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  1. The front office has hitched it's wagon to Pagan. If he fail's this year it's time to replace the front office. As horrendous as the Pagan trade turned out , this doubles down the buffoonery in trusting Pagan........their jobs had BETTER be on the line now with this dumb decision.
  2. 78 wins tops......more balanced schedule is gonna take cupcake central games away to stiffer competition.
  3. I was too young to remember his great years. I remember getting his bb card often in 1977. I swear to god he was in about every 4th pack I would buy. Having a 50/50 record on those Twins teams was actually really good , they were not much of a winning teams those years. Had he been pitching for say the Yankees or Reds he would have probably won 75% of his starts.
  4. A hard NO to the May trade proposal. Just go sign Fulmer and or Hand / Chafin. And I still see posters complaining about getting SS's.... What is so hard for baseball fans to understand that the SS is almost always the best all around player on the field???? A SS can move to ANYWHERE on the field . Other than catcher a SS can easily move to 3b/2nd/1st. Corner oF is another east transition. Hand eye coordination is usually very high. usually have decent speed and almost always a strong arm. I'm guessing way over half of SS drafted never play the majority of their MLB games at short.....Lot's are moved in the minors and NEVER play a game at SS in the bigs..
  5. Wife and I have done the Royals road trip a couple times and I have lived in KC in my younger years going to many games there. It's a nice stadium and the fans there are great. I live in southern MN and it's only a 6 hour drive for us. Royals fans are by far more friendly than let's say the Brewers fans. We have done the Brewer's road trip as well and will never go there again. Our experience was being harassed by drunken fans 10 ft from ushers who looked the other way. Some pretty tough acting fans when 5/6 of them try and corner me with my 4ft 11 " wife.....ours was a 2 game experience and it happened both games exiting the stadium. Miller Park by the way sucks , especially for what was a newer stadium at the time. And i was amazed at the sausage they sold there...I thought WI would nail it , but it was average at best. I've been to at least 25 games at Royals stadium and NEVER have a single issue. Target Field 1 Wrigley 2 Kauffman 3 Petco 4 Texas stadium 5 Ranger ballpark in Arlington I believe they called it. Metrodome 6 Met stadium 7 Miller Park 8 County Stadium 9 Parks I've been to in person and ranked. And yes I know Wrigley really does suck as a actual facility , but the legend still lives. And if I could rank MIller lower I would but only another Brewers stadium could be worse.
  6. Found out there's not much market for a slick fielding horrible hitter. Only one team was bright enough to give $10 million to a player like that.
  7. Winning solves a LOT of problems , including attendence!!!!! I like the off season so far and will love it if they can add a solid LK pen piece.
  8. My god we have OF's now.....every team in baseball now knows they hold the chips when the brain trust calls up trying to unload Keplar. Better call the Marlins back up.
  9. If Buxton is in the lineup 161 games next year I'll eat a crow on main street at high noon. LOL OMG Put the bong down Cheech!!!!!! Hell I'll of won the lottery and also been hit by lightening 6 times by then too!!!!!! That , my friend , is positive thining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. LH pen piece would make me feel better. Moore/Chafin/Hand???
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