistake signing Donaldson? Or did Donaldson make a mistake signing with the Twins? Unless the the front office has a bunch of trades or signings coming Donaldson will not come close to a World Series appearance in probably his last contract. I could take Trevor Story as a DH the last 2 years of an affordable 4 year contract. The first trade or signing after the lockout ends will shine a clearer light on the front office's plan. I for one hope it is Story for 4 years for between 90 and 100 million. There are plenty of options out there to follow up that deal.
  20. How can you not wish for great things for this kid. I am just as anxious to watch him play at Target Field as he is to get there.
  21. DISGUSTED with the game. Baseball has been a big part of my life from playing it as a youth to watching my grandchildren play. I have attended too many Twin's game to count. Monday I am calling the Twins to see if I can cancel my season ticket package. I urge everyone in this country to do the same thing with their team. I have no doubt I can find a better way to spend that money than to give it to 2 groups who can't decide how to divide up an amount of money I can not even fathom.
  22. Only way Max gets traded is for an upper tier SP with team control for 3 years or more. Not that this video means everything but I saw almost all the balls hit the other way. It is time for Max to make the adjustment... if so with his defense he will have a very good season. I look for him to get more rest against tougher left handed pitching. Very important for him to have early success and get off to a good start.
  23. If you are talking to Houston ask about Christian Javier. Right now he is not in their 5 man rotation yet he pitched well when he did start for them last year. That would be something I would pursue rather than most any other options I have read.
  24. We can't sign a decent FA pitcher. Why would this guy be any different? Looks like we are committed to the young guys - most of them will give us the same or more amount of innings than Glasnow for more years and less money.
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