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  1. Can’t be true. Only large market teams can spend.otherwise the franchise will self destruct. Why do we act like the TV deal is something outside of the Twins’ control? Generate more interest in the team. Negotiate better. It’s not an excuse, it’s another level of indictment. And who cares what the rest of the division is doing?
  2. If we’re never going to sign good players because it needs to meet this irrational, unattainable threshold of “making sense” and “fitting into the process,” how can you give away prospects for a player like d’Arnaud with a straight face? If we are going into spring training with that being the marquee off-season move - shut the whole thing down for all I care. See if contraction is still an option, move to Vegas, whatever. I’m done. If they do that to supplement bringing back Correa and a quality bullpen arm or two - I’m listening. I still won’t feel good about the way this steaming heap is being run, but I may be somewhat interested in the team’s performance.
  3. It’s the Twins. Expecting anything different is on us at this point. The merits of the strategy is a different conversation that can be debated. I happen to think it’s a stupid strategy that has panned out for maybe 1 team in history (the Royals, which again is debatable). You can get into all the chicken/egg revenue vs. spending vs. winning debates you want. But, the bottom line is clear. The Twins will not make the investment required to be a competitive team. They need a slow-burn 10 year rebuild. Even then, they need to basically win the lottery prospect-wise just to be a playoff contender again after those 10 years. Throw in another monkey wrench: the lottery. That is designed to help the “large market” teams and will only hurt small market teams over time. This franchise is the walking dead. There is zero chance of them ever making it back to, let alone, winning a World Series until the entire revenue/salary structure of the league is changed to be more like the NFL. Frankly, it makes me sick. I want to love this team so badly. So many good memories and years spent investing. But, as I get older and see the landscape - it’s just over. Probably has been since ‘92, but I’m finally coming to terms. It’s totally futile.
  4. They love and would do anything to keep him. Buuuuuut….at the end of the day, it has to make sense. Theres it is. By that he means he has to fall into their lap for peanuts. This off-season will end the way it always does. Some “leaks” to Wolfson or Beat Writer Du Jour that, “honestly serious, guys, we were in second place for Player X by $50….we’re are willing to spend so much money. The dice just came up snakeyes again….”
  5. I don’t really care one way or another. He’s just not a needle mover in terms of achieving the ultimate goal. With DeGrom, Turner, Verlander, etc. already off the table (before our FO has even gotten out of bed for the off-season), I’m not optimistic about the Twins securing a true high impact player through free agency. I think we needed to be more aggressive early. Someone like the Dodgers will likely blow any offer we make to Correa out of the water. Best case scenario free agency-wise is probably something like Chris Bassit and Xander Bogaerts. More likely something like Jose Iglesias or Elvis Andrus and Andrew Heaney is the ceiling at this point. I just don’t see a realistic path that gets this team to a contender at this point. They just won’t spend enough. The bottom line is that we’re going to stink either way. Best case scenario is winning a crap division and getting nuked by a real baseball team in the playoffs. So, trade Kepler or don’t. Who cares. As you can tell, my Twins’ fan soul is crushed right now. Zero optimism they’ll make an honest attempt. If they do, zero optimism they’ll get it right. It’s really hard to get excited, or even care, about this team right now.
  6. If you have a chance to secure one of the elite shortstops in the game, you don’t turn him down in the hopes that Lewis sticks at short. It’s not guaranteed. Also, it’s unlikely that he’s anywhere near as good as Correa. I don’t know how you can plan your future around a guy that has barely played in the last three years. I see the potential, and I’m hopeful. Seems like a great kid. But, handing him the keys the shortstop position and just finding someone to keep the seat warm is a disaster waiting to happen. That’s a losing move way more often than not
  7. If he wants out of Pittsburgh, he’s not coming to the Twins. They’re probably in contention for the last team he wants to play for. Just the sad reality right now. Zero chance.
  8. My first big move: Fire Falvey and Lavine. Back the brinks truck up for Click from Astros. At least he still has the illusion of competence (whether true or not) and would get the fan base excited. Then worry about the roster, which will stink this year no matter who’s running it.
  9. Same things that’ve gone wrong with all of their experiments. Poor roster construction and poor management. There’s nothing deep or philosophical, here. There’s nothing out of their control. The front office and management just aren’t good at their jobs relative to their peers. It’s really that simple.
  10. I don’t see any relevance to these numbers. They can be largely attributed to uncontrollable inputs (on his part). Games played can be discarded. If management elects to not play the platinum gold glove winning shortstop for 30 games a year - they’re just morons. Some of this year’s issue is due to injury - but he’s largely durable, thus should be playing 150+ at shortstop going forward (for anyone but Baldelli). Double plays and things like that require good players and pitchers around you. Put outs in general is unusable in terms of projecting. There is no way of correlating anything there. So, do we need him? Do we need him to continue being losers? No. Would bringing back one of the best all around players in baseball (very durable and consistent) improve our chances of winning? Of course. No brainer. This pattern of numerous fans attempting to somehow “debunk” Correa as a premier player, while simultaneously fawning over the already broken down body of Luis Arraez as if he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer, is something I’ll never understand. I know the comeback will be “but the money.” Here’s what I say: Nobody cares a slap hitting first baseman, to be frank. The two aren’t even on the same planet in terms of marketability. So, how much more does he really cost the team than your next guy? How many season tickets were sold in the days following the Correa signing? How many people have gone and bought season tickets because they love watching Arrawz flip a single in front of the left fielder? People look at these things in the context of salary cap or limits, which isn’t completely valid. A dollar spent on Carlos Correa has more utility than the same dollar spread across 3 middling players. Both on and off the field.
