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  1. Ok the guy hit very near 300 and played most of the year. In his youth he was one of the best fielders to ever put on a glove. He is cheap and will free up money to get other necesities like relief pitching. He will be 33 all of next year. Which is not very old at all. I really don't see how Coors would ever effect a guy who never hits homeruns(?) But ya anyway i have no clue how you could ever go wrong with him. Even if hes a total bust then at least your not paying him record setting money.
  2. It hit me today that pitchers develop at many different times. Cody Lawyerson per example was drafted in the 14th round. Now however He's putting up a 0.82 E.R.A at Double A. My other example is Tyler Jay, If you have been a Twins fan for a while you will know you this is. For those of you who don't He was the 6th overall pick in the 2015 draft. He continued to throw up mediocre to bad stats in the minors before he left the league in 2019. This is no hate to Jay at all. He was and is a phenominal pitcher and he is one of many. So my point is that It's hard to figure out who will be an effective MLB pitcher and who will not. I thought it would be interesting to see who people think show more potential then others.
  3. Even though the rogers trade didn't work out great for us. If Paddack comes back next year and the year after and puts up an under 5 E.R.A. Next year our pitching SHOULD be stacked.
  4. Rodriguez showed really good talent this year. Another one would be raya or urbina.
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