  11. I’d take do any three of those deals without blinking. I think people overvalue Twins prospects way too much. Wouldn’t do a deal that includes Lewis? The guy hasn’t played in 3 years. He’s a tweener defensively who isn’t a lock to stick at shortstop long-term. He has significant offensive question marks. Also, what’s his ceiling at this point? I’d you’re not protected to be lights out on either side of ball, can you realistically be projected as a star player? If the Brewers want a package containing Lewis for a durable, relatively young, front line starter - done.
  12. There’s a telling misconception in this comment. How does a contract like that “crush” the Twins? We’ve been told for our whole lives as Twins fans this is the case. Where is all the hardware to show for that conservative approach? All that I see is squandered opportunities and a world record for playoff incompetence. What “crushes” this franchise is that narrative that been pushed and accepted by a lot of fans here. Personally, I’d rather see actually them try and fail than pretend to try and market the hell out of it (which, don’t kid yourself, has been the case). It’s been lip service. Desperate attempts to get people in the seats while knowing full well there is no hope. The Astros have gone and built one of the best dynasties in the history of sports by being aggressive and getting Justin Verlander. So, I guess my question is, a bad deal crushes what? What exactly do we have to lose? We’ve sucked for decades with this approach, but as the definition of insanity states, we keep looking for the same path to different results. We should be begging for something in this stale, hapless organization to be crushed.
  13. Just fold this franchise. My God. We should have like $60 million to spend and we’re clamoring for “cheap options” and Iglesias? What the point? Do fans think they get bonus points for takes like that? It sure as heck isn’t going to win baseball games. We’ve been playing this “get cheap options and wait for someone” game for like two decades now. It’s gotten us a bunch of crap teams and a world record for playoff incompetency. On top of it, our farm system stinks right now. What the hell is there to lose? Its like some weird baseball masochism that’s unique to Twins fans. They should start giving away gimp masks as promotions at the games.
  14. When has this FO ever shown they can evaluate anything? Except for Correa and Nelson Cruz falling into their lap, have they ever done anything with a player that wasn’t drafted or acquired by the previous regime? Other than Duran, who is a relieve (big whoop), I can’t really think of anyone that is considered a high-end MLB player at their position. Not one in, what, 7-8 years now? Im not talking about OK guys like Sonny Gray (who can’t stay healthy, and they didn’t develop), here. True difference makers.
  15. Do you get a most valuable player when you stink? If they lose Arraez, they still stink, they still fold like a cheap tent when it matters, they still win nothing. Result is the same with or without Arraez. They maybe win 2-3 more games (whatever his WAR is) with him, which may actually net them a lower draft pick. Following that logic - Arraez may actually be the least valuable player. The only value created this season is the future draft pick. If not for him, it may be a higher, more valuable pick. This is obviously tongue-in-cheek. But, there’s no way the MVP isn’t Carlos Correa. Awarding to Arraez over Correa is just plain absurd.
  16. If I’m the decision maker, here’s what I do: -Kepler is moved. Urshela is retained as a utility guy. -Miranda gets full time 3B. Arraez full time 1B. Plenty of rotation going on with Urshela/DH. -Lewis gets moved the OF. He gets plenty of time between center and left with the Buxton/Kirillof injury issues. Plenty of rotation going on with those two spots and DH. -I resign Correa. -I look into a high-payoff reclamation project type pitcher on a short deal like Clevinger, Corrasco, etc. -I bring in a of high-end reliever to try and establish a dominant bullpen from the jump (and not screw around with castoffs in high leverage roles). That would probably about take care of the budget.
  17. This is the one hypothetical event ever conceived that doesn’t exist in an alternative timeline. Turns out the multiverse isn’t infinite. You just found the edge.
  18. I thought this was a Randball parody article when I read the title. We’re more likely to find Babe Ruth’s DNA in an amber-crystallized mosquito and splice it into Ozzie Smith’s to play SS and bat clean up next year. Even if we committed to a significant term, which we won’t, he’ll likely take a discount to get the hell out of here. He’s a high-end competitor. He’s not wasting his career away with Nick freaking Gordon protecting him while getting his arse kicked by garbage teams in the worst division in baseball. He might sooner retire and play for the Raymond Rockets (where the odds of winning anothet World Series are equivalent).
  19. He’s just not that good. But, in true Twins style, he’ll be a probably centerpiece/fixture here for the next 5 years. Batting third. This is why there’s no hope. Hes expendable on a legit contender. He’s a serviceable starter on a bad team. That’s just all there is to it. I couldn’t care less whether he’s on the roster or not. It means nothing. If he’s a bench/utility guy, or bottom of roster filler, then I’m listening. Is the “roster crunch” people are referring to sarcasm? Or are we referring a crunch in regard to who to send packing first? Luis Arraez is OPSing less than .800 this year and for his career, and people talk about him as if he’s an HOFer, transcendent talent. The same “analytics” guys telling you BA doesn’t mean squat, will treat powerless Arraez as if he’s playing the same game as Gwynn in the 80s. That’s basically our centerpiece going forward. Just one example of delusion. Im starting to wonder if it’s just time to just fold this tent and move it to whichever obscure southern city will take it. Is there even a realistic scenario where we’re even remotely competitive in the next century? Gio freaking Urshela? Maybe a little hyperbole, here, but my God is this frustrating. What an absolute disaster in all facets. From ownership, to administration, to the players, to the media, to the fans. It’s literally the meme with the dog sitting at kitchen table with the house on fire sipping his coffee.
  20. I think people just overvalue a lot of Twins players. Guys like Kepler and Polanco aren’t going back to 2019. Nick Gordon and Trevor Larnach just aren’t that good. Buxton will never play a full season. Kirillof’s career may be derailed at this point. Royce Lewis may never stay healthy. If he does, we don’t know he’s a good major leaguer yet based on a small sample. The list goes on.
  21. People are really going to clutch their pearls over this? Unreal. It’s truly bizarro world around here. It was always delusional to think he was staying here. I basically got called a lunatic and idiot for saying that. If this is a surprise….it’s on you. Why should he be “tactful?” To lead a random group of fans to think their favorite organization isn’t a dumpster fire? To praise an organization that just did everything in their power to drain his value by surrounding him with hot garbage? He’s probably pretty pissed about how things went. Heck, I’d be more harsh and I’m just a fan. He was likely promised a number of things. Instead, he got caught up in one of the biggest displays of trade deadline and overall administrative failures ever seen (and for the 100th time, it’s not bad luck). Maybe if Twins media and fans also had a little belly fire instead of making excuses and lauding mediocrity, ownership would get the message. Its a hard pill to swallow for some. But, I think we’re entering some dark days here. Like late 90s level stuff. Where our All-Star rep and best player has a season line of .270, 16 HR, 54 RBI. Lifeless, soul-sucking baseball. Carlos isn’t an idiot. If he was in any way optimistic about what was going on here, he’d answer that question differently. He can’t get out of here fast enough. I’ve been saying that for months and have been repeatedly been told I don’t know what I’m talking about. Not much else to say to the “experts,” on that. Lastly, why the hell wouldn’t you want someone to be honest? What kind of world do we live in where people demand false tact and pomp over honesty and brass tacks. Good for you, Carlos. Go win, have fun AND get paid. Tell anyone outraged and offended where to go.
  22. If we consider “success,” a rookie and utility guy OPSing .750…..we’re in trouble. If this season wasn’t a failure, failures don’t exist. It was a clinic in poor roster management, poor decision making, poor execution, poor leadership, poor coaching, poor performance, etc. that led to one of the biggest collapses in the history of baseball. We’re supposed to feel encouraged about this team’s playoff prospects going forward because a previous #5 overall pick progressed from unplayable to league average? I just can’t get on board with labeling anyone who disagrees with this ridiculous premise “ignorant.”
  23. Bad take. Blame the FO for not learning from the historical precedent and planning accordingly (aka, doing their job). His production when on the field this year was more than worth his salary. The one problem with Buxton this year, IMO, is he played just enough to give people false hope of a competitor. If this FO hadn’t of inherited this incredible talent it would’ve been a throw away season from day 1. The stadium would’ve been even emptier than it has been (which they deserve). The homers and propagandists wouldn’t be throwing the issues at the feet of injured players. We wouldn’t be seeing all of the sob stories on behalf of the FO’s annual “bad luck.” People would be facing the reality that luck is a product of preparation. There may be enough of a ground swell to drive ownership to action and get something done. As much as I love Buxton, he’s probably more valuable in regard to getting this team back to relevance if he just spent the whole year on the IL and let the team really tank.
  24. This is no longer a Buxton issue. This should not have contributed to the collapse. It’s been long enough where everyone knows the situation. I’m getting so tired of hearing about “bad luck,” when joe blow average sports fans can read these situations better than the front office. He more than earned his salary this year. When he plays, he’s electric. But, the FO needs to adjust and treat his presence in the lineup late in the year as a bonus. It’s nothing short of incompetent that they didn’t have an adequate back up plan. Attempting to spin it in any other way (not saying that’s what’s done here, but there’s about 50 articles in the last two weeks) is bordering on propaganda. Yes. The situation we’re in is the front office’s fault. I repeat. It is their fault.
